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Complete Monster Cleanup Thread

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Common Requests List before suggesting any new entries for this trope.

IMPORTANT: To avoid a holler to the mods, please see here for the earliest date a work can be discussed, (usually two weeks from the US release), as well as who's reserved discussion.

When voting, you must specify the candidate(s). No blanket votes (i.e. "[tup] to everyone I missed").

No plagiarism: It's fair to source things, but an effortpost must be your own work and not lifted wholesale from another source.

    Effortpost template 
What is the Work

Here you briefly describe the work in question and explain any important setting details. Don't assume that everyone is familiar with the work in question.

Who is the Candidate and What have they Done?

This will be the main portion of the Effort Post. Here you list all of the crimes committed by the candidate. For candidates with longer rap sheets, keep the list to their most important and heinous crimes, we don't need to hear about every time they decide to do something minor or petty.

Do they have any Mitigating Factors or Freudian Excuse?

Here you discuss any potential redeeming or sympathetic features the character has, the character's Freudian Excuse if they have one, as well as any other potential mitigating factors like Offscreen Villainy or questions of moral agency. Try to present these as objectively as possible by presenting any evidence that may support or refute the mitigating factors.

Do they meet the Heinousness Standard?

Here you compare the actions of the Candidate to other character actions in the story in order to determine if they stand out or not. Remember that all characters, not just other villains, contribute to the Heinousness Standard

Final Verdict?

Simply state whether or not you think the character counts or not.

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SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Aug 4th 2020 at 7:25:34 PM

[tup] to Gutrum Vagner/Alexey Alexandrovich Dobrovolsky and Zigfrid Schultz/Valery Yemelyanov

Fun fact: the latter's real life counterpart shared the same beliefs as his game counterpart. Really goes to show how much of a lunatic the guy was.

Edited by DrUnknown on Aug 4th 2020 at 7:25:31 AM

Aug 4th 2020 at 7:38:26 PM

Another fun fact: I mentioned the leadership of the Aryan Brotherhood were Soviet generals and politicians as well as officers with really fucked up lives. Turns out they were rapists and child killers and lost their hero of the Soviet Union status because of that.

Zigfried himself? Apart from having the beliefs he had irl carried over to the game, he was a minor Soviet Union political official killed his wife with an ax

Shadao Surprised Satoshi
Surprised Satoshi
Aug 4th 2020 at 8:45:56 PM

[tup] to the Ayran Brothers and Oskar.

Pemulis_128 A 20th Century Boy from Teleporting behind you Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
A 20th Century Boy
Aug 4th 2020 at 8:46:28 PM

I was looking at the Death Note live-action movie series writeup for Light and it should probably be revised to mention that once he thought he had won in the second movie, he wrote the name of his own father in the Death Note, an act that not even his manga counterpart (who is also an approved CM) went through with, horrified even his loyal follower Misa, and was only prevented by a Batman Gambit on L's part. This act, along with killing his girlfriend in the first movie, are two of the biggest departures from the source material that make him really stand out from his manga counterpart.

Edited by Pemulis_128 on Aug 4th 2020 at 10:48:00 AM

Aug 4th 2020 at 9:06:40 PM

Ok so there’s this person on discord that’s arguing with me on pm that I should effortpost Taborisky, because he disagrees with my arguement that he dosent have agency.

Now, unlike say with Dirlewanger, I do not think he provides new information that could make a case for Taborisky having agency qualifying outside of violating show not tell. However tomorrow I will lay down his arguments, and how it corresponds to his character and let you all decide.

I’ve brought Huttig up and you guys voted him down so I can maybe do this effortpost.

Edited by xie323 on Aug 4th 2020 at 9:10:37 AM

Aug 4th 2020 at 9:32:46 PM

[tup] for Shang Tsung and Oscar.

Aug 4th 2020 at 10:07:31 PM

Here is my write-up. I have two more candidates from a Mortal Kombat fan work, so I'll take care of Shang Tsung's with the other two:

  • The Man Who Never Smiled: An unnamed serial killer, going by the alias of John Cipher or Smileyface, was originally an assassin, where he killed a hundred people, including torturing and murdering a prostitute. Gaining a love for killing, he unprofessionally began murdering and raping numerous victims, eventually gaining the enmity of Simon when he set fire to his barracks and killed 341 of his mercenaries. When Simon chases him in a hotel, Cipher tries to slow him down by setting off numerous explosions that kill dozens of people. Upon being captured and visited by Simon, Cipher kills him by ripping out his throat and face with his teeth. Escaping imprisonment, Cipher hunts down Spencer and shoots out both of his kneecaps to reveal his philosophy that he is a reflection of humanity's evil. As Spencer put it, Cipher didn't kill for revenge or to spread a message, but because he enjoyed it.

DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Aug 4th 2020 at 11:36:42 PM

[tup] Tsung, Dirlewanger, Bruno, Alba, Vagner and Schultz

[tdown] Huttig and Lysenko

Switching to abstain on Shiro pending the translation catching up

Ongoing Projects
CloisterTheStupid from Oop North Relationship Status: Complex: I'm real, they are imaginary
Aug 4th 2020 at 11:54:03 PM

[tup] to von Bruno, Dirlewagner, Alba, Vagner and Schultz. [tdown] to Huttig, Lysenko, Carmine and Bertilak.

G-Editor School During 2020 from America Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
School During 2020
Aug 5th 2020 at 12:54:43 AM

Okay so I remember not to long ago that Scraggle EP'd Rushu from Wakfu, but when I went to its YMMV page, only Orgonox was listed and I couldn't find Rushu anywhere, despite all of us having approved Rushu. I also went to the Western Animation CM page to find Rushu only for me to be unable to find both Rushu and Orgonox from there. Did someone forgot to add them to the western animation page or am I looking at the wrong section. Also why isn't Rushu in the YMMV section? I just hope no one forgot to give him a write-up.

[down]thanks ACW

Edited by G-Editor on Aug 4th 2020 at 10:32:56 PM

It's a Pandemic Special
ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
DemonDuckofDoom from Some Pond in Hell Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Aug 5th 2020 at 2:19:32 AM

Oh, right, forgot abput the RWBY duo. [tdown] them too.

Ongoing Projects
Aug 5th 2020 at 4:21:31 AM

Ok, I have clearer new evidence that could guarantee an upvote for Taboritsky by a source close to the developers, will post the effortpost soon.

SkyCat32 The Draftsman of Doom from Nakatomi Plaza Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
The Draftsman of Doom
Aug 5th 2020 at 4:23:52 AM

[up] Has it been 2 weeks since that new evidence came out?

[down] Oh. Gotcha.

Edited by SkyCat32 on Aug 5th 2020 at 8:33:19 AM

Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?!
Aug 5th 2020 at 4:27:36 AM

it’s more “I and a few other people misread the character” as insane when he has more moral agency than I guessed.

falcontalons The One-Punch Man
The One-Punch Man
Aug 5th 2020 at 5:27:13 AM

So overall we’ll have 5 candidates once I get the eps for Taboritsky and the last guy up. Is that enough for a game mods page?

Edited by xie323 on Aug 5th 2020 at 5:28:37 AM

ACW Unofficial Wiki Curator for Complete Monster from Arlington, VA (near Washington, D.C.)
Aug 5th 2020 at 5:36:06 AM

Think we're fine just having it in a folder for the Hearts stuff. It'd still be fewer than the MLP fan monsters, and about the same as RWBY.

In fact, I've done the folder thing at Fan Works now, and we'll add The New Order stuff (I guess at the end?).

EDIT: And I think I know who the final EP is. It would be, I believe, only his 3rd CM incarnation.

Edited by ACW on Aug 5th 2020 at 8:43:50 AM

CM Drafts; Pending CM Writeups
Aug 5th 2020 at 6:55:32 AM

Ok now Taboritsky's effortpost, I'll do the Aryan Brotherhood writeups with Taboritsky's writeup.

And ACW, if you are on the right track I think this would actually be the character involved in the final EP's fourth incarnation, not third. But you might be on the wrong track here then again.

Who is he?

Sergey Taboritsky is an reactionary self hating Jew who had previously collaborated with the Nazis, a one-time reactionary political assassin, and presently in Komi, the Society for the Restoration of the Russian Empire, a monarchist faction within the ultranationalist Passionariyy Organization(think of them like the ultranationalists from Modern Warfare, but run by philosophers and aristocrats, and being 10000% anti-Communist unless the national bolsheviks take over).

Taboritsky orignally entered Russia alongside Tsar Vladimir during the West Russian War, but he became convinced sometimes during the late 1950s that Alexi, the true heir to the Romanov throne, had survived the Russian Revolution, and Vladimir is nothing more than an imposter. Considered eccentric at best and delusional at worst, Taboritsky was quickly exiled from Vyatka, but found a new foothold in Komi, even through he has very little supporters.

What does he do?

Now Taboritsky has no way of getting into power unless the Passionariyy takes over and deliberately empowers him and none of the more politically significant factions consolidate power for a long period of time, resulting in a series of coups culminating in his ascension. If he comes to power by coup he uses chemical weapons to kill the Communist and democratic leaders.

Upon reunifying Western Russia, he reveals himself to be a follower of the horrific racial ultrasupramacist Burgundian System, primarily the totalitarian aristocratic varient practiced by Josias zu Waldeck und Pyrmont in Nazi controlled Reichskommissariat Kaukasien. He declares himself the regent of Prince Alexei and immediately starts "purifying" Russia in order to "prepare the way" for his return. He restores the old nobility, the imperial army and the Okhrana(the tsarist secret police), and creates a religion around the worship . Dosen't sound too bad yet apart from maybe the worship of the emperor part, right....

Except it dosen't end there. He mandates the liberal use of chemical weapons in battles, and creates even more deadly and outright corrosive chemical weapons. As a result, entire villages destroyed by his forces in chemical gas bombings. He then launches a massive genocide of Jews and other minorities in Russia. And oh, it dosen't stop there either! Taboritsky begins an extermination campaign on the poorest bottom class, seeing them as degenerate Russians not worthy of existence. In addition, he makes all the crimes in Russia punishable by death. As a result, thousands die in a matter of weeks and multiple mass graves spring up to bury the corpses of sentenced inmates. Not even his allies on the far right are immune to this, with his old friend Pyotr Shabelsky-Bork being killed for showing one iota of concern about where this train is going.

Assuming he dosen't completely lose his sanity(which leads to his death when he realizes that Alexi was dead all along and the subsequent collapse of his fiefdom), and he isn't defeated by a less tyrannical warlord, he unifies Russia, proclaims the Holy Russian Empire, and the Komi campaign ending flat out states that his rule will be a nightmarish one.

At this point the game ends without telling us what happens next, but, this is just my speculation now, looking at that when they expand the content to cover the 1970s to 1980s period, either Taboritsky's tyranny and insanity catches onto him and his empire collapses, he dies a natural death in 1980(when he dies irl) and his empire collapses, or he declares a race war against the Germans, believing that by reclaiming Russia's eastern territories will Alexi return. This turns the Holy Russian Empire into a doomsday clock nation like a sucessful Goeringite Germany and Heydrich Germany, along with Omsk and Hyperborea, and we know what happens next when Russia(under Omsk or Hyperborea and perhaps under him as well) does not stop with retaking it's western territories taken by the Nazis, lands troops on German soil and nukes start firing.....

Redeeming qualities?


Heinousness Standard?

Easily the worst for Russia, only surpassed by our final qualifier and arguably Nobusuke Kishi in Japan, whom massacres wholesale the entire Japanese political establishiment if it goes too democratic and fails to deal with the fallout of a conspiracy set by a long dead Chinese general(if you're wondering why I'm not discussing him yet it's because Kishi led Japan, when he takes over, content just ends, but they are planning to add more content for Kishi-led Japan in the future so he could well qualify when they extend the timeline to the 1970s)

Him going up should not affect the Aryan Brotherhood leaders, as he has much more resources having access to a chemical weapons plant, whereas they are able to inflict the same damage. And Schultz/Velimir's plans to create a horrific neopagan theocracy and take over the world is unique enough in itself.

Mitagating factors?

Ok, here's what originally made me, and a few other people reluctant to EP him is questionable moral agency(when I had that mistaken belief I flat out stated he was the most disappointing non-qualifier of the year). Various events supposedly show him to actually be in his own world, he supposedly sees hallucinations of the dead crown prince Alexi he believes to be still alive and believes that the Crown Prince is laying the foundations for his return that must be realized through genocidal purification, and he believes these visions to be real and is shown to be utterly insane in the mental sense. He has a "timer" that highlights how bad his sanity is decaying even. His biography does mention him to have held hateful views for a long time, but the wya he has been depicted ingame by his personality felt at that time like Show, Don't Tell is being violated and what we supposedly see ingame is a maniac obsessed with a dead Romanov and literally existing in a la-la land where said Romanov prince is alive.

However, after talking with someone close to development(or rather, they reached out to me), I am confident that this moral agency issue isn't the case now. It turns out that Taboritsky was sane enough to have moral agency. His obsession with Alexi has less to do with insanity and more with him seeking to turn Russia into a purified hyper-violent ethnostate. The ideas he has of Alexi are a projection of his ultra-Nazi worldviews, with what he thinks is "Alexi" representing the idea of a purified ultra-Nazi Russia rather than the prince himself.

Now he does go genuinely insane later on and perhaps genuinely believe Alexi is alive but you can easily chalk that up to him eventually believing his own lies as he continued to consolidate power(only to die of a stroke when it became clear to him that Alexi was dead), and he was sane enough when he was starting the purification of Russia. His actions were driven by his desire for an ethnostate overall.

So rather than Taboritsky being insane, he was a hateful person that went insane later on ingame as the lie grew and he consolidated more and more power, eventually he started to believe in his own lies. It can even be argued that he knew Alexi was dead and was using this thing as a means to consolidate power, but soon believed in his own lies as the fascade continued and his need to maintain it led to him believing in this charade he set up and be driven insane by it, but most of his crimes were committed when he still has a veneer of sanity, and his insanity only at most affected just how wide reaching these crimes are. Essentially he starts off as sane but eventually becomes insane, and his horrific actions when he was sane were carried out with full moral agency.


With the new information I have, I am much more confident in [tup] him.

Edited by xie323 on Aug 5th 2020 at 7:58:50 AM

Libraryseraph World's Strongest Woman from Canada Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
World's Strongest Woman
Aug 5th 2020 at 7:00:03 AM

[tdown] to him, Word Of God doesn't override the actual narrative, and there he seems too insane to count

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination
Aug 5th 2020 at 7:05:52 AM

The thing here is that he's supposed to be sane when he takes power and doing these things with full responsibility, but he grows insane as the lie takes over and he starts believing in it(this is if you interpret it as "he knew Alexi was dead but wanted to use him as a symbol for the new regime, but then he started to genuinely believe his lies")

I will admit that if he is downvoted, this might be a case of an accidental non-CM given how he is presented to the point of misinterpretation vs. how he is supposed to be viewed, but the source I have in development told me that his obsession with Alexi has less to do with insanity and more with him seeking to turn Russia into a purified hyper-violent ethnostate and his visions, at least initially were a projection of his hateful views.

Edited by xie323 on Aug 5th 2020 at 7:12:28 AM

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