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DKN117 is a "young" (born July 14, 1989) southern-Californian (born & raised in west Whittier; you can see the Los Angeles skyscrapers on a clear day) troper. First name is Davis (yes, I know it's a common last name; I've heard that a gazillion times); last name is... what, you think anyone would give their full name on the Internet? That's a biiiig security & privacy no-no, my friends. Officially diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and Asthma, though the latter is controlled by Singulair and the former by personal life experience (and a couple of meds) (occasional behavioral & judgmental lapses, though). Owner of two pugs (Herbie and Pebbles), and one half-pug half-we-don't-know (Sammy). Was planning on moving out of mother's house... but then the economy took a nosedive, and now the SSI money DKN receives goes partly to helping mother keep the house owned (inherited from grandma) and going (house was built in 1923; the wiring kinda sucks, but the AC works fine). (Also living in house is born-in-11/1994 sister)


Has been a TV-Troper since around November 2007 (though did not actually Get Known until a while afterward). Was mostly unassuming, but upon discovering A Game Of Gods got into it for a few months... until some stupid choices & actions ended with a perma-ban from the forums; now, has reverted to quietly managing standard pages and occasionally creating new pages (mostly for particularly well-done fanfics that catch my eye). Got tired of seeing "DKN117" as a Red-Link, so finally got off proverbial ass and made this page (hoping I've done it right). An occasional author on Fanfiction Dot Net under screen-name "DKN" (here; quite a few Old Shames, but currently working on the multi-book Mega Crossover Teanas Travels on FF. Also now have an account on Archive Of Our Own, mainly used for NSFW works. A surefire way to tell if a page was created by DKN is the phrase "Add Tropes as you spot them" or a variation thereof.


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