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Kamala Khan will be a Defector from Decadence
I have a hard time stomaching the idea that she'd fight the X-Men to extinction over the Terrigen Mists, particularly after bonding with Wolverine. Plus, I can only guess her faith in Medusa has to have been shaken at some point. Medusa got wonky in AXIS and is on the side of Carol in Civil War II.
  • Kamala only sided with the mutants once Mosaic (in Cyclops' body) told her and the other Nuhumans that the mutants had only days to live. When Emma Frost attacks Cyclops, thinking him to be a traitor because he was with the Inhumans, Kamala jumps in, saying "Leave him alone, he's a Champion!" When Iso talks to Medusa about the mutant situation, she immediately gives the mutants the win by destroying the cloud herself, using a gadget Forge and Moon Girl had built. Medusa's decision had consequences: she abdicated. But in the end, it was everyone vs Emma Frost, so the trope is subverted.

The Champions will get involved
Seeing as the teen team has both Kamala and the temporally-displaced Cyclops on their team, it'll probably be a no-brainer that they'll get involved. Either they'll end up being a third wheel, side with one of the teams or just run away screaming at the end of the day.
  • Jossed: Only Kamala and Scott took part.

The Terrigen Mist problem will be solved by turning the mutants into Inhumans
  • Apparently Jossed. The writer's comments accompanying the announcement of the Royals Inhuman title were about the Inhuman royal family going to space to find a solution in their past to the Terrigen problem as it's deadly to mutants... this quest would be meaningless if this WMG was true.