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YMMV / JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

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  • Breather Level: Whenever the Painting Gallery ends up as one of the clue objectives. The gallery is so easy that it usually only requires the player to pick a background, copy-and-paste one of the object choices or quickly draw something, and choose one of the background musics. In the end, this task is usually always completed in under 30 seconds.
  • Funny Moments: Most of Polly's joke answers (while disastrous if they were real) are Actually Pretty Funny, things like breakfast cereal being made with frozen fish, da Vinci not being able to make a helicopter because of spaghetti sauce...
    • Ms. Winkle's responses are also quite funny when she states the flat out ridiculous things are correct.
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  • Magnificent Bitch: Polly, for the vast majority of the game, seems to have always thought out in advance how to make things extra challenging for you and Botley, stacking the deck in her favor but not without giving you your best fighting chance. Rarely does she ever seem to lose her cool, even after you've rescued another one of the robots she sent back in time to mess up something's history, and sometimes even compliments you like a Graceful Loser and Worthy Opponent. Of course she could just be so sure of her chances because she was always planning on sending Botley back to the beginning of time to bring her own universe into existence, so she'd win in the end no matter how many times you'd thwarted her. If her father hadn't come back when he did...
  • Moment of Awesome: When Professor Spark appears, he manages to diffuse Polly in under a minute without needing to raise his voice or threaten her. That's a father who commands respect.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Polly crosses it at the end of the game, when she orders Botley to go to the beginning of the universe, effectively meaning she's willing to kill him to win back her test score. Is it any wonder her Laser-Guided Karma follows suit?
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: At times the music sounds oddly similar to Kraftwerk's "Showroom Dummies", particularly in the observatory.
  • That One Level: The biosphere is generally the minigame that makes most players groan in annoyance when they find out there's a clue in it. Not only do you have to deal with stiff and awkward controls, but the minigame takes a ridiculous amount of time to finish and you only get one life before you have to restart the whole thing. Not to mention when you reach a question, you have to listen to Polly make a snarky comment before she actually asks, which is funny at first, but gets grating pretty quickly when she does it every single time. Then there's the fact that the difficulty setting determines how fast your drone flies. Do you take the easier questions at the cost of going very slow, get through the minigame as quickly as possible with harder questions, or go down the middle with average speed and averagely challenging questions?
  • That One Puzzle: While the biosphere is the most hated minigame, the constellation portion of the observatory gets a fair amount of hate as well. You're supposed to use the hint you get from the sentence unscrambling puzzle and match it with the proper constellation. Should be simple, right? Too bad there's a ridiculous amount of constellations to wade through! The way you're supposed to go about it is listen to each description until you find the proper match, but thanks to the sheer excess of them making it a needle in the haystack puzzle, you quickly realize it's better to just keep double-clicking on constellations until you find the right one. It uses up mountain energy, yes, but it's a whole lot more convenient and Botley just flat out gives away the answer if you guess wrong enough times anyway.
    • Early on, the observatory is easily completed, as the first twelve times you play it, each constellation corresponds with the twelve signs of the zodiac, in order - starting with Aries and only moving on to other constellations after Pisces. If you only have to play the observatory game twelve times or less, you don't even need the clue if you know the order of the zodiac.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: The Simon Says door. You play it once at the start of the game to enter Mystery Mountain, and is then completely forgotten about.


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