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Welcome to the party, pal!

Lt. John McClane, Die Hard

Yippee ki yay, motherfucker! You likely don't know me in person, so I'm not giving you my full name yet, but I go by the name Sky Cat 32 on this wiki; you can call me Sky, I guess.

Just in case you couldn’t tell by my troper page pic, troper page quote, most of my usual avatars, my usual forum signatures, or where I usually say I’m from (I’m not actually from Nakatomi Plaza), I’m a big fan of Die Hard, and not just because I'm a male in my twenties. If you haven't seen that movie, get off your computer, and watch it; don't message me until you see it. (Not really, but you don't know what you're missing.)

I often frequent the Hate Sink, Complete Monster and Magnificent Bastard cleanup threads. This is the Hate Sink thread link, this is the Complete Monster thread link, and this is the Magnificent Bastard thread link, if you care to join us.


In real life, I am studying for a Computer Assisted Drafting Certificate, hence why I call myself "The Draftsman of Doom".

I am a Jewish Religious Zionist and I am on the Autism Spectrum. That said, I do not use this website to discuss politics or religion, except, occasionally in the latter case, with how tropes apply to religion. If you message me about politics or religion (except with regard to tropes applying to the latter), even on the off chance I agree with what you may have to say, I WILL block you. I use this website for fun, not to argue about real world problems.

     Tropes Which Supposedly Apply To Me 

  • Adorkable: Supposedly, my awkwardness adds to my charm.
  • Badass Beard: Subverted, in that I don't kick ass per-se; I often wear a well maintained beard, generally trimming it when it gets too long. Sometimes, however, my beard is not as neat as usual. Sometimes, I don't have a beard at all.
  • Berserk Button:
    • I do not approve of prejudice in any form, especially when people use politics as an excuse for it, but anti-Semitism hits particularly close to home. The less said about this topic, the better.
    • I do not appreciate people treating their romantic partners poorly, and believe it is better for someone to be a single parent, than to remain in a crappy relationship "for their children's sake".
  • Beware the Nice Ones: I usually try to be personable and friendly, but I can be fairly vicious if provoked; I generally keep myself in check on TV Tropes, however.
  • Bad Liar: I am generally unsuccessful in speaking falsehood. It doesn't help that I have an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Zig-Zagged. Some people like my jokes, some do not. It does not help that some of my jokes are extremely complex by neurotypical standards.
  • Covert Pervert: I usually keep the more risque aspects of my sense of humour under wraps.
  • Deadpan Snarker: I occasionally lapse into sarcasm, sometimes even by pretending someone wasn't being sarcastic.
  • Ditzy Genius: For an intelligent person, I can make some stupid mistakes.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: In defiance of this trope, I am putting in a lot of effort not to act nice for the purpose of attracting the people with whom I am infatuated, but rather, being nice because it's the right thing to do.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: I like cats. In fact, my first word as a baby was "cat".
  • Nice Jewish Boy: Generally, I try to be personable and friendly. This is partially because I want to make myself and my fellow Jews look good.
  • Real Men Cook: I am very adventurous in the culinary realm. My specialties are hot wings, chili, roasted asparagus with zaatar, and steak. I have also discovered that pickled brisket is surprisingly delicious with red curry and coconut milk.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: I aspire to be well dressed in the near future, and on Shabbat I dress up better than usual.
  • Tranquil Fury: Sometimes, If I am really miffed, I remain perfectly calm while I let out my wrath.
  • Trademark Favourite Food:
    • I like High Percentage Dark Chocolate. I eat it more or less once a week on Shabbat.
    • I like rack of lamb, but it's something I don't eat very often, and when I do eat it, it's to celebrate my birthday.
  • Weight Woe: I have struggled with my weight for a good portion of my life, and have recently gone low carb to prevent other damage.

     Complete Monster, Levelheaded vs. Emotional 


If you are looking for fun at varying degrees of quality, search for my levels on Happy Wheels. I have the same username on Total-Jerkface.


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