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  • Nightbreed: In the BOOM comic run, Reverend Ashberry turns out to be far darker than his portrayal in the film, even in light of his abrupt turn to evil. While initially sympathetic to the Nightbreed and their persecution, he develops a genocidal on them when their god Baphomet scars him when he tried to reach out to the latter. It's revealed in his secret past, that Ashberry first murdered a hippie girl during a sexual encounter when he tried to witness to them. Coming to conclusion that it was God's will for him to cast sinners into Hell, Ashberry started a decades long career in killing perceived sinners, mostly male and female prostitutes and the like. Arrested as a despondent drunk shortly before the film, after his scarring Ashberry started his new crusade by rounding up Berserkers to carry out his vengeance, disembowelling Boone and attempting to kill his pregnant girlfriend Lori. Failing to kill either of them, Ashberry returns in an attempt to wipe out the breed and their new home via suicide bombing them, with children in the vicinity.
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  • Nocturne: Count Voicu of The Dark Reign of the Vampire King is the vampire master of Castle Gaustadt and tyrannical lord of its lands, having usurped and exiled his father and his followers. Spending centuries warring with his father, Voicu spent centuries persecuting and terrorizing the people he rules over, escalating things when werwolves stepped into the fight. Voicu has a reputation is stealing children from villages to feed on and creates monstrous slaves, while he takes young women to be his sex slaves. When the Stanger and Svetlana arrive and find themselves in the middle of his war, Voicu takes a liking to Svetlana, hoping to use her damphir powers to his advantage and begins to drive her insane to make a new bride out of her.
  • Tzimisce, the eponymous Tzimisce Antediluvian, was by far the most inhuman of all the vampires both by an utterly alien personality and by the sheer depravity of his evil. Spawned from the second generation vampire Enoch, Tzimisce was fascinated by vampyrism and sought to achieve perfection through his own twisted definition of evolution. He created the discipline of Vicissitude, flesh shaping, which allowed him and his bloodline to shape their own physical form, but also defile other living beings by twisting their own flesh and bone into torturous forms. Secretly, the discipline also allowed him to possess and consume anyone of his bloodline, giving him true immortality. Tzimisce spent the following centuries perfecting his art by torturing countless humans and vampires and is even said to have created the Baali bloodline by teaching them demon worship. While eventually thought slain, he secretly impersonated a vampire he slew until Gehenna finally arrived. During Gehenna, Tzimisce's enacted his master plan by first devouring and fusing with the millions of people in New York City. He grew powerful enough to function as a disembodied spirit and possessed Tremere during his ritual to control humanity. Through the ritual, he fused with every living thing on Earth and turned them into abominations in his image, yet this act was considered so unholy that God himself finally stepped in and destroyed Tzimisce forever.
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  • The Lost Boys The Beginning: In the script written for the unproduced prequel of the original film, Vlad Tepsch is a legendary vampire king known as "The Impaler" for how he dispatches his victims. First arriving in America while butchering the crew of a ship he's aboard, after being mugged Vlad chases down the Lost Boys and begins to slowly turn them into vampires. Seeming to have their best interests at heart, Vlad helps make the boys rich and acquire ownership of a extravagant hotel, while killing random people all around him, from hotel guests, wiping out a gang and a unit of marines. Later, Vlad reveals his intent to use the coastline of San Fransisco to create armies of vampires and a world wide empire for himself to rule over. When David tries to leave him, Vlad forcibly turns his girlfriend Anastasia Rostov into a vampire as a "gift" causing the girl to commit suicide out of terror, and makes it clear to the boys that he sees them as mere soldiers he can easily throw away.

  • The first Black Mask, Roman Sionis, was once merely a rich socialite neglected by his parents, but his psychopathic sadism turned him into one of Gotham's most evil criminals. Murdering his parents and mutilating his fiancée in his rise to power, Black Mask indulges in his love for Cold-Blooded Torture at every opportunity, performing it on not only otherwise-loyal henchmen just for fun, but also on the likes of Maggie Kyle and her husband in vicious ways—notably force-feeding parts of her husband to her—and later Stephanie Brown, torturing her with a variety of tools, which resulted in her death. Becoming the king of Gotham's underworld by murdering countless people in a gang war, Black Mask dabbles in trafficking, assassinations, and even orders a child be murdered just for spite. Black Mask meets his end after torturing one of Selina Kyle's best friends to near-death and boasts that he wants to become her "Arch-Enemy" and torture everyone she loves to death while forcing her to live through it all, continuing his trend of sadism, card-carrying villainy, and a hilarious black humor all the way to the grave with zero remorse for his atrocities.

  • Ultraman Neos: Mensch Heit ("Ultimate Evolution Emperor") is the Evil Overlord of Planet Zamu. Believing himself the Ultimate Lifeform chosen by the universe to embody its will, he would deem the Alien Zamu unworthy of life. Merging numerous other Dark Matter mutants into the barbaric Grall to exterminate them, driving the survivors into exile on Earth. Finally tracking them down, he sends Grall to finish the job, who kills them all but Esura. Not satisfied, Mensch Heit threatens humanity to share their fate if they don't hand him over. After Grall is killed, Mensch Heit attempts to finish the job personally, leveling a large part of the area trying to kill the Ultras. With them at his mercy, he attempts to burn Neos and Ultraseven 21 to death, forcing Esura to sacrifice himself and complete Mensch Heit's genocide. Despite his attempts to paint his victims as the barbarians, Mensch Heit proves himself a hypocrite at every turn.