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Apr 10th 2012 at 2:52:50 AM •••

No doubt some of us have noticed by now, but has become A few pages might have to be adjusted.

EDIT: Ooh, wait, there's history to this! Darkscribes went dark some time last year, but seems to be making a slow and gradual comeback.

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Dec 12th 2011 at 7:43:50 AM •••

Can we move to subpages? This page just gets bigger and bigger.

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Oct 17th 2011 at 11:47:16 AM •••

I'd like to remove the fic Ayanami Vengeance from the page, because, even if there is one troper that recomends, the only comment is a long negative review. It does not makes sense, this is supposed to "Fanfic Recommendation" pages not "Fanfic Avoidment" (I mean, if the number of negative reviews is superior to the positives, what is the point of keeping such a fic here?). But I'd like to discuss it first.

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Oct 17th 2011 at 11:48:00 AM •••

Also, plugging on the above discussion.

Sep 18th 2011 at 11:14:35 PM •••

I want to discuss the presence of the "Father" fanfic. In the current state there are three negative reviews (mine, and 2 others that flat out say that it is bad to the point of not deserving the rec), and only one (the recommender's) positive. I wonder what other tropers feel would be an appropriate action about it:

  • add a paragraph detailing objections (could degenerate to natter)?
  • remove the fic (and then it could be added again without any history, which may actually be worse)?
  • leave it as is (someone *did* vouch for it, and the reviews are enough to tell people that it may not be that good)?

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Sep 19th 2011 at 1:53:10 PM •••

Recs can be removed if there's a strong negative consensus. One more bad review, and I say we nuke that puppy.

Sep 19th 2011 at 2:04:19 PM •••

I would contest removing any fic that one person thinks is worth reading, and willing to put their name to that effect. The reviews can add supplementary information, and provide info for people to avoid if they want to, but end of the day this is Fan Fic Recommendations and someone recommends this fanfic. The page is doing its job, and the reviews are doing theirs.

Sep 20th 2011 at 12:35:15 AM •••

True, but I still think that overwhelming consensus (i.e., not just a couple of folks who don't like it relative to lots who do) is a good grounds for removal simply because unlike the rest of the wiki, quality actually matters on a recs page. Otherwise, it is no longer a useful tool.

Sep 20th 2011 at 5:09:22 AM •••

I'd disagree, I think it shows it is working perfectly. Anyone can recommend a fic as worth reading, but if it is a bit of a duffer then that recommendation is balanced out by the reviews and the reader can make their own judgement. Once we start getting into judging a fic's quality or worth for inclusion then we are setting ourselves up for another Antvasima situation.

There are several fics for various fandoms that I know I would recommend as being well worth reading, but would garner huge amounts of negative reviews under current fandom fashions (in particular, the "everything must be pure canon and indistinguishable from a broadcast episode" faction which is really noisy right now. Alt-universe is entirely out of fashion, and get shrieked down no matter how entertaining it is). And would end up being removed.

Trouble is fandom fashion changes, and those fics would, a few years back, be massively supported as great examples (it used to be the reverse, alt-universe was loved, and written to be an episode fics were decried as bland, useless, and lacking imagination). However, I think those fics are worth reading, I enjoyed them tremendously, I think others would like them, I know they benefit fandom by their existence, so I recommend them despite current fashion (which will change on its own in a couple of years).

We have to be aware of that. That is what the rec&review system does.

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Sep 20th 2011 at 1:23:54 PM •••

Fandom fashions are one thing. Accusing a fic of being misogynistic, OOC tripe is quite another. Misogyny is rarely fashionable, and OOC, unless deliberate, is generally considered one of the biggest sins for a fic.

Sep 20th 2011 at 3:54:31 PM •••

terms such as accusations of misogyny are the usual when someone wants to attack something, find a nasty term and apply it (we even have a trope for it). And OOC wasn't always the biggest fic sin, in fact at one point it was desired (quite a few people still like it, and frankly why should there not be recommendations for those people? They are fans too). Which is exactly what I mean by things being in or out of fashion. What you are actually saying is that a person's recommendation should be removed on basis of other people's personal dislikes about what the fic is. That's what the reviews are for. To say something along the lines of "well, yeah, they might find it good but I personally don't based on my own likes and dislikes", and then the reader can form their own opinion.

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Sep 21st 2011 at 2:15:35 AM •••

Aww, c'mon, you really think that they can't be calling the work misogynist because they do, in fact, find it misogynist? The Abomination Accusation Attack is rarer than media tends to portray it, mostly because it's such an effective silencing tactic for shutting down legitimate complaints. And let's face it, with that premise, misogyny is a very real possibility.

Nov 3rd 2010 at 8:40:53 PM •••

Hey can we get better Summaries for many of these? One or two lines that don't actually tell you anything about the fic (IE: Thousand Shinji's "A crossover with Warhammer 40,000, different from Shinji And Warhammer 40 K because it's an actual universe crossover rather than the boardgame making an appearance.") don't seem to serve much of a point.

Edit: Especially for ones say simply "A Fusion/Straight Crossover with X", since that says quite litteraly nothing about the plot to someone unfamiliar with Eva/The Crossover.

Edit 2: Also we seem to have possibly lost a few fics. For instance there was one billed as "a response to The Open Door", but I can't seem to recall the title of it, and we've lost the description that called it that.

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Willbyr MOD
Nov 4th 2010 at 4:15:51 AM •••

I'd love to see some better synopses and more expansive reviews for a lot of these fics, but the latter is entirely up to the people who originally wrote them...I may try to work on some of the synopses, but I've got other projects I'm working on including the reviews. As far as the Open Door response fic, I have no idea.

Nov 6th 2010 at 8:39:51 PM •••

Aha! Found it. It's actually on the MGLN page, rather than the Evangelion page.

Nov 7th 2010 at 5:53:13 AM •••

Ramenth: If you want better synopsis then add them, we are a wiki. As Willbyr says it is up to the original poster to use that to sell their recommendation, if they put a poor one up then it should tell you something about both the quality of the fic and the judgement of the recommender.

Nov 1st 2010 at 8:59:46 AM •••

  • Comments: A difficult one to place in the page categories, it is a darkly humorous tale, with more than one laugh-out-loud moment, but it isn't a true comedy. It is the tale of what NGE would be like if a Pratchett-esque Anti-Villain ran NERV, but the author's style stands on its own. Perhaps a better comparison would be a Darker and Edgier Nobody Dies, although it is held back from those lofty heights mainly by the author deploying the Rouge Angles of Satin a little too often.
    • Ultra Sonic 007: A hearty second. Gendo is a sympathetic character, and SCIENCE!Rei is so dadgum hilarious. Until she diverts to unsettling creepiness.
      • Darkholm: Thirded, and I'll have to disagree with the comment above me. I find Science!Rei ridiculously Moe but maybe that's just me. I actually like Gendo now because of this story.
    • Caellach Tiger Eye: Fourthed, but I must disagree with Gendo, and by extension Ritsuko being sympathetic. I did believe he was, but then came Chapter 19 — when we discover that he had the souls of millions of children's mothers all over the world souls sucked out to create cores for potential EVAs. This wouldn't be so bad if he did not still believe that he had the right to reunite with Yui and consider himself "good". At best, I would consider Gendo to be Affably Evil or a Jerkass Woobie — his refusal to consider himself at least Necessary Evil prevents him, in my view, from being truly sympathetic. I still rather enjoy the story but have lost my appetite for seeing Gendo as heroic here ... On a brighter note, Science!Rei is absolutely adorable, one of the better interpretations of the character — I never could see her as anything but Kuu Dere, which is why I never got into stories like Nobody Dies despite their popularity (you could say I experienced Hype Backlash pretty early on). Overall a very well-written story, and I wouldn't be surprised if Gendo regains his sympathetic qualities soon enough.

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Nov 1st 2010 at 1:28:52 PM •••

Sorry, I am all made of fail with technology stuff. Matters Of Faith.

Willbyr MOD
Oct 25th 2010 at 6:49:16 PM •••

I've started to move the comments into reviews. If you have a comment that you want saved, please message me and let me know; otherwise, if it reads too much like natter, it's likely going to be deleted and made into a simple note of your handle on the Recommended by line if it's not comprehensive enough to be considered as a review. I'll save the comments that I can't decide whether or not should be kept here in subsequent posts for debate on inclusion.

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Willbyr MOD
Oct 25th 2010 at 7:54:26 PM •••

Here are the culled comments from Shinji And Warhammer 40 K

  • Sean Tucker: My god... I think I've found the absolute Holy Grail of fanfics. Requesting permission to find out if the author is a troper, and if he is, shower him in Made Of Win awards. Seriously... they turned Shinji Fucking Ikari into a Magnificent Bastard Badass Bookworm who gets at least one Crowning Moment Of Awesome every minute. Even Super Robot Wars wasn't able to go that far with its awesome
  • Shockz: I found a reference to this fic by accident, and started reading it with some basic WH40K knowledge and a vague (if completely spoiled) understanding of NGE's storyline. It gets a little verbose (and it's tough to keep track of some of the minor characters if you haven't seen NGE yet), but is nonetheless one of the most awesome things I have ever read. Give this man a budget!
  • No...words. Should have sent...a poet. I have only one thing to say after reading this; Other Fan Fic writers, DESPAIR, and accept that nothing you ever write will be half as fucking awesome as even a chapter of this epic. The Emperor's hand guides us all.
  • Space Chief: As much as I think the original series was genius in Deconstruction terms, I've accepted this fic as my own personal canon. Sorry, Anno, but there's a reason that this is one of the few fics that has its own page on this wiki.
    • I go so far as to just say that the entire original series is just a nightmare that Shinji is having had he never found that fateful black box.

    • ArcVaranus: I burst out laughing at the above troper's Disgaea jab, but he's right. The characterization runs in very straight lines here, and Shinji really does become a blatant Marty Stu but... Tropes Are Not Bad. The story celebrates it's sheer Beyond the Impossible insanity and is just plain fun to read.
  • FLCNPNCH: Personally, the best part about this fic is the politics, my god the 'politics'! Shinji... Kaworu...both want the best for humanity, both have perfectly valid methods...but neither can exist while the other survives and they'd quite gladly kill each other to decide the final fate of humanity, and you might even find yourself questioning whether or not Shinji's the best man to control the future of man. Brilliant!

Willbyr MOD
Oct 25th 2010 at 8:37:23 PM •••

Here are the culled comments from Children of an Elder God that weren't redundant with the material in the rec.

  • Comments:
    • Lightice: It starts out incredibly well, but the quality deteriorates as the plot advances. Do yourself a favour and don't read the two final chapters so far; they pretty much kill the absolutely fantastic concept.
      • The Tygre: Seconded: Personally, I read ahead and didn't even finish Hastur I was so put off by it. I mean REALLY? What Hell man?! What Hell?! I'm still angry at this fic for leading me on a certain pairing and then DOING A BLOODY TURN-AROUND HALF-WAY THROUGH. Without an ending, thank you very much... Trust me, just stop at Hastur. If you stop at Hastur, you'll lead a better life than I.
        • Thirded. The chapter with Ygolonac was the real Jumping-the-Shark moment for me, though. Although the pairing change was extremely annoying as well (and very evil to one of the characters involved). However when you look at the disturbing way the whole relationship subplot seems to be proceeding, I'm guessing it'll be concluded with everyone on-everyone, in a style reminiscent of IT. If it ever finishes. The story is still pretty good though.
    • Tze Tze: Obviously Your Mileage May Vary, 'cuz I think the Hastur thing was the first real cosmic horror. Pretty cool. (but then, I don't care about shipping)
      • The Tygre: No, no, I meant read Hastur and then stop. Hastur was awesome, to teh extremez. And it wasn't just the shipping that annoyed me after a while it was...a lot. It's like... Just, why did everyone have wings?!
      • Tzetze: 'cuz it's awesome? Besides, the He Who Fights Monsters aspect got really played up after that.
      • The Tygre:...Touche, Signore Tzetze, touche indeed...
      • FLCNPNCH: In regards tho the He Who Fights Monsters aspect, it's implied in the later chapters that something very similar to the Chzo Mythos is going on but with the Gods instead of Chzo and Nylarhotep instead of Cabadath, hence why Nylarhotep's so freaked out...

Willbyr MOD
Oct 25th 2010 at 9:39:39 PM •••

Taken from the Ranma crossover section, for NGE: Angel of Light:

  • Comments: Shay Guy: I remember this one. Mediocre.

Willbyr MOD
Nov 5th 2010 at 9:42:15 AM •••

Taken from the Peggy Sue section, for Making a Difference

  • Comments: Despite been this writer's first novel, he seems to be quite able to write an interesting and fairly original story, he isn't up to Random1337's league but that's ok.
    • Eh...Shay Guy finds the writing too damn clunky to get through.
    • Willbyr: I didn't even make it past the intro to Unit 01/reunion with Gendo scene..."clunky" is putting it nicely.

Willbyr MOD
Nov 5th 2010 at 9:46:57 AM •••

Taken from Taking Sights

  • Looney Toons: Seconding Taking Sights. It also seems to be written by someone who at least reads the wiki, if not one of the tropers proper, as the most recent chapter had one character challenging another to come up with an "Ass Pull", while another was accused of "taking Refuge in Audacity".
  • Don't forget the reference to Rei being Raised by Wolves. Hardly surprising that there are loads and loads of 'em, considering that the author calls it a "Peggy Sue" fic, and names us as the source of the term, in the fourth sentence of the preface. Also references to "Manipulative Bastard," "Ax-Crazy," "Death of a Thousand Cuts"... Shinji and Warhammer40k has been doing the same thing in recent chapters.
  • Nerdorama: I propose two separate drinking games. One shot for every gratuitous TV Tropes Wiki reference, and one shot for every time It Got Worse in an increasingly EPIC manner. Either one alone will kill you, but hey, you had fun reading.
    • X Shouldve Died: No such thing as a "gratuitous" Lampshade Hanging. Well there probably is, but your not going to find it in this fic least of ways.
    • Lavanya Six: To be honest, I've tried to cut down on the outright trope dropping though I'll still use concepts I pick up from this wiki. As for It Got Worse... it hasn't. It really hasn't. Not yet.
    • Nerdorama: Don't get my earlier statement wrong, I'm reading eagerly to see just how much trouble these guys are going to get themselves into, and am laughing evilly at this promise from the author.
      • Lavanya Six: As of August '09, I've tried to purge all the examples of Trope Words I could find in Taking Sights. I'd rather not distract the reader with them, and it's a bit embarrassing for me to look over the story and see them pop up.
  • Willbyr: Honestly, I found the trope-dropping in S&WH40K to be more in-your-face than in this tale, although it doesn't hurt either story. The story also connects to Kimigabuchi's doujin RE-TAKE in multiple ways, I was very interested in the changes both major and subtle in the characters' interactions (this is one of the darkest spins on Rei I've seen), as well as some of the changes that appear to have been made in the story's future events, especially Shinji actually killing Asuka on the beach, and Asuka's soul somehow being stuck in Unit 01 along with Yui's near the end of the universe.

Willbyr MOD
Nov 5th 2010 at 9:51:40 AM •••

Taken from The Second Try

  • The rest of the author's work is also good, especially his one-shots, if incredibly WAFFy at times. I was amazed to learn English wasn't his first language (though unsurprised to learn it was German).
  • Shay Guy: As pleased as I am, and as impressed by the art as I am, why is it right-to-left? And why not just call it a "webcomic?"
  • Nerdorama: Well, I called it a "manga" because it's written right-to-left, and I have no idea why he did it that way in the first place. We all have varying lengths we're willing to go for "authenticity" I guess. I'm also well aware that it's a Fan Web Comic, but since it's the sequel to a text Fan Fic, I wanted to mention it here rather than there.
  • Willbyr — I would recommend Second Try in a heartbeat. The characterizations are played perfectly straight, and the interactions between post-3I Shinji and Asuka are handled with grace and insight...several of these scenes easily qualify as CMsOH.

Edited by Willbyr
Willbyr MOD
Oct 13th 2010 at 10:43:19 AM •••

RE: the last edit. There are several fics on the page with negative comments. Comartemis' may be one of the harshest examples, but I don't think we should be cutting them out, much like I don't think we should remove fics that get negative comments such as what happened a year or so ago with a couple that I dissed. Maybe there should be a separate folder for disputed recommendations...

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Oct 13th 2010 at 10:47:04 AM •••

Holy crap, no. No, no, a Googolplex of no. Every story is disputed by someone. I think the best way to handle it is a three sentence limit for negative comments. Lets face it, if it goes beyond 3 sentences it's a rant not a comment.

Edited by CrypticMirror
Willbyr MOD
Oct 13th 2010 at 11:05:17 AM ••• Not that I disagree with the spirit of what you're going for, but some of the negative comments about fics are more than three sentences but do a good job of explaining what's wrong with the fic in the reader's mind. The writeups for Hellstorm Evangelion and DELTA Invasion are prime examples, and I could've broken my critique of Variations on a Theme into more sentences if I wasn't addicted to run-ons. It might be better to put a note somwhere on the page to make comments as much as possible about specifics that you like/don't like, especially for the latter.

Oct 13th 2010 at 11:08:30 AM •••

So how do we define a rant then? A negative comment that says a fic is bad without going into specifics?

Oct 13th 2010 at 12:26:54 PM •••

well this really isn't the place for the specifics and critiques. If the work has a TV Tropes page then specifics goes on their review page, if it is on The Pit Of Voles specifics goes in their reviews page and so on... Otherwise we'll just continue to be inundated with Complaining About Shows You Dont Like (and to be fair also Gushing About Shows You Like). Frankly I'd be in favour of withdrawing the comments section altogether if that were possible (especially after what has gone on in certain other pages), the recs should be title, author, link, recommender, and synopsis. Or reduce the comments section to simply warning for tags and triggers (which IIRC was all it was supposed to be to start with), rather than cheerleading or soapboxing.

However, whatever we do, please no separate folder for disputed works.

Edited by CrypticMirror
Oct 13th 2010 at 1:50:25 PM •••

Given that this is specifically a recommendations page, though, and thus automatically far more subjective than any of our other pages on this wiki, I do find it interesting to see what the rest of the hivemind has to say about a particular fic. Gives me a more detailed picture of whether or not I'd enjoy reading it - which is, again, the purpose of this page; to suggest really good fanfics that the rest of us might wish to peruse.

Edited by Iaculus
Willbyr MOD
Oct 13th 2010 at 2:00:11 PM •••

I disagree with dropping the comments sections, as (at least on this page) there's several fics where the comments say more about the plot than the synopsis. Also, at least for me, the comments are a gauge as to whether or not I might enjoy a fic, in the same way that reviews are a gauge as to whether or not I might enjoy a movie. As I understand it, the Comments field is a standard formatting fixture for all the fan fic pages on TV Tropes; just dropping it arbitrarily might ruffle feathers, especially since someone created a brouhaha on the Ranma One Half page simply by cutting the Sturgeon's Law comment. Off the top of my head, the only feasible replacement would be some kind of positive/negative voting system, much like that used for crowners in the forums, but I don't think that would work for multiple instances on a page.

EDIT: Ninja'd.

Edited by Willbyr
Oct 13th 2010 at 2:24:21 PM •••

well I wouldn't want the comments section removed on just this one page, I would (just as my own personal opinion and not something I would ever take action over without consensus) like to see it removed or revamped entirely from the template. But that is just my personal wishlist-cum-pipedream.

I do think that it should be a lot briefer than it is though. It is way beyond conversation on page and approaching wall of text on some items. That is why I say we should have a three sentence limit on comments, for clarity and conciseness.

Like I say, my opinion only.

Willbyr MOD
Oct 23rd 2010 at 7:23:07 PM •••

Fast Eddie has set up a new feature that will allow us to add reviews to the fan fic suggestions. The code is still in the testing phase, to my understanding, but will go into place fairly soon and will be used in place of the comments sections that are on the recs right now. There may also be a major natter culling, so if you have any comments on the page and you want to preserve them, you may want to rewrite them so they're more like actual reviews or they stand a good chance of being wiped for good.

EDIT: Crap, this was supposed to be its own topic. Oh well.

Edited by Willbyr
Oct 1st 2010 at 10:23:22 AM •••

Wondering, does Blue Toast's epic-length crossover Savage Overture (NGE and Tenchi Muyo) rate a mention on this rec page? I loved it back on before it was removed, and now its hosted on Blue Toast's own site... though its been a while since i checked it out...

Edited by sil Hide/Show Replies
Willbyr MOD
Oct 13th 2010 at 10:41:12 AM •••

Go ahead and put in a link; if anyone's read it, I'm sure they'll leave a comment.

Willbyr MOD
Jun 21st 2010 at 10:21:51 PM •••

I've given The Open Door its own entry under Mega Crossover, but since I haven't read it, I'm hoping that some people who have can put in comments, and/or edit the entry for Thousand Shinji to move those comments to The Open Door's entry. I've also blanket-borrowed the recommendations from TS for TOD; please strike your name if you don't want this.

Edited by Willbyr
Jun 13th 2010 at 3:15:50 PM •••

Is chosen still being updated? It was last updated september 09. Perhaps it should be marked dead...? (author does not seem to have any indicators of recent activity either)

Edited by Hide/Show Replies
Jun 13th 2010 at 7:10:49 PM •••

I think that Once More With Feeling has largely gone dead too. Since I'm no expert, what's the official opinion on this?

Willbyr MOD
Jun 13th 2010 at 9:20:05 PM •••

I wrote to OMwF's author a while back, and he said that he was working on new material...but it has been a while, hasn't it? I hate to call any fic dead unless the author's made it clear that it won't be continued (such as The Open Door), but calling them "ongoing" seems to be misleading...maybe we can come up with a new term.

Edited by Willbyr
Jun 13th 2010 at 11:28:06 PM •••

Dormant perhaps? Like volcanoes, they look dead, but could erupt at any time.

Jun 14th 2010 at 6:28:53 AM •••

I agree with the above. Dormant is good.

Jun 14th 2010 at 3:04:14 PM •••

I like dormant. Thirded. Although I think something needs to be written on page to indicate the difference between dormant and dead, somewhere.

Willbyr MOD
Jun 14th 2010 at 6:05:56 PM •••

Alright, I've run with this idea. I don't have time to check all the fics, but if I've goofed any that I've changed, go ahead and put them to the correct status.

Jun 14th 2010 at 6:59:07 PM •••

If the author is still active but the fic in question is not really being updated, I'd consider it ongoing, so I'll just make that edit. EDIT: but I'm new to this so if anyone disagrees, feel free to revert.

Edited by
Willbyr MOD
Jun 14th 2010 at 7:11:14 PM •••

I disagree; the author may be active as hell, but if the fic in question isn't getting updated, then calling it ongoing is a little misleading.

Jul 30th 2010 at 1:29:45 PM •••

I think this is surprising enough to note in another post. Crazy-88, the author of OMWF, had a profile update on Just a few days ago as of this post. Maybe OMWF is coming back?

Willbyr MOD
Jul 30th 2010 at 2:10:07 PM •••

He posted at that a new chapter was coming fairly soon, but let's hold up on changing the status until it actually hits.

Edited by Willbyr
Aug 7th 2010 at 12:19:58 PM •••

Can you link the post? I've been unable to find it by googling.

Aug 22nd 2010 at 2:24:28 PM •••

As of 8/18/2010, Crazy-88's profile on says that OMWF should be updated within the next couple of weeks.

Sep 27th 2010 at 3:47:26 PM •••

And as of Sept 26 he reaffirms that he's working on his next (yet unposted) chapter.

Sep 27th 2010 at 4:37:13 PM •••

What's being worked on? Chosen or Once More With Feeling?

Sep 27th 2010 at 6:52:44 PM •••

Whoops sorry, I was referring to omwf.

Willbyr MOD
May 8th 2010 at 7:19:54 PM •••

I put in the descriptions since the folder titles don't allow wiki links anymore. Feel free to rewrite as needed.

Apr 27th 2010 at 7:29:18 PM •••

Is this the right place to ask where I might find a fic that isn't on this list? If not, what page or forum would be the right place to ask:

I'm looking for a very vaguely-remembered fic that involved: Shinji & Asuka getting together (can't remember of pregnancy was involved or not); Asuka's beloved aunt Heidi becoming part of the group; and Asuka's father and stepmother being Grade-S assholes that even Gendo defends Asuka from.

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Apr 28th 2010 at 4:32:23 AM •••

I think the fic you are after is Father by Lord Talon. But I could be wrong. On the off chance, anyone remember a Ranma/Eva x-over where Yui yanks Ranma out of canon to replace Toji as the fourth child?

Oct 1st 2010 at 10:32:23 AM •••

Well.. are you thinking of Tides by Bain?

or if in the fic, there's a romance between Asuka and Ranma, it might be Alternate Future, but then you'd only find it on the Way Back machine...

and then there's Angel of Light by weebee, where Ranma gets possessed by Yui.

Edited by sil
Oct 1st 2010 at 11:36:05 AM •••

Its not Angel of Light or Tides, I'll have a look at Way Back Machine for that other one you mention though. Thank you.

The one I'm remembering, but not finding is that Yui reaches out from the core of Unit One, and yanks Ranma into the future/Alternate universe to prevent Toji from becoming the Fourth Child and prevent Bardiel from taking over Unit 03. Oh and Unit 03's "soul" becomes sentient and gets a crush on Ranma.

Oct 2nd 2010 at 8:32:46 AM •••

Alternate future is a bit more Ah Megumi-sama based, so its probably not it... ppl think yui summoned him, and he becomes the fourth child, and stuff like that. there's a link with a .gz download on Rakahl or whaterver its called.

it fits, i'm just not sure of the "unit 3 gets crush on ranma" part, as some chappies are probably missing

Edited by sil
Apr 25th 2010 at 4:33:24 PM •••

Someone at keeps removing comments on S&WH40k, despite rebukes. What should be done?

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Willbyr MOD
Apr 25th 2010 at 7:08:37 PM •••

Put a request in the Wiki Talk forum for that IP to be banned, explaining the trolling.

Willbyr MOD
Mar 20th 2010 at 9:13:15 PM •••

I wanted to throw out a reformatting idea. In regards to the last discussion about the authors section, I was thinking that the fics listed in that section could be moved into the appropriate listings and the Authors list consist of links to the authors' pages (or whatever's appropriate) and short descriptions of what makes the authors worth mentioning. Yea/nay?

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Willbyr MOD
Apr 1st 2010 at 4:48:24 AM •••

I'll take silence as consent. LMK if I screw anything up.

Willbyr MOD
Apr 1st 2010 at 10:12:29 PM •••

...and that's all my sleep-deprived brain can come up with for now.

Willbyr MOD
Jun 25th 2010 at 8:56:55 PM •••

RE: removing Serial Ravist. His fics are good, but part of the intent of the Authors section is to list authors who have multiple Eva fics beyond what are posted here on the page, as well as authors' websites outside Fan Since Ravist only has the two Eva fics to his credit, this is kinda superfluous.

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