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  • Batman trilogy (Del Rey Books):
    • Dead White, by John Shirley: White Eyes, also known as "Big White", real name Hiram Bunch, is the absolute leader of the supremacist Bavarian Brotherhood in Gotham. A steroid-abusing brute of a man who fancies himself the avenger of Adolf Hitler, White Eyes proceeds a wave of crime violence, arms dealings, and murders through Gotham to unsettle the nation before unveiling his real goal: destroying key points all over America to throw the country into chaos and allow him to take over as supreme dictator, before spreading out to the rest of the world with the intention of erasing all of the "mud-races" from the planet. In preparation for this, White Eyes keeps a gallery of enslaved minorities and forces them into grueling and inevitably fatal work for months at a time in an abandoned gold mine; executes his own minions for reasons as varied as simple failure to simply use them as test subjects for his weapons; and kidnaps a young woman named Beth, intending to use her as "breeding stock" and attempting to rape her out of frustration once his base is infiltrated by Batman. Once his plan is toppled, White Eyes simply elects to abandon the rest of his men and blow up the capitol himself, murdering his most trusted henchman once he refuses to abandon the others and taking an entire family hostage to deter Batman from pursuing him.
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    • Inferno, by Alex Irvine:
      • "Enfer" is a disgraced, pyromaniacal firefighter who attempts to take out his narcissistic frustrations on the city of Gotham as a whole. Enfer sets fires to blaze through Gotham in a serial arsonist spree that claims hundreds, luring firefighters into buildings solely to burn them alive and torching Arkham Asylum itself to unleash the Joker upon Gotham. Frustrated that the Joker is sucking up attention for his actions, Enfer firebombs four novelty shops around the city with many more perishing in the blazes, eventually revealing his master plan to let a storm of mechanical robots called Krawlors descend on Gotham and burn it all to ashes in spiteful revenge.
      • The Joker himself gets busy to a new crime spree the instant he's free from Asylum, previously guilty of having starved over forty people to death after experimenting on them with Joker juice and establishing himself again by raiding the Batcave and leaving Alfred in a rigged Death Trap for Batman to find. Dressing up as Batman, the Joker goes for a “joy ride” while running down people in the Batmobile; sets up an ambush whereupon he has almost every officer on the scene killed for a giggle; kills and poses the bodies of five goons harassing a waitress, before driving the woman to broken catatonia for a giggle anyways; and attempts to toss a young child off a building in front of Batman. Even casually shrugging off the unintentional massacre of an entire family by one of his goons who mistakes his order, Joker ultimately attempts to hijack the late Enfer's scheme by instead employing the Krawlors to gas all of Gotham with his Joker venom.
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    • Fear Itself (Overlord)
  • Hellboy novels:
    • On Earth as it is in Hell, by Brian Hodge:
      • Moloch (Scraggle)
      • Matthias Herzog is a wicked occultist and the leader of Der Horn Ordern. Allying himself with the demon Moloch in exchange for immortality and power, Herzog erects a murderous cult of Moloch devotees and revives Moloch's old ways. Fathering many children himself on women desperate for money, Herzog has them sell the babies to his cult under false pretense, sacrificing them to Moloch by burning them alive. After many of these sacrifices, Herzog attempts to sell the world out to Moloch, knowing full well what his master intends on torturing and slaughtering countless innocents all for the sake of his own selfishness.
    • The Ice Wolves, by Mark Chadbourn: Carnifex, the king of the wolves, is a dark spirit sleeping within human skin. As the moon of the wolves draws close, Carnifex awakens his werewolves throughout the world, slaughtering many humans throughout. Carnifex decides to hunt the Heart of Winter and Kiss of Winter to blot out the Sun and blanket the world in Endless Winter to fully awaken hundreds of werewolves and sweep through the world to devour humans in untold of numbers, reducing Earth to a frozen paradise for the beasts eternally.