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YMMV / Inhumans vs. X-Men

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Medusa really didn't want to destroy the mists. However, she also knew that revealing her true feelings in front of the Nuhumans, who wanted to help the mutants, and the X-Men, who were fighting to save their race, would likely result in her being seen as the bad guy. So, she destroyed the mists, not to save mutantkind, but to save face. Her speech while doing so drives this home: How could she NOT know that the mists were deadly to all mutants when Storm informed her of this several months back?
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  • Ass Pull: The very attempt of making this a balanced conflicted feels incredibly forced, as the Inhumans did know that the Terrigen was fatal to the mutants. Beast had been working with them on a solution for months. That they act this surprised now makes no sense. It's even worse when one remembers that previous books established Terrigen was toxic to mutants long before the Terrigen Bomb plot was ever introduced.note 
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Marvel promoting the ResurreXion mini-event before the event even started, which saw the X-Men books get a total revamp and brought the extinction threats to an end. This announcement has been met with much joy from X-Men fans, seeing how the franchise has been dealing with extinction level events and group in-fighting for more than 10 years now since the House of M.
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    • Issue 0 clarifies a problem with the ending of Death of X, that Cyclops' attempt to change the Terrigen Cloud didn't just alter it, it ultimately destroyed it.
    • Attempted but utterly failed by Charles Soule's X-Position. Fan response to Soule's answers to pertinent questions (IE the disconnect between "Cyclops'" actual actions in Death of X and the way he's perceived by people such as Storm who were actually there) has overwhelmingly ranged from disbelief to outright ridicule. In particular, Soule comparing the Terrigen Cloud to a peanut allergy has drawn scathing criticism from readers.
    • At the very least, by the end of the story, Cyclops' name is somewhat cleared and he probably won't be compared to Hitler anymore.
  • Anvilicious: All-New X-Men #18 hammers home the "Cyclops is Hitler" analogy with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. And in fact one panel even has a meme-type image of the elder Cyclops photoshopped with Hitler's face to drive the point home. It's made even worse by the fact that the issue follows the time-displaced teenaged Cyclops' point of view, and he was actually there during Death of X and saw first hand how wrong the comparisons actually are, turning his musings into full-on Wangst.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: Emma Frost post-Face–Heel Turn. Many believe that this is just the culmination of a long line of bad stories for Emma and destroying a perfectly awesome character. However, others believe that Emma was never as reformed as Emma fans have made her out to be and her becoming evil again is something many fans feel that she's always been heading back to.
  • Broken Base: Oh boy, where do we begin?
    • The story in general is seen as a rehash of a previously bad crossover while some see it as an opportunity to fix mistakes.
    • The ever present issue of Inhuman shilling and Mutant maltreatment.
    • Being a hero vs hero crossover had either isolated people or gained their attention, especially since Marvel already had one such event earlier in the year.
    • Did the story fall into Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy? It changes depending on who you ask.
    • Wolverine being perfectly happy to kill or maim Iso and Inferno in issue 2 did not go over well with X-23 fans, considering a major element of her character is not wanting to kill.
  • Designated Hero:
    • The Inhumans. They're supposed to be just as sympathetic as the X-Men, maybe even seen as the more heroic of the two since the X-Men attack first and have Emma Frost on their side but very little good can actually be said about them. Their species isn't at risk if the cloud is destroyed, just their powers which even then has been shown to have other ways to activate them note , they have done practically nothing to help the race they are inadvertently exterminating note  and killed (or at least think they killed) the last person who dared try to remove the cloud.
    • The X-Men, while what's happening is clearly bad for them there's the fact that they didn't share this knowledge with the Inhumans, nor even consider it before attacking,and there's the fact the X-Men put the Royal family in Limbo as a way of "safely" detaining them. Though considering how the Inhumans reacted last time someone meddled with a Terrigen cloud makes it more understandable why the X-Men did not bother sharing this knowledge with the Inhumans
  • Fanon Discontinuity: How a bunch of people felt about Emma's Face–Heel Turn following these events. That the one other instance of Emma wearing the infamous outfit seen at the end of the event was a never-released cover for Secret Empire and that Emma is wearing her white motif outfits post-Secret Empire makes people feel it even falls under Canon Discontinuity.
  • Funny Moments: Issue #1 climaxes with a montage of Emma, Dazzler, Magneto and Jean tearing their way through all the Inhumans major players while Fantomex, badass assassin, gets tasked with giving Lockjaw some medicine to make him sleepy.
    Fantomex: Everything I do for these people...Everything I can do for these people and it's "Oh Fantomex, you go after the dog."
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Peanut allergy. note 
    • "Emma was Right" has been picking up steam since Death of X; The reveal that she was right about the threat of the terrigen mist going fully global, just made it gain even more traction.
    • After Ms. Marvel and the other Nuhumans learned that the X-Men were fighting to prevent the extinction of their species and STILL wonder who the good guys were, many people drew comparisons with this scene.
  • Misaimed Fandom: This seems to be the opinion of both Lemire and Soule regarding those that feel Cyclops and Emma were right, and make it well known by having Cyclops be compared to Hitler post-mortem and Emma go full crazy genocidal after the conflict is pretty much resolved, in order to support their narrative, pretty much in response to the Internet Backdraft over Death of X.
  • Narm: After the nuhumans learn that the mists are going to make the planet toxic to mutantkind, and that the X-Men are fighting to stop that from happening, a horrified Ms. Marvel asks 'Who are the good guys?' When the answer should be pretty obvious, and it comes across as another failed attempt by Marvel to create Gray and Gray Morality.
  • Ron the Death Eater: The Inhumans, many people even on this very wiki will have you believe that the Terrigen was deliberately released by all of the Inhumans, to specifically target mutants when the reality is only Black Bolt released the Terrigen against the wishes of the rest of the royal family, and that was seen as such a terrible thing that the Inhuman throne was taken from him and his marriage to Medusa was annulled, and even then Black Bolt didn't do it out of any malicious intent towards mutants he tried to use it as a weapon against Thanos.
    • The Inhumans again, many depict their side in this story as fighting to exterminate the mutants while ignoring that in the actual story the Inhumans have no idea that the Terrigen will make the world completely uninhabitable for mutants and for the most part are acting in self defense.
    • Except this ignores that the inhumans have been well aware of terrigen's effect on non-inhumans, at the least since post House of M. Any ignorance to the public threat of terrigen is a retcon. Not to mention the actually dubious acts of inhumans, such as setting false flag operations to garner public sympathy using well known militant mutants. Also, Black Bolt lost his marriage and throne but seems none worse for wear running a night club with no further punishments. They may not be actively malicious but at the least the inhumans are being actively irresponsible with regard to how their actions impact non-Inhumans, which isn't really out of character for them.
  • Unfortunate Implications: This editorial raises several.
    • The X-Men have always been a stand-in for minorities, with a strong LGBT Fanbase precisely for this very reason, so the idea that the pacifist solutions for the Terrigen Mist the X-Men get presented is to either take it lying down and die, go away or get "cured" by removing their x-gene is, well... hard to take, to say the least.
    • Another problem mentioned in the same article above is also present. The Inhumans side is not so much fighting for survival as much as it is the preservation of their culture since Terrigen is not the thing that creates the Inhumans but more of a coming of age type ritual. The X-Men meanwhile are fighting in order to not be gassed to death. So to put it in perspective: The homes of long oppressed minorities is overtaken with a foreign population's dangerous substance which kills and sterilizes them; and the foreign population is justified in forcing the minority to either convert, die, or be forced abandon their home because it's the foreign population's culture.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic:
    • As has been the case with the Inhumans for the last few months/years, they come off as far more unsympathetic than the mutants despite the obvious intent of Character Shilling. Ok, so if the Terrigen Cloud is dispersed no new Inhumans will manifest their powers. Still seems like petty problems in comparison to what the mutants are going through.
      • It had previously been revealed in All-New Inhumans that there was another Inhuman settlement on Earth, known as Utolan, which possessed ready access to the more controllable form of Terrigen Mist. This means the destruction of the cloud wouldn't mean the end of all Terrigenesis on the planet, but none of the Inhumans actually acknowledge this, seeing the cloud as the only way to create new Inhumans.
      • Of the Inhumans, the most unintentionally unsympathetic is Medusa, who knew the cloud was toxic to mutants, is more worried about the lack of super-powered Inhumans than the deaths of mutants. Not only that, upon discovery that the toxicity may never have a cure for mutants, Medusa devised battle strategies against mutants instead of even considering the thought of cloud containment.
    • Storm shooting Beast In the Back probably was meant to be a Kick the Dog moment... but he's had it coming for a long time now.
    • O5!Iceman was seen as this by some people. While most agree a teenager falling in love for the first time while coming to grips with their newly discovered sexuality is a very hard thing and would do and say some dumb things, him offering to betray the X-Men for his Inhuman boyfriend note  while also calling Cyclops a monster long after Cyclops' alleged Moral Event Horizon turned out to barely even qualify as rude struck a cord with some people.
    • The X-men, while Earth becoming uninhabitable for mutants is obviously terrible, there is the fact that they didn't share this knowledge with the Inhumans, nor did they even think about it before launching their attack, and it's worse in consideration that the Inhumans ultimately agree that the Terrigen should be destroyed but simply don't get why the X-Men didn't tell them and avoid fighting all together. That said, the book does show why Mutants would not tell the Inhumans, dating back to the events of Death of X.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Winning back the X-Crowd seems to be the goal for RessurXion, promising the end of the loathed Terrigen-Poisoning plot and 8 new X-Men books such as bringing back the classic Blue and Gold teams and the first ever Jean Grey and Iceman ongoings.


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