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  • Tales of Legendia: Vaclav Bolud is the illegitimate third prince of the militaristic Crusand Empire, defined by his ruthless ambitions. Properly ineligible for succeeding the throne due to his lineage, Vaclav leads an independent military unit in the hopes of eventually discovering a means to violently overthrow the Crusand monarchy. Vaclav, discovering the continental Legacy at sea, deciphers the secrets behind the ship's Nerifes Cannon and kickstarts a global search for the fabled Merines to activate its dormant powers. When Vaclav's child protege Senel Coolidge finds the Merines and abandons him out of love for the Ferines people, Vaclav years later discovers Senel's location and launches a genocidal campaign against the Ferines. Although Vaclav fails to capture Senel and the Merines, he succeeds in killing or capturing most of the Ferines. Seeking an alternative to the runaway Merines, Vaclav began horrific human experiments to produce an artificial Merines, indiscriminately murdering hundreds. Though Vaclav is ultimately defeated, his actions cast a shadow over the story, with the surviving Ferines being consumed by hatred and the god Schwartz taking their despair as a yearning for the end of the world.
  • Jack Ryan films: In different universes, the famed CIA analyst has dealt with some harsh enemies:
    • Clear and Present Danger:
      • Colonel Félix Cortez is the duplicitous Intelligence Officer for Colombian drug lord Ernesto Escobedo. When Ernesto’s actions cause the US to uncover a money laundering operation and send several FBI and CIA agents to Colombia, Felix organizes an ambush of the agents, leading to several deaths while Felix also murders the FBI secretary he seduced to get information. When Felix discovers that American soldiers are secretly sabotaging the cartels, he promises to kill Escobedo and take over the drug trade, reduce the flow of drugs into the US, and allow the Americans to regularly arrest his men in exchange for letting him kill the soldiers. This results in Felix’s men slaughtering the soldiers and capturing two of them.
      • CIA Deputy Director of Operations Robert “Bob” Ritter is the partner of National Security Advisor Admiral James Cutter who helps him run Operation RECIPROCITY. Recruiting John Clark to lead a team of soldiers in sabotaging Colombian drug cartels, resulting in several raids on drug facilities. When one of the attacks results in several innocent women and children being killed, Ritter brushes off Cutter’s moral objections and pushes him to continue the operation. Ritter smugly informs Dr. Jack Ryan that due to Ritter’s manipulations, Jack will receive all of the blame for RECIPROCITY if it’s exposed while he and Cutter get presidential pardons. Later, Ritter and Cutter agree to sell out the soldiers in Colombia to Felix Cortez, leading to most of them being killed. When a livid Clark demands to know what happened to the soldiers, Ritter and Cutter try to trick him into murdering Ryan.
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    • The Sum of All Fears (Continuity Reboot): Neo-Nazi billionaire Richard Dressler wants to create a fascist superstate in Europe. His ruminations on history have led him to the conclusion that Adolf Hitler was a fool for trying to fight Russia and America—it's much better to have them fight and destroy each other. Dressler obtains a nuclear weapon and places it in a football stadium during the Super Bowl, killing countless innocent people. He blames the attack on Russia so the Americans will bring their military to bear and when Russia stands its ground, the two countries are ready to engage in all-out nuclear war on one another thanks to Dressler's framing and stroking of tensions.
  • Pishtaco (2003): The Pishtaco is a mysterious silent murderer that mutilates the bodies of his victims to extract their organs and fat and sell them. Introduced murdering a man returning to home, the Pishtaco reveals the true extension of his brutality when a little girl discovers his lair, where the Pishtaco hangs the bodies of his victims like animals. Discovering the little girl, the Pishtaco proceeds to murder her as well and dissapear the corpse. When the Ronderos in charge of searching the Pishtaco lose their leader, the Pishtaco beheads one of them and leaves his head in middle of the street to shock his friend and murder him, throwing his corpse in the wilderness. Completely victorious at the end, the Pishtaco continues to murder people on the Ayacucho region.
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  • Jak II: Renegade: Baron Praxis is the despotic ruler of Haven City, which he conquered by waging war to overthrow the good-hearted King Damas. Leading his people to poverty and suffering, Praxis's rule is so barbaric that even his own daughter attempts to betray him, which leads to him threatening to have her killed. Kidnapping civilians as part of his "Dark Warrior Program", Praxis has them infected with Dark Eco, creating mentally unstable Super Soldiers for his army. Ostensibly enacting his cruel ruling policies to keep his Haven City able to combat the Metal Heads, Praxis is actually supplying his "enemy" with Dark Eco to keep the war going and himself in power.
  • Nora's Life: General Hayden White is the abusive general of the kingdom of Atlas. White shows how vile he is when he refuses to evacuate villages from a Grimm, all for the sake of his ego. White is also a Serial Rapist who regularly rapes the women in the villages he was supposed to protect and kills them afterwards. White attempted to do the same to Nora's mother and force Nora to watch out of pure sadism. When they escape, White allows Nora's village to be destroyed to cover up his crimes and murders any of his men that get in his way. When confronted by Nora, he admits that he doesn't even remember what happened.


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