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YMMV / Transformers: The Game (DS)

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  • Complete Monster: Megatron lacks his film counterpart's nobler traits and replaces it with raw brutality. Having plunged Cybertron into civil war after killing his own father, Megatron tore out Bumblebee's vocal processor when he launched the Allspark into space. He followed the Allspark to Earth, but wound up frozen in the Arctic Circle. After being thawed out by his followers, Megatron's murderous rage was only tempered when they planned to blow up Hoover Dam and drown thousands of people. In Autobots, Megatron used the Allspark to terrorize the city of Tranquility and mortally wounded Create-A-Bot while trying to kill his own brother, Optimus Prime. In Decepticons, he tracked down and murdered Jazz after he foiled his plot to destroy Hoover Dam. After terrorizing Tranquility, Megatron killed Optimus and hunted down his traitorous lieutenant Starscream. Create-A-Bot was gravely wounded after helping him defeat Starscream, and Megatron chose to kill him rather than waste resources trying to repair him. Megatron showed no remorse for the Decepticons who gave their lives for him and believed that the weak were only meant to serve the strong.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Barricade really cemented his status in these games. His character is expanded considerably and he plays the role of a Sensei for Scoundrels in the Decepticon Campaign. Keith David gives an excellent performance in the role.
    • Ironhide was already well-liked in the movies by fans, but his characterization here combined with a voice embodying Cool Old Guy made him something of a fan favorite.
    • This version of Starscream is something of one for being a far bigger badass than his movie or cartoon versions, as he can compete with Megatron both physically and in his gambits, something only one other version of Starscream ever was able to do. Starscream is a frightening antagonist in this game, which is something that many find refreshing when some of the most competent versions of Starscream are still Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains.
  • Evil Is Cool: Every one of the Decepticons, save perhaps Create-A-Con, is this. Barricade is by far the most popular, but Megatron, Starscream, Brawl, and Blackout all have this going for them.
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  • First Installment Wins: The games are considerably better than the future movie tie ins. Future games dropped the sandbox, restricted the characters, and the plots took less risks than in here.
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: Easily considered the best of the movie tie-in games for the first film. The graphics may not be much to look at, but it's got a surprisingly dark and compelling plot, a fun sandbox, great voice acting, and a lot of playability.
  • That One Level: Starscream has only a single level in the Decepticon Campaign but it is one of the hardest. First you have to pursue Bumblebee in jet mode, keeping up with him and using your boost judiciously because if he get's far enough ahead, it's a game over. Then there's a boss fight with Bumblebee followed immediately by a boss fight with Barricade. Barricade's mine attack can stagger you easily and when he turns into a car you have to get off the ground immediately because him crashing into you really takes health off.
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  • Tough Act to Follow: These games are considered the best of the DS tie-ins, and the tie in games for the next three movies weren't nearly as well received.

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