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  • A Walk Through Hell: Paul Carnahan is a demon aiming to open a portal to Hell on Earth. After slaughtering his own family as a child, only sparing his sister so she could tell the authorities, he is sent to Juvenile Hall, where he makes connections and grows in power. Upon his release, he recruits twelve child molesters to kidnap children, who he then kills by showing them a vision of Hell, causing them to commit suicide. He later does the same to his accomplices, and later his own lawyer. This leads to one of the accomplices committing a massacre at a shopping mall, killing a mother and her baby. He then lures the FBI to the warehouse in which he opens a portal to hell, tormenting the agents with visions of their greatest fears and trauma, only allowing Shaw to leave alive so that she'd attempt to assassinate the governer, leading her right back to hell with the knowledge that she helped him make the world worse.
  • Hannibal: Mason Verger is a creepy serial child molester who escaped legal Justice for his crimes using both his wealth and influence, only for Dr. Hannibal Lecter to drug him and get him to peel off his own angelic-looking face so no child would ever trust him again. Claiming to be a reformed man who found God, a now horribly disfigured and crippled Verger seeks to track down Lecter and enact his violent revenge on him by means of having wild boars devour him on command over the course of days all the while to keep him alive and suffering. While having Lecter tracked once he's located him, Verger coaxes and bribes Paul Krendler into helping frame FBI Agent Clarice Starling not only to get her off the case, but to use her as bait to trap Lecter as well. Once getting his hands on Lecter and nearly enacting his plan, Verger upon seeing Lecter nearly escape with a wounded Starling tries to force his long-suffering and abused physician Dr. Cordell Doemling to risk his life in the boar pen just to go shoot Lecter.

  • Training Day: Of all the crooks faced by Detectives Frank Rourke and Kyle Craig in the Wretched Hive of Los Angeles' underbelly, a few stand out as true monsters.
    • "Apocalypse Now": Rios
    • "Trigger Time": The Human Traffickers of present and past:
    • "Faultlines": Special Agent Gerald Lynch is secretly an Arms Dealer who murders gangsters to sell their weapons across America. With a massive network, Lynch is even responsible for the deaths of many police officers, including Kyle's former partner when he supplied the cartel boss Rios. When Kyle's squad rescues his proxy he set up to die to tie up loose ends, Lynch threatens to dismember two captive officers and later tries to murder them all to continue his crimes uninterrupted.
  • Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure:
    • King Byo-gen is the leader of the Byo-gens, a group of beings who seek to make Earth devoid of life. Before the events of the series, he would force Queen Teatinu to watch as he turned her Cure Partner to stone. When she destroys his body, he manages to taint her victory over him by infecting the Healing Garden with diseases. In the present, he’d send his minions to spread dark energy and diseases in order to get his body back faster. He verbally tortures the Healing Animals, and when Guaiwaru tries to usurp him after it appears he has been killed, King Byo-gen waits until the former grows strong enough to rapidly accelerate the process of getting his body back and then absorbs him, revealing that he had anticipated Guaiwaru’s attempt and was counting on it. He’d later absorb Daruizen and become Neo King Byo-gen, who proceeds to psychologically torture Cure Grace, easily defeat the Pretty Cures, reveal that he created the other Byo-gens and knock most people on Earth unconscious with his plagues. He would then decide to absorb the Pretty Cures and the Healing Animals, and when they break free from his body stronger than ever, he tries one last push to end all life on Earth before being killed. Uncaring of his own minions and a depraved maniac with no regard for life, King Byo-gen only truly cared about spreading the infection to kill everything on Earth.
    • Daruizen

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