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Jan 12th 2021 at 10:05:09 PM

[up] Actually, Wild Mass Guessing was brought up in the Real Life thread, and the vote was to keep real life examples. With that precedent established, I think we can keep "meta" examples for this trope.

Complete Monster quotes cleanup
SomeLibre the eye holds me hostage from Jakarta to Tropesburg
the eye holds me hostage
Jan 12th 2021 at 11:28:21 PM

So WMG.Life Of Boris is okay to keep? It's only entries are people trying to find out where Boris actually lives.

It'll be ready, when it's ready!
Mar 30th 2021 at 9:04:08 AM

This is from Cool Cat Saves the Kids:

This was done as a joke.
Why else would this trash exist!?

I'm all but certain this is not allowed, regardless of the work's quality, or the controversy surrounding it.

themayorofsimpleton Loves things that are cute from Inside a dumpster
Loves things that are cute
Mar 30th 2021 at 9:04:45 AM

[up] All complaining, slice away.

Mainly I clean out complaining on this wiki, and I operate three active threads (and one inactive one) as well.
Unicorndance Logic Girl from Thames, N.Z. Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Logic Girl
Mar 30th 2021 at 5:22:23 PM

On WMG.Star Trek Voyager, there is this:

Seven's Gag Boobs were given to her by the Doctor
From "The Gift", we see that the Doctor was responsible for both Seven's Spy Catsuit and her hair growth. Her... Borg Spheres go unexplained, but it's fairly obvious that she didn't have them as a drone.

Cab I cut it? I want to!

For every low there is a high.
themayorofsimpleton Loves things that are cute from Inside a dumpster
Loves things that are cute
Mar 30th 2021 at 5:53:35 PM

[up] Torch it, it's both creepy and disgusting.

Mainly I clean out complaining on this wiki, and I operate three active threads (and one inactive one) as well.
Mar 31st 2021 at 6:41:40 PM

From Clarence:

Whole show is actually, What if Sonichu being success... I meant What if Chirs-Chan was Successful
Whole show is actually based on Sonichu's Creator 'CWC' and most of adventures were could been if his super ego and his autism souldn't ruined his life.

Clarence's Step-dad (Chad) - He is loosey based on Chirs-Chan and he have most simliar name.

  • Clarence - Look facially and almost Physically (Look at Clarence face compared to Chirs-Chan or one his "Parodies" Sammy) mostly uncanny to Chris-Chan and It's personality is somewhat simliar to Chirs-Chan's attention wore and still manchild like Chirs-Chan in real life, And also explains some episodes that he mentally high function Austistic-like "creative thinking".
  • Clarence Mom - She acutally based Chirs-chan's majority of previously "Girlfriends".
  • Jeff - Is actually Chris-Chan OCD, Obsessed on Sonic and other Manchild stuff like that Dream episode that Jeff have problems to be with Mentally stable students.
  • Sumo - Chirs-Chan last remains of Chirs-Chan's sanity that he what could been.
  • Belson Noles - Is mostly based that Chirs-Chan thinking of Wes Iseli (His "enemy"), See him as Bully.
The Location of Aberdale Is acutally not based from Scottdale put some elements from Chirs-chan's hometown at West Virgina, And pretend that take blame the other town's kids for "Ruining" his life.

I...have no words for this.

Edited by Shadow8411 on Mar 31st 2021 at 6:43:13 AM

AdeptGaderius from The Backrooms Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Mar 31st 2021 at 7:26:21 PM

[up] Zap the entire entry.

Visit the Adept Gaderius
KingOfStickers Mothersratcher from Lair of the Rascally Rockoon Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
Mar 31st 2021 at 8:37:23 PM

Codename: Kids Next Door

Numbuh 1 goes out with Lizzy because her bossiness fuels a secret desire of his to be controlled and dominated that he's still to young to understand
Numbuh 1 spends all his time ordering his team around and telling them what to do he always has to be on top of things (plus his parents don't exactly do to much to control him) so maybe in a sort of twisted way having someone else boss him around has become a fantasy and eventually a fetish that his prepubescent mind isn't capable of understanding and so caused him to seek out the most bossy girl he could find, there's also his supposed crush on Numbuh 362 she's certainly does spend a lot of time yelling at him... besides all that what else could he possibly see in Lizzy?

This one feels out of place and needless to say, compared to the rest, is strange. Also that uhh... Comment about Lizzy. I'm not sure if it's meant to sound what it looks like of if the wording is just horribly, horribly wrong (and in both ways it is still disturbing). Either way I think it should be cut.

Not entirely sure about the Fridge Brilliance entry, though. Might be worth moving into the YMMV tab and changing the context of it to be less NSFW.

Edited by KingOfStickers on Mar 31st 2021 at 4:44:15 PM

"Don't mistake inspiration for suggestion." ~Savant
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