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This is WMG page for the comics. See Iron Man Films for the films

After Tony inevitably ditches his "Endo-Sym" armor, It will find a new host/wearer.
Who doesn't see this coming? Even though he came out of Axis still evil, we all know he'll become good again, and he'll realize the "endo-sym" armor won't end well. So he'll get rid of it and just like the symbiote it was based on, it it will find a new person, most likely someone in Tony's life or someone who hates him(maybe even the person wearing his old armor in the Superior Iron Man series). My guess is it will be someone he's wronged while inverted.

Tony Stark is Megamind.
  • They are both highly intelligent.
  • Both are selfish on the outside but when they dig down deep they realize they are true heroes willing to risk everything to protect their city.
  • Both believe it's all about the presentation.
  • Both have facial hair on their chin.
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  • Both fight using robot suits.
  • Both blast AC/DC songs while making entries over cities on their way to face a crisis.

The "Armor Wars" Story Arc is actually a clever metaphor for nuclear proliferation.
Tony Stark (the American) is a Super Hero, thanks to his Powered Armor (read: WMD. Which isn't that far off given its capabilities). At one point, a saboteur steals the tech behind that armor and distributes it to various supervillains (an analog to how the US's atomic secrets were leaked to China and the USSR). Tony doesn't like this, so he decides to unilaterally hunt down those with his tech. All goes well until he attacks certain heroes/villains who never had his tech, to begin with (sound familiar?). One of those villains ends up defeating Iron Man, so to fight back he develops an even more powerful suit of armor (read: it's an arms race). Also, consider the fact that this story was written just a few years before the USSR collapsed and everybody had to worry about securing Russia's nukes, and that the original Silver Age version of the character was a Cold War weapons manufacturer.

The original Tony Stark has been dead since around 1994.
Iron Man's Dork Age came in the early to mid-90s in something called "The Crossing", wherein he turned evil due to the influence of Immortus. He eventually sacrificed himself and was replaced with another Tony from another Earth — the ill-regarded "Teen Tony". It was this Tony that gave his life to defeat Onslaught. When "Heroes Return" occurred, a new Tony that was some sort of amalgam of the original, Teen and Heroes Reborn Tonys was created, and this is the man who went down another slippery slope in Civil War. However, the original Tony has been dead ever since, and the man known as Iron Man is not the "real" Tony Stark.
  • Well, if you're gonna be like that, technically Superman's only existed since 2005. And, since Birthright was unceremoniously retconned out, we don't know his origin.
  • Technically, this has been Jossed since 2001, when an Avengers annual revealed why certain characters were changed back—for all intents and purposes, Franklin Richards is the reason Tony's back as adult Tony and teen Tony were emerged into one, confirmed by Tony's grave was empty had had an energy signature and found traces of it in him as well. The resurrected Adult Tony even had the memories of his own life and death, in addition to those of his tee!Tony had a history of doing some very dickish things to his friends and allies.

Steve Fossett is Iron Man
When his plane crashed in the desert, he was captured by AIM, and he built a battlesuit to escape out of a box of scraps in a cave. Then he came back to civilization to work on the suit in hiding. He made everyone think he was dead to protect his identity. The writer of Marvel Adventures: Iron Man found out, and that comic is a whistle blow.

Tony's facial hair exists in a state of quantum entanglement
This theory is an attempt to reconcile how Tony can appear in separate comics with either the modern goatee or the retro 'stache. In a similar situation to Schrodinger's Cat, Tony simultaneously has a goatee and a mustache until the artist "observes" him.
  • Screw the laws of physics, I have money!

Stark's escalating Character Derailment is at least partly the result of events in Neil Gaiman's run on The Eternals.
Ikaris told Stark that The Golden One was basically God and also mentioned that it said it liked him. Who wouldn't go mad with power after being told God was on his side?

Whiplash's coming back
The film is popular, perhaps meriting bringing the villain of the film back into the comic. And once again, other people may get access to Powered Armor.

Iron Man's armor is a heironymous machine.
"Repulsor technology", "zero point generators", "micro transistorization" and "neuro-memetic telepresence" are all techno-babble smokescreens to cover up the fact that Stark is a telekinetic mutant who powers his armor with his own mind.

Tony Stark can actually see the future
Confirmed in the "New-universal" continuity, so it may be possible in the 616 as well.

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