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World's laziest ass hat.


He who pimps photos

What I Thought As I Boned Your Mom
In The But

this is the world
I am the world
The world I AM
this changes nothing
the world changes nothing
sun set in Summer tidings
Winter bighting, calling, chiding
She is made of scorn & hate & brightest bliss
She is sitting idle, drinking lazy rhye
listing little virgin Minas as they pass er by
and I'm watching as she sketches paper voyeurs
punching ass holes into paper Mephistophelai
I'd like to think it all makes sense
this punch card stack of pretty petty pretense
but I know better
and even then
I know gooder still
(you still reading thiswill)
this is the world
this is a state apart
I am a time between
There is no good news in any of this
its just a massive metaphor
a liturgical lyric retelling of the the tragedy of Pickett's Last Charge
and everyone, through the judicious use of justified time travel
via worm hole turns out to be their own adopted parents
anyway, EVERYONE is really really Jesus in Purgatory
(get all that?)
this is the world
this is your mother
this is a your mama joke
might as well be, its all satire anyway
John said this;
'It was all...'
A line was drawn here
This would take far longer then I had expected
So I waited While I waited
I walked to a Maple street delicatessen
and enjoyed a cruller
and a cup of cold black coffee
I think 'Come See The Nigger Fly The Airplane' would have been a better title
Or maybe the one about the enema would have been more descriptive
Eh, the crap we can get away with huh
that last line probably works better with actual fucking censors
but who can say
maybe it's only art after you tilt it 90 degrees
and slap the ol' R Mutt on it
Never R Pussy
or R Cunt
I wonder why
anyway, I'm getting off track
'...The brilliant smash
and glitter
of the words
and phrases
cannot disguise the fact that he knew nothing'
This signifies nothing
this is the world
a tale told by an idiot.


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