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  • Broken Moon series:
    • Broken Moon, by Steve Niles, Nat Jones, et al.: Nosferatu, the lord of the vampires that have dominated most of the Earth after the apocalypse resulted in monsters overrunning the world, sets up a cruel, dystopian city where humans have been forced into slavery by his kind, either into forced breeding to produce food for the vampires or into hellish factories with giant death tolls that do nothing but blot out the sun. Unsatisfied with oppressing humanity, and executing even his own vampire minions if they question him, Nosferatu opts to have a pipe built into the ocean so he can poison it and subsequently destroy the atmosphere, turning the entire planet into a polluted hellscape to wipe out every other species from the planet.
    • Legends of the Deep, by Philip Kim, Nat Jones, Ben Meares, et al.: Lorren (Scraggle)
  • The Third Testament, by Alex Alice & Xavier Dorison:
    • Duke Sayn is the 13 centuries old Evil Twin of Jesus Christ himself. Loathing human existence and seeing it as pointless, Sayn seeks to cause the apocalypse to consume mankind by having the last descendant of the Apostles, Conrad of Marburg, open the Third Testament. To do this, he frames Marburg for heresy, has his wife murdered and later has a group of monks massacred for uncovering directions to the Third Testament, crucifying the father of heroine Elisabeth so she will seek out Marburg. Sayn shows no compunction in brutal torture or murder, killing many innocents including the wife and young children of Conrad's friend when the Templars take hostage to force him to help imprison Conrad. Sayn has Conrad freed to seek how the Third Testament, intending on bringing the world to annihilation and restore himself as he feels he deserves.
    • Uther the Purple (Scraggle)
  • Quantum Leap: Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci have faced various evil people throughout the show but these are the worst:
    • Boss Cooley, from season 4's "Unchained", runs Talawaga prison in the cruelest ways. Keeping the prisoners in subhuman conditions, with beatings and forced labor on the chain gang, Cooley punishes any who resist in the sweltering Punishment Pit, with the option of murdering any who still trouble him. When Sam, in the body of a prisoner named Cole, and his friend, wrongfully accused prisoner Jazz, draw Cooley's ire, it is revealed Cooley is involved in a string of robberies that Jazz is accused for. Cooley murders the robber to cover his tracks and then reveals he regularly hosts "cock fights" where prisoners are forced to fight for the death. When Sam and Jazz survive this, Cooley intends to hunt them down and kill them himself.
    • Leon Randolph Stiles (Scraggle)
    • Zoey (Scraggle)
  • Battle Realms
    • Zymeth is the leader of the Lotus clan and a power hungry wizard. Relying on all the dirtiest tricks in the book, Zymeth rose in power in his political career through lies, cheats, and murder. Eventually receiving recognition from the tyrannical Lord Oja, Zymeth tried to single-handily eliminate him and his clan by tricking all of them into entering ships which would drain the life of everyone inhabiting them. When his deception was found out, this plunge a war between Oja's Serpent Clan and Zymeth's Lotus Clan. This caused a chain of events which lead to the Wolf and Dragon Clan rising up and joining this raging conflict that results into countless deaths. WhenKenji was able to conquer majority of the land and was about to crush Zymeth's Lotus Clam, Zymeth then made a deal with the ancient evil Nightvol for the Serpent's Orb to gain tremendous power. In battle, Zymeth cares very little of his comrades as his powers can decimate anyone in his way,including any nearby allies. To him, anyone is expendable as long as he get what he wants, which is to be the one with the most power in all the land.
    • Provincial Lord Budo has garnered the reputation among the bandit filled and bloodthirsty Serpent Clan as one of the most evil figures in the group. Having always have the highest harvest among the provincial lord, Budo's method to get all of this were so inhumane that even the leaders of the Serpent Clan find him despicable. Using his henchmen and his whip to keep his slaves in check, he doesn't hesitate to execute anyone for the smallest mistake, such as not having enough rice for the quota, or even wiping off sweat on the brow. Due to his fearful tactics, Budo was place to be in-charge of the mining industry where he treated all of his workers like animals. His actions were so bad that it drove Grayback to form a rebellion and create the Wolf Clan in order to free his people. Even when recruited back to the Serpent Clan by Kenji in the campaign, Budo only does it for women and the fame. His main play style as a hero class is to increase the productivity of resources using his whip to harm the villagers and it's recommended to let them die since they can easily be replace. There's a good reason why Budo is considered the most heinous among the already tyrannical Serpent Clan.
  • Killpoint: Nighthawk is an unfeeling and greedy Psycho for Hire working for Joe Marks. Introduced killing a guard and stealing weapons, Nighthawk proceeds to commit two massacres in one single night, with children involved. Confessing to have killed a girl that was affiliated with Joe, Nighthawk murders the man's wife. Giving guns to a group of criminals, Nighthawk was responsible for a third massacre at a liquor store and the death of FBI Agent Bill Bryant. Shortly after betraying Joe, Nighthawk slashes his throat with a switchblade while telling him to not leave blood stains on his car.
  • Kamen Rider Hibiki: Hitotsumi/Kamen Rider Imitation Kabuki from The Seven Senki and its alternate telling Seven Ogres, is an assassin who specializes in killing Oni. Under the guise of an innocent-looking teenager, Hitotsumi is introduced while hunting for Oni in Osaka and begins working for a Douji and Hime, happily commenting on how he will fill himself with Oni blood. Scheming with Kabuki to make the Oni kill each other, Hitotsumi devours him alive when he stops him from eating a boy and uses his illusionary abilities to torment the Oni. Disguised as Kabuki, Hitotsumi would later return to exact revenge on the Oni before his death.
  • The Item: Alex is a ruthless gang leader who becomes the owner of the titular Item after having killed its former guardians. Showing psychopathic tendencies since he was a little boy, Alex murders his girlfriend's friends and his partner so he could steal his money. Tired of his actions, his other partner, Martin, holds him at gunpoint and Alex orders him to kill his own girlfriend Rita for trying to defend her friend from him. After having insulted Rita's paintings and sculptures, Alex tries to kill his only surviving partner Lauren.