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I don't do much else here than clean up and participating in discussions. I might start to do more things when I get to know the full policies here, but that might take some time.

As for me personally, I am just a bi/lesbian/I-dunno girl who likes to collect various stuff and has obsessive tendencies. I tend to have periods where I get really into one or two things, but then it calms down and I get into something else. I can be something of a shipper so watch out for that.


Languages:Norwegian (native), English (native-esque), French (newbie), Swedish(Can read, not good at writing it)

I am currently in the mood for getting MLP-related avatars (avatars depicting shipping and MLPEG or both are okay as long as they are safe for work. I don't want Pony Life avatars since I am planning to watch it). Feel free to PM me just to chat or if you need ideas for something.

Deviant Art: Delibirda


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