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Hello all, I am themayorofsimpleton. I have been using TV Tropes for years (mainly starting around 2014, though I'd used the site a lot prior), but I only created my account in late 2019 and started really editing and getting active around late 2020. I come from downstate New York. I am the OP of several cleanup threads, including the cleanup thread for the three "Killer" tropes (Franchise Killer, Creator Killer, and Genre-Killer) and the cleanup thread for removing unnecessary references to reviewers on wiki entries. I am also the creator of both the Works That Require Cleanup of Complaining sandbox, and the TRS Queue. You'll mainly find me in TRS, the Projects threads, Trope and Wiki Talk, Yack Fest, and occasionally Image Pickin'.

I actually don't consume a lot of media outside of music, which is most of what I consume. I like a lot of different kinds of bands and genres, particularly Hip-Hop, Electronic Music, and some rock music (mainly Alternative and Indie). I often go through different phases—at one point I was listening to a lot of Alternative Rock and New Wave from The '80s in particular (I particularly like R.E.M. and The Smiths), at another I really got into Acid Jazz, and at one point I got into Mac DeMarco as well. I go all over the place. My favorite album, for reference, is Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

I used to play a lot of video games, but I haven't in recent years due to lack of motivation and persistent computer issues. Still, my favorite game is Super Mario 64. (I also used to play a lot of Pokémon, hence some of my profile pictures.) I'll probably get back into games someday when I get a more stable PC—PC games are mainly my thing, both new and old.

I also watch a lot of channels on YouTube, ranging from reviewers and video essayists to people who just play games to animators to some meme channels. My favorite YouTuber on the whole site is ContraPoints.

Other than that, I'm a big fan of The Simpsons (mainly the older seasons) and adult animation in general, and I'm slowly getting into other kinds of media. And of course, I've always loved Disney and Pixar moviesnote . I'm politically left-wing (I lean socialist and was/am a Bernie supporter) and religiously, I am a Lutheran Christian (who leans agnostic—it's complicated). I'm mainly active on the forums (specifically the left-side, sometimes some Yack Fest threads, and occasionally the RIP thread in On-Topic), but I occasionally edit the wiki as well. And I really like cute things. (Although not sickeningly cute things.) Especially my cats.

Thanks for visiting my troper page. Oh, and the origin of my username.

Tropes I have taken to TRS:

Now located on my Sandbox page.

Videos I Have Uploaded