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Fridge / JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Why doesn't Polly just go back in time and give herself the answers before the quiz rather than going to all the trouble of changing history? Because that would create a Grandfather Paradox. If she gave herself the answers and she passed, she would never have gone back in time to give herself the answers. Or she just didn't think of that.
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  • One of the first robots you save is Cosmo Bot, a Russian robot whom Botley says he didn't get along with until recently. Of course it makes sense, considering the Soviet Union broke up five years before the game was made.
  • Throughout your time-traveling missions, the most visited century is the nineteenth. Nine out of twenty-five of your missions take you to the nineteenth century. The earliest time period you visit is two and a half million years ago (invention of tools) and the most recent is 1946 (invention of scuba gear). The most visited country is France.
  • Botley mentions that the mountain is entirely self-sufficient. So why does Polly go to a school with other people instead of just being homeschooled? Two reasons - first off, it's to give her some socialisation with other kids her age. And the other (and probably main) reason? Because she screws with all the robots.

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