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  • Americans Hate Tingle: A large majority of downloads come from Japan. In the West? It's a niche title due to heavy criticism of mobile "free-to-play" games.
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The endboss of Chapter 20. You've spent 20 battles fighting enemies that comprise all three physical types. One may expect the boss to be a major figure, but it's simply another faceless mech that fires Beam Spam in a very predictable pattern and occasionally shakes around your units for no damage. You need to try for it to actually lose against it.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The "Bean" series of monsters found from Chapter 21 onwards, which throw elemental hazards all over the place as soon as they appear. Said hazards do an extreme, often-lethal amount of damage to any hapless units that land on them, unless that particular unit has buffed-up resistance to that element (such as through Capsules or Shield skills) or the trap-disarming item is used before starting the quest. While moving a unit across one of these hazards is one way of suffering from them, some enemies have skills that induce Knockback that can push your units into the hazards, including the Beans themselves. It is possible to lose an entire team in one battle if you don't prioritize taking out the Bean first.
    • Metal Mirrors in Metal Zone 6. Whenever it receives any kind of magic damage, it will activate "Retaliate", which deals MASSIVE amount of damage to 3 columns around him. It wouldn't be so bad, if it didn't spawn in the Peninsula of Power Leveling area, where you want to have as wide attack coverage as possible to kill the enemies before they escape. Its tendency to spawn near clusters of enemies is annoying too, as you can't use area magic or you risk activating Retaliate. They can be disabled with the Gravity status...which only two characters have.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The four SS mages (Lewto, Piz'fer, Jennish, and Zerro), who are Moveset Clone of each other, only different in which element they use. For one, they have very high magic stat, and skills that can cover half the battlefield, making them walking nukes. Not only that, they also learn protection from their opposite elements, self-regen, self-heal skills, and the ability to revive once per fight when killed, reducing their Squishy Wizard status. Then you unlock their Lambda version, which has even higher stats, and has skills which cover more area...
    • Koko and Samatha are pretty strong in their normal forms, but their Lambda versions are just one step behind the four mages above in game-breakingness. Not only they get "Element & Weapon" skills, which have the highest damage multipliers of all skills, they also have Control Time +4 so players have all the time to position their units. And they have Hypermetabolic Magic passive skill, which under the right condition can double their Magic stat in one turn.
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    • Gegonago Lambda may not have any damage potential, but he's regarded as the god of utility. It's all because of his unique skill, Stealth, which allows him to move past enemies and obstacles. The game-breaking part is that he can move other units through obstacles as well, making otherwise impossible pincers. Furthermore, he has a spell that casts Control Time +3 to all allies. With him around, you can take your sweet time moving around, and still have perfect pincers every turn.
    • Tap skills, introduced in Version 4.0.0. Unlike other skills, they need to be activated manually, but only 3 times for one battle. The buffs they give is tremendous, however. Activating all three at once will nearly double your stats.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Runners in Metal Zone. While every enemy in the Metal Zone qualifies as a Metal Slime, Runners are worse because they will actively try to avoid your pincers while you're moving your units. If you don't have a character that can inflict whatever status ailments are weak to, or a character that can hit enemies that are not in a pincer, Runners effectively become the game's way of trolling you out of your EXP. It can happen that at least half of the enemies in a given run are Runners, therefore wasting your Stamina and making you feel like your efforts are for nothing.
    • The mook Yin from the Jade Dragon event. In this event, all enemies absorb Lightning element and weak to Darkness. All except Yin, which does the opposite. Accidentally healing Yin while killing other enemies is a pretty often occurence.
    • Florapedes. They don't actually do any damage but have an attack where they reduce your Attack power to single digits making it difficult for you to kill anything. Worst part is, they use a cross pattern meaning four characters could get afflicted in one move.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Luck system, which gives you additional loot depending on the party's average luck stat. The problem is that this system is introduced a whopping two years into the game, so veterans and newbies alike have to start from zero Luck. Also the Luck stat is difficult to grind, since it increases randomly after each battle. Even worse, the really good luck drops need a team with perfect Luck, as low luck only gives you common items. They also introduced a new Pact whose only purpose is to increase characters' luck, thus making players accusing the system as nothing but cash-grabs.
  • That One Attack: Marilith's Plague skill in Chapter 28-6. It hits all of your squad members with three debilitating status ailments: Sleepnote , Confusionnote , and Poisonnote . If you had the foresight and willingness to deal with Palpa's Tier-Induced Scrappy status, you probably leveled her three jobs so she learns the relevant status-curing spells, though even then she has no skills to protect herself passively. Beyond that, if you haven't been getting good status-healing characters, the battle can easily lose itself.
  • That One Boss:
    • Leonidas from "Lucia the Explorer Event". He has an array of devastating Fire attacks that covers a large area. He has a predictable pattern, but the large area he covers make it hard to escape all his attacks. And if you do, he has respawning minions which can attack you with fire magic which is just as strong and can knock you around into Leonidas' attack area. His other minion boosts his defense and magic defense by 20 times if it stands next to him, making him practically invincible. If you manage to knock him to low enough health, he Turns Red and uses even stronger attacks that cover more area. Yeah, despite the recommended level being 45, he can easily slaughter an unprepared level 60-70 teams.
    • Storm Witch from the same event. She isn't as dangerous as Leonidas, but the gimmick of her fight is incredibly annoying. At the start of the fight, she casts Nullify Healing on all your party, which disables any casting of healing skills. The only way to heal is to pincer attack the Healer Orbling minion every turn. If you don't pincer it, it will heal the Storm Witch and her minions instead for a massive amount. In addition, the Healer Orbling loves to run away everywhere, including corners where it can't be pincered. The minions aren't as dangerous as Leonidas', but they're incredibly tough to kill, and can easily overwhelm you if you let enough of them spawn.
  • That One Level:
    • Chapter 18, especially 18-5. The stages are filled with high-damaging spikes, enemies that can produce spikes, and enemies that can knock you into the spikes. Without Levitation, you will have one hell of a time trying to clear the stages.
    • Metal Zone 6 (the Metal Zone for characters up to level 69) is surprisingly tough. Whereas the five Metal Zones are pretty straightforward grinding zones, Metal Zone 6 not only has enemies that do surprising amounts of damage to characters in the 60's, but also introduces the Metal Mirror, which will respond to attacks with a dangerous 3-column Retaliate skill, potentially pulling the plug on your EXP-grinding efforts.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Jaguna has rather lackluster artworks with silly fanservice at job 3 and the reputation for being the worst character in the game, thanks to her bad stats and skills, unfocused direction and her third job being a mage without attack magic and only lackluster healing. And she for some reason needs the (much more valuable) human job items despite being a beastfolk. She's generally considered a waste of time and warrants a restart when pulled early.
      • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: With the introduction of Jaguna Lambda, this seems to be the case. Jaguna Lambda actually has decent Stats and useful skills, making her much, much more useful and worth using. She also gets a redesign, which retains the fanservice but without the derpy face. Regular Jaguna is still crap, but at least there's a reason to use her.
    • Palpa is probably the second worst character just behind Jaguna. Half of her skillset is filled with ailments-curing spell. The problem? The last skill she learns is Panacea, which cures all ailments, making nearly all her other skills redundant. To make matters worse, all her cure spells only have Area(2) target, while other Remedy characters have cure spells that affect all allies. And unlike those characters, Palpa doesn't get any immunity to ailments herself. Considering all but two ailments completely stop you from acting, she is nearly useless even against ailments-using enemies. At least she's given to you for free by the story, so you don't need to spend valuable Energy to get her. Also, unlike Jaguna, her Lambda form doesn't save her. Palpa^ is only good for her Tap skill, and other characters with that skill easily outclasses.
    • Gaiga is considered the worst SS Rank character. She only has 3 damage skills among all her 12 skills. Among her other skills are protecting allies from Lightning attacks (which needs her standing right next to them) and granting immunity to instant death (useful for exactly one boss battle). Oh, and her ultimate skill is Death. Being an SS, she's still stronger than some others, but considering she's on the same rank as powerhouses like Samatha and Gugba, Gaiga is very underwhelming.
    • Y'apkar is beloved by the fans due to his great artwork, and that his backstory reveals he is a hardworker despite being talentless in magic. Unfortunately, he is a perfect example of a Master of None. His magic is weak (he's the only mage character without any area of effect) and his unique healing skills are still weaker than a basic, regular heal.
    • Burbaba. His skillset is full of counterattacks when he's pincered. Problem is, you can't predict enemy pincers, and some enemies don't even use pincers to attack, so counterattacks are almost worthless.

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