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  • Blade Runner 2049: Niander Wallace is a corporate executive who fancies himself a godly figure. Producing Replicants as slave labor, Wallace intends to find a way to breed them infinitely so have the best labor force, demonstrating his control over them by forcing one Replicant to slit its own throat. Later brutally killing a newly made Replicant to make a point, Wallace has his adjunct Luv torture and kill any in her way to find the naturally born daughter of Rick Deckard and the Replicant Rachel. Later offering Deckard a new Rachel, Wallace kills her before dropping any hint at affability and sending Deckard off to be tortured for information.
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  • Tenet: Andrei Sator, dying of cancer, intends to take the entire world with him out of spite. Forming a "deal with the devil," Andrei pressured art dealer Kat into marrying him and having a son. Abusive to Kat, she begged for a chance to leave him, with Andrei only assenting if she left their son forever just to hurt her. Andrei beats a man to death with a gold bar for touching his gold supply, later tortures Kat to push the Protagonist into giving him information and uses inversion to place himself back when he forced Kat to stay with him, intending on ending everything that ever was with the Algorithm at the time when he felt his life was perfect.
  • Zero Minus Ten: Guy Thackeray is a British shipping magnate in Hong Kong who is furious about the transfer to the Chinese government on account of losing his company to an obscure clause from his ancestors. Arranging terrorist attacks and many murders, including his board of directors, Thackeray intends to destroy Hong Kong with a nuke after fraying the tense peace to the breaking point, With this, Thackeray hopes to kick off a war between Britain and China to punish both countries and sate his spiteful ego.
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  • Castaways of the Flying Dutchman's Voyage of Slaves: "Al Misurata" is a Libyan corsair and slaver who freely deals in the trade of flesh, be they young or old. Al Misurata tries to have the eternally-childlike Ben and a group of slaves killed to prevent them from talking too much about the load he intends to sell to the corrupt Count Dreskar. Along the way, Al Misurata cons a traveling circus troupe and tries to have them sold into slavery, abuses his minions and shows no care toward their deaths, and tries to sink a ship full of people for the purpose of getting Ben. Routed time and time again, Al Misurata finally demonstrates his bloodthirsty reputation in full by murdering Count Dreskar's liaison and all of the liaison's servants in a fit of pique, before having his corsairs descend on a convent of nuns to kill everything in their way getting to his escaped slaves.
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  • Firefly: Big Damn Hero: Hunter Covington is a Sadist to rival Adali Niska. Working with a remnant faction of Browncoats to trap, try, and hang "traitors" to the Independent cause, Covington has no problem with the fact that these people are to be summarily executed by a Kangaroo Court, and stops by to watch Mal's planned execution because watching a man die by hoist hanging is his idea of a shiny evening's entertainment. He also keeps at least one bondswoman, who he plans to kill slowly by serious knife play for informing on him to the Feds. His neutrality during the war is explicitly because it was more profitable not to choose a side.
  • "Flanaganverse":
    • Ranger's Apprentice:
      • The Icebound Land: Lord Deparnieux, one of many warlords ruling over pockets of terrirtory in the lawless country of Gallica, is a petty thug who doesn't pretend his reign is anything but one of terror. Deparnieux searches for any excuse possible to terrorize innocents, forcing a servant to pick a punishment for a cook who served cold vegetables; when given the option of flogging, Deparnieux opts to flog the servant and have the cook left to die in a cage. Deparnieux adores the cages, having dozens of subjects caged up and left outside to be pecked to death by birds for any reason he can think of, most of which he cheerfully admits can be boiled down to "displeasing him." Deparnieux toys with and murders a young man whose elderly parents Deparnieux randomly murdered, and tries to goad the noble Ranger Halt into a similar duel solely so Deparnieux has an excuse to kill him.
      • The Kings of Clonmel & Halt's Peril: Tennyson is the leader of the Outsiders, a Scam Religion that extorts riches out of innocent people by pretending their god protects them from raiders that are secretly under the Outsiders' control. Tennyson regularly has villages annihilated, leaving at most a few survivors to spread the word and sometimes none whatsoever to illustrate what would happen if he isn't able to "intervene" in an attack. Tennyson assassinates King Ferris after Horace makes a fool out of him, tries everything to dispose of Horace from drugs to rigged duels, and finally murders an innocent family of farmers in his pathetic attempt to escape and abscond with his ill-gotten riches. Despite his appearance as a holy man, Tennyson was nothing more than a greedy crook who thought he deserved everything the world had to offer.
    • Brotherband: Zavac is the vicious captain of the Raven, a Magyran pirate vicious even by the standards of his people, with around 200 ships slaughtered, plundered and robbed by him and his crew. Debuting by massacring a Skandian fleet and leaving a man and his young nephew to drown after he promises to save the boy, Zavac steals the Andomal, a precious treasure of the Skandians, and afterwards slaughters an unarmed, peaceful ship of traders, gruesomely torturing its captain to death. Finding the traders with a cache of emeralds, Zavac heads to the source city, Limmat, razing and massacring his way through the city and enslaving the populace to drain their emerald mine dry. When the city is liberated with him, Zavac abandons his close allies to die.
  • Pressure, by Jeff Strand: Budding psychopath Darren Rust shows what a budding lunatic he is by dissecting a dead dog before leaving the protagonist Alex's life for years. Obsessed with the idea Alex is a killer like him, Darren tortures a little girl to force Alex to murder an innocent woman. Becoming a serial killer, torturing and murdering many innocents, Darren kidnaps and tortures Alex before killing his wife and daughter. Later surfacing one more time, Darren intends to make Alex a killer like him or to murder him should that fail.
  • Wereworld: Vincent the wereboar, the twin brother of Baron Hector, begins by inadvertently causing his father's death and then killing himself in an attempt to murder Hector. Capable of remorse and hesitation in life, Vincent's redeeming qualities vanish when he becomes a vile. Vincent slowly corrupts Hector into a murderer and torturer of innocents, selling out the Dalelands to the wicked Prince Lucas and seizing Icegarden through Hector. Vincent devours the spirit of Hector's old mentor, torturing Duchess Freya for weeks on end, and accidentally but remorselessly pushes Hector into murdering the totally innocent Queen Amelie. Finally sick of his brother's hesitance, Vincent overtakes and fully possesses Hector himself, rechristens himself Lord Blackhand, and begins systematically murdering and resurrecting all of his own allies as the undead. Vincent starts resurrecting the dead by the thousands to slaughter all in their wake, decorating Icegarden's walls with the bodies of those he's slaughtered and driving his legions in a crusade to destroy whatever cannot be dominated. The series' finest demonstration of From Nobody to Nightmare, Vincent of Redmire eventually dies as one of the greatest threats to have ever scourged the Seven Realms.
  • Turok (Dynamite Comics):
    • 2014 run: Lord Fitzwalter (Lighty)
    • 2017 run: Imperator Licendor Vex is the cruel ruler of the Varanid Empire that rules the Lost Valley, having set himself up as a god by having every single believer of the Seventy-Seven gods massacred. With torture and murder rampant in his regime, Vex intends to produce an heir through the use of thirteen breeding slaves, intending to regain his libido by butchering and eating several young children to use their flesh to replenish himself.

NOTE: The below writeup was made by Kappaclystica, but the candidate was EP'd by Imperial Majesty XO. If he creates a new writeup, replace this one with his.
  • The Furious Gods by The Monolith Deathcult: Heinrich Himmler is the Reichsführer-SS of Nazi Germany. His interests are in the occult and in the genocide of all he considers untermenchen, and gleefully combines these two. Aside from his historical role in The Holocaust, he also seeks to use black magic to turn his Waffen-SS into Doom Troops and Super Soldiers, and to combine technology and the dark arts to build a bomb even more devastating than nuclear weapons, and is more than willing to use it to exterminate the untermenchen. Obsessed with purity to a terrifying degree, nothing will stop Himmler from pursuing his genocidal campaigns.


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