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WMG / JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain

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Polly is acting out to deal with her mother's death.

At least some of the time-traveling robots belong in specific rooms of Mystery Mountain

  • Robot Kitchen:
    • Chef Boy-Robot (explaining why you have to feed Mort; normally, that would be Chef Boy-Robot's job)
    • Verna the Vend-Bot
  • Art Gallery:
    • Pierrot-Bot
  • Jumbo Electro Generator Room:
    • Miss Battery-Bot (explaining why you have to deal with the generator personally)
  • Music Hall:
    • Bongo-Bot
    • Slide, the Heavy Metal Robot
  • Observatory:
    • Cosmo-Bot
    • Booster-Bot (or possibly the Biosphere, where he would be in charge of the Explorers)
  • Robot Maze:
    • Dr. Bug-Bot (since Botley mentioned the Robot Maze is also used for correcting bugs in malfunctioning robots)
    • Roland Road-Bot
    • Hank the Handyman
    • Brunwella the Bombshell

That still leaves fourteen robots unaccounted for, but at least some of them have to be part of the robot chorus in the Music Hall since Botley mentioned "half the members of the chorus are lost in time right now."


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