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  • Archive Binge: As of now, he has over 450 videos in his main channel alone. His alternate channel has 226 videos provided if he does not post videos on there like he said in appropriately named video 'No Videos On This Channel?'. Then there is his Twitch channel. Then there is his countless shenanigans with Jerma on Jerma 985's channel...
  • Crazy Awesome: Half the humor of his videos stem from STAR_ and his actions being absolutely nuts.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: The "Jerma Is Mad" videos are a mild example. STAR_ trolling Jerma is somewhat funny. Jerma devolving into over the top insanity is endlessly funny.
  • Die for Our Ship: Played for Laughs by the fandom in regards to ashlelang, STAR_'s wife. In the video "The Three Triners", which featured STAR_, Jerma and ashlelang, the majority of the comments compliment STAR_ on having a good time with his wife... and some girl.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jerma985, mainly due to his fantastic chemistry with STAR_, great sense of humor, and fun personality. STAR_ himself is impressed by his ability to pull great humor from mundane things.
    • Ma3laa, a professional TF2 player who defies stereotypes by being laid-back and fun loving. To wit, when he ended up getting super pissed at STAR_ and Jerma during "The Diable 3 Incident" for being annoying, almost everybody took his side on the matter.
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  • Fountain of Memes: Due to his all around silliness, STAR_ is easily one of the most quotable people alive, at least within the Team Fortress community.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The "jerma is dead to me" joke became this after Star admitted on a stream they aren't friends anymore. Though, as of this video, that may not be the case.
    • Confirmed on his stream where he gave backstory confirming it was all setup for the video above.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • STAR_ was very supportive of the Pomson 6000 when it first debuted, despite admitting it was somewhat overpowered. He ended up later gaining a worse opinion of it (partly because the Pomson was nerfed) using it again when illustrating his least favorite loadout (Pomson, Gunslinger, and Wrangler).
    • In this video, made in 2011, STAR_ rants about how horrified he is by Sweet Genius. Three years later he made a Basically video of it.
    • After 17 minutes of struggling in "TF2 Worst Loadout Challenge", STAR_ claims he's not good at rocket jumping. As of 2015, he became one of the most well-known TF2 rocket jumpers, with tens of thousands of kills on his Strange Market Gardener.
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    • In "Moron Medic", Jerma makes STAR_ say all sorts of complicated things in order to activate his Kritzkrieg. Several months later in "Ask Nicely For Kritz", Jerma is begging STAR_ to just ask for Kritz normally.
    • In the 'New Pyro Update' April Fools video, STAR_ shows off two (fake) new weapons for the Pyro. One of these, the 'Exorcisers Exhaust', was an axe which allowed the Pyro to run faster when holding it, but also made him take more damage as a tradeoff. A little over a year later the Powerjack was modified to do pretty much the same thing.
  • Ho Yay: Jerma and STAR_ are often jokingly shipped as a couple by fans, especially thanks to their bickering. It came to a surprise as many thus when it turned out STAR_ has a girlfriend, and mass panic when STAR_ jokingly claim "Jerma is dead to me" in the description for "Taunt Kill Bullies". Some have even taken to posting Jerma/STAR_ fanfiction in the YouTube comments. All in all, Jerma/STAR tends to be the Fan-Preferred Couple of the TF community.
  • Memetic Badass: Of the Memetically Spooky sort, Chef Ron Ben-Israel is the scariest man/creature in television.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • STAR_'s weakness to mini-sentries.
    • Y'know, don't... say... sw-swears...
    • "Watamigonnaget" when unboxing a crate.
    • "Jerma versus STAR! Jerma versus STAR! Everybody wants to see this happen!"
    • From Diaper Teleporter: Saying "Like a Diaper" after sentences like "It'll come when you least expect it" or "This tank has gone way past its expiration date."
    • If the video contains either Jerma or STAR_ angrily ranting, expect to see comments dubbed it "Jerma/STAR_ is mad part X".
    • Jerma/STAR_ fanfiction, as seen in Ho Yay.
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • STAR_ himself likes to invoke it by way of serial pan usage. Doesn't help that it crits at alarmingly high rates, due to him often playing in random crit servers.
    • My goodness, the Kingdoms Rise menu. Every single button sounds either like a tuning fork shoved into your ear or a hammer bashing a metal plate. Loudly. At least the rest of the game is loud in a different, better way.
    • Some of STAR_'s custom hitsounds, which he changes seemingly every week. Often times even he can't predict what it's going to sound like.
  • Signature Scene: "Jerma is Mad pt.2", particularly the first 30 seconds, was more or less what put both STAR_ and Jerma on the map, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a TF2 fan who can't quote the best lines.
  • Stop Having Fun, Guys: Completely inverted. Despite his talent, STAR_ is a very silly gamer, often using goofy weapons or deliberately stupid tactics just because he feels like it. But when he enters "try-hard mode", he's scary.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: There has been a lot of backlash since STAR_ decided to abandon TF2 in exchange for Overwatch. While people understand him not wanting to play it all of the time, the fact that he has apparently quit playing TF2 ever again is disappointing to many of his fans.
  • What an Idiot!: Despite being an incredibly skilled player, even STAR_ has his moments of idiocy. Unintentional idiocy, that is.
    • In one round of the first match against Team Yogscast, STAR_, as a Persian Persuader Demoknight, had low health and was the sole remaining team member against four opponents. After making a search for health packs, finding none, he futilely charged at Team Yogscast, getting mowed down in the process. Plenty of commentators pointed out that, since he was using the Persian Persuader, he could have picked up the ammo packs strewn around as health. He might not have been able to kill all of Team Yogscast even then, but he possibly would have been able to take someone with him.
    • In "Ask Nicely For Kritz" he neglects collecting ammo and subsequently finds himself against a Sentry... with only 4 rockets left. The next round he makes sure to keep plenty of ammo.
    • While STAR_'s weakness to mini sentries has usually been Played for Laughs, "How to Sawmill Rollout" and "Sock'em Bopper Hevies" both show him getting killed by them even though it was in his power to destroy them, and he was aware of them. In the former, he enters the building that the control point is in and doesn't pull out his rocket launcher to deal with a mini sentry as it was momentarily distracted by a friendly Scout, and then gets killed by a mini seconds after it was deployed because he was more concerned about the Engineer that put it down. In the latter, since he was a Heavy, it would've been a cinch to gun down the mini sentry before he decided to camp at the enemy teleporters.
  • Win Back the Crowd: There was a period in 2017 where STAR_ became much grouchier, with detractors pointing to an incident on his stream where he insulted a donator for a very prolonged period, and another where he went nuts over somebody simply mentioning him in a Team Fortress 2 video. Coupled with confirming the end of his friendship with Jerma and a video where he called out a bunch of crude commentors without acknowledging his own poor behavior, and he ended up on the bad side of quite a few people. After this, however, he took the video down, he got back to editing his own videos, and while the decision to disable the Youtube comments section was controversial, the actual quality of the videos is agreed upon to be similar to his original content. Additionally, Jerma clarified that their relationship didn't end on a sour note (rather, they just drifted apart), putting most fans at ease who thought it ended poorly.

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