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Site Redesign/Update and Testing Posts: 2Feb 20th 2018 at 2:37:04 PM
Mr "long toned yet shapely legs" needs to go away Posts: 2Feb 18th 2020 at 3:58:47 PM
Harsher in Hindsight cleanup Posts: 11Feb 14th 2020 at 2:57:30 PM
The Tropers' Top 200: A greatest of all time list Posts: 2Feb 8th 2020 at 9:25:40 PM
Clean up in Advertising Earworms Posts: 3Jan 2nd 2020 at 5:47:15 AM
UsefulNotes.Criminals Posts: 29Dec 31st 2019 at 9:07:56 AM
YKTTW Backlog Cleanup Posts: 36Dec 7th 2019 at 7:09:52 PM
Channel Awesome/TGWTG cleanup Posts: 65Nov 12th 2019 at 7:33:01 AM
Video Game Companies Cleanup Posts: 7Sep 18th 2019 at 9:20:00 PM
Raised by Wolves Cleanup Posts: 5Aug 18th 2019 at 5:43:13 PM
adding Power Rangers/Super Sentai and Kamen Rider Video examples Posts: 4Aug 9th 2019 at 6:57:28 AM
Ads -- problems with Posts: 2Jun 7th 2019 at 6:02:30 AM
Cleanup: Big Bad Posts: 3Jun 2nd 2019 at 1:23:09 AM
Friendship is Magic, YMMV reorganization and cleanup Posts: 27Feb 9th 2019 at 1:56:40 PM
Wick Clean-Up: FetishFuel Posts: 23Aug 20th 2018 at 11:15:17 PM
Cleaning up the Glasses Threads Posts: 107Aug 8th 2018 at 3:10:52 PM
Trope where mercy is only for the Main Villain? Posts: 2Jul 16th 2018 at 3:48:21 AM
Site Redesign/Update and Testing Posts: 13Jun 26th 2018 at 3:28:17 PM
One Of Us cleanup Posts: 5Jun 23rd 2018 at 5:16:37 AM
Transplant Transsexual to Transgender Posts: 23Apr 11th 2018 at 8:12:12 AM
Having Trouble Creating a Page Posts: 7Mar 25th 2018 at 9:27:43 AM
Finishing the last country and dependency Useful Notes Posts: 1Feb 28th 2018 at 9:00:08 PM
Cleanup: removing excessive positivity from the wiki Posts: 3Feb 13th 2018 at 12:19:24 PM
Removing and rewriting the copy-pasted Dota 2 lore Posts: 8Oct 29th 2017 at 8:37:34 AM
Pantheon Tab on Work Pages Posts: 93Aug 31st 2017 at 2:52:18 AM
I am a newby here Posts: 3Aug 29th 2017 at 11:24:23 AM
Cleaning up my mistakes. Posts: 2Aug 19th 2017 at 8:02:25 AM
Do we really not have Ice Fantasy? Posts: 2Aug 8th 2017 at 8:41:58 AM
Correction of page names in non-trope namespace Posts: 5Aug 3rd 2017 at 3:41:05 AM
Star Wars Rebels YMMV split Posts: 2Aug 3rd 2017 at 3:39:38 AM
Series/Arrow Posts: 4Aug 3rd 2017 at 3:14:24 AM
WrongGenreSavvy cleanup Posts: 14Jun 12th 2017 at 2:35:06 PM
Wick cleanup: So Cool It's Awesome
Mar 12th 2017 at 11:59:00 PM
Posts: 16Mar 9th 2017 at 11:13:44 AM
FighterMageThief has a lot of YMMV Posts: 2Mar 2nd 2017 at 4:17:17 PM
The Short & Shivery Books Posts: 3Feb 27th 2017 at 7:46:53 PM
Glowfic page cleanup, updating, crosswicking Posts: 6Feb 16th 2017 at 1:16:39 PM
VideoGames: Anyone want to help adding some articles (these are new ones?) Posts: 3Feb 16th 2017 at 1:07:58 PM
Spiritual Successor applied to people Posts: 9Feb 10th 2017 at 1:06:39 AM
SquarePegRoundTrope - would these examples fit? Posts: 1Feb 9th 2017 at 5:13:46 AM
PlayingWith/AlternateContinuity: needs more work and some cleanup. Posts: 1Feb 5th 2017 at 4:04:36 AM
Webcomic/Ninety-Nine Righteous Men Posts: 1Jan 16th 2017 at 2:58:19 PM
Misused: Film.Kamen Rider Ichigo
Jan 9th 2017 at 11:59:00 PM
Posts: 7Jan 11th 2017 at 12:34:25 AM
So Bad It's Horrible Cleanup Posts: 53Jan 8th 2017 at 9:12:36 AM
YMMV/PokemonAnime clean-up Posts: 409Jan 3rd 2017 at 12:02:48 PM
The Infinite Loops: Splitting and Overhaul Posts: 2Dec 27th 2016 at 3:07:24 AM
Authors: sorting out the 21st century Posts: 16Dec 20th 2016 at 2:39:18 PM
Star Wars Rebels Fanwork Page Posts: 2Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:47:05 PM
Hyphen Migration Posts: 73Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:44:20 PM
Fixing Hollywood Style tropes Posts: 11Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:35:01 PM
Needs Help: Characters.Touhou Posts: 119Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:17:28 PM
Nightmare Fuel cleanup Posts: 781Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:15:01 PM
Fixing SarcasmMode sinkholes Posts: 21Dec 3rd 2016 at 3:13:55 PM
Looped - WesternAnimation article needs some cleanup Posts: 1Dec 2nd 2016 at 6:38:03 AM
Needs Help: Film.The Replacements Posts: 6Nov 30th 2016 at 6:34:39 AM
Big cleanup needed on May-December Romance Posts: 36Nov 21st 2016 at 4:10:28 AM
Needs Help: Splitting:Useful Notes:The Americas Posts: 17Nov 19th 2016 at 11:06:34 AM
Duplicate Trope: Fanfic Posts: 29Nov 19th 2016 at 6:09:58 AM
Misused: True Companions Posts: 22Nov 19th 2016 at 5:56:04 AM
MLP: FiM Subpages Cleanup:
Posts: 192Nov 19th 2016 at 5:54:20 AM
Split History of Animation to History Of Anime: Posts: 40Nov 19th 2016 at 5:53:54 AM
Request to delete AIR (visual novel) main page. Posts: 4Nov 5th 2016 at 3:07:50 AM
The Universal Genre Savvy Guide Posts: 6Nov 2nd 2016 at 12:08:31 PM
Sinfest has restructred its linking system Posts: 24Oct 30th 2016 at 11:38:07 AM
What Do You Mean It's For Kids? cleanup Posts: 25Oct 29th 2016 at 1:04:44 PM
Namespace Migration Project Statistics
Posts: 197Oct 29th 2016 at 10:55:09 AM
Creating a proper Don't Hug Me I'm Scared page Posts: 12Oct 29th 2016 at 6:59:52 AM
Splitting the Yoshi's Island page Posts: 5Oct 29th 2016 at 6:29:10 AM
Project: The Original Star Wars in WhatCouldHaveBeen/Film Posts: 3Oct 29th 2016 at 3:49:56 AM
Dethroning Moment Cleanup Thread Posts: 3Sep 4th 2016 at 9:17:22 AM
Slurs and hate speech cleanup Posts: 7Aug 25th 2016 at 7:53:55 PM
WMG Natter Cleanup project. Posts: 2Aug 16th 2016 at 8:12:56 PM
Have self-demonstrating articles gone too far? Posts: 2Aug 13th 2016 at 11:23:42 AM
Fixing the COMMUNICATIONS character page Posts: 3Aug 6th 2016 at 2:05:32 PM
Ensemble Darkhorse for Pump it Up video game. Posts: 3Jul 19th 2016 at 9:28:32 AM
House Targaryen ancestors page Posts: 1Jul 15th 2016 at 3:50:39 AM
[Creation Q] Building a page and linking it to another? Posts: 2Jul 7th 2016 at 3:15:27 PM
Yugioh Character page practically deleted. Please fix. Posts: 3Jun 22nd 2016 at 5:10:01 PM
Super Robot Wars GC Character Page Help Posts: 1Jun 20th 2016 at 10:42:55 PM
Seinfeld Is Unfunny example re-write Posts: 4Jun 19th 2016 at 8:57:18 PM
Misused: Memes.Super Smash Bros Posts: 6Apr 10th 2016 at 12:53:23 AM
Opera the medium linked to Opera the movie Posts: 2Mar 19th 2016 at 12:48:54 PM
Tracking Newer Additions to a Trope Posts: 3Mar 3rd 2016 at 10:31:38 AM
Rename the four temperaments? Posts: 10Jan 28th 2016 at 11:52:48 PM
ThatOneBoss/Pokemon clean-up: That One Boss.Pokemon
Posts: 153Jan 8th 2016 at 3:09:34 PM
Discussions which people forgot to move Posts: 31Jan 6th 2016 at 6:00:59 AM
Reorganize the trope list: Warhammer 40000 Posts: 83Jan 6th 2016 at 5:55:38 AM
Possible help with Arthur recaps Posts: 4Dec 18th 2015 at 12:25:54 AM
Nose Vanish Posts: 2Dec 1st 2015 at 4:46:30 AM
Needs Help: Literature.Madeline Posts: 7Nov 30th 2015 at 12:08:26 AM
all players of the space Posts: 1Nov 16th 2015 at 12:18:08 AM
Replays showed Mikel at the last moment Posts: 1Nov 15th 2015 at 10:50:08 PM
Creating a Useful Notes page for the first time Posts: 2Oct 28th 2015 at 12:00:28 AM
Fallen Creator cleanup. Posts: 5Oct 4th 2015 at 11:30:00 AM
Nightmare Fuel vs. Fridge Horror Posts: 1Sep 18th 2015 at 3:29:00 PM
Not an Index: RKO Posts: 3Aug 28th 2015 at 6:03:23 AM
Proposed split: Hitman series Posts: 1Aug 24th 2015 at 9:37:39 AM
Dueling Works Posts: 1Aug 15th 2015 at 10:55:24 AM
HoYay: Removal of LesYay examples Posts: 4Aug 10th 2015 at 2:43:37 PM
Fixing The Several States' formatting Posts: 1Jul 15th 2015 at 3:16:26 PM
Petitioning Helpers for Simpsons Recaps Posts: 1Jun 23rd 2015 at 11:57:22 AM
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