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Marvel Cinematic Universe films:


  • During vol 5, Tony has travelled into space, and saves some aliens from an attack. Their leader, a good-looking woman starts making the moves on him. Tony removes his helmet, and she suddenly freaks out. Why? She thinks his facial hair is disgusting.
  • In the same arc, Tony winds up in a fight with Death's Head (the original version). Tony thinks the fight is unfair, especially since he was told the fight would be "as nature finds you". The problem?
    Tony: You're a thirty-foot tall robot!
    Death's Head: And that's how nature made me.
    • Prior to this, Death's Head says he's not cheating. He's not even using his flamethrower or rocket launchers.
  • The first arc of Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 has some hilarious moments.
    • #3 has Tony having a reluctant Doctor Strange perform a high-five with him.
      Tony: Awesome facial hair bros!
      Doctor Strange: I hate you.
    • #4 has Tony's reminders to himself, telling him he can't cancel visiting sick kids at the hospital again.
      Tony hologram: I don't care if Thanos is marrying Pepper in Times Square and Justin Hammer is giving the bride away, you do not cancel. I don't care if the Scarlet Witch says "no more Tonys" and-
    • Then there's Tony interacting with a particularly smart-mouthed kid named Max. Especially when he offers to let him try his armor on.
      Max: I'm too small for that.
      Tony: Hmm, you're right. I'm just now noticing how insanely short you are.
      Max: I'm eight.
      Tony: Don't tell me your problems.
    • And of course there's the sight of Doctor Doom eating potato chips. Not the kind of thing you'd expect from him....

Iron Man Anime:

The 1994 Animated Series:

  • And The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
    • The scene of Tony's swimming exercises opening like he's giving birth.
    • Hypnotia in disguise pushing M.O.D.O.K. around in a baby stroller, who, upon confirming his information, basically flies off and ditches her.
      Hypnotia: What about my ride?! You horrid little troll!

  • The Origin of the Mandarin
    • M.O.D.O.K. accidentally punching Hypnotia in the face. She then clonks him and calls him "Dorkmeister."

  • Iron Man To The Second Power
    • When MODOK summons the Mandarin via gong, the Mandarin has this to say:
      Mandarin: Bah! That's MODOK calling. He has an unfortunate taste for the melodramatic.
      (The Mandarin does a Cape Swish as he departs)
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    • Justin Hammer's Bad "Bad Acting" when the duplicate Iron Man "steals" the Dark Water Fever antidote.
      Justin Hammer: Is there no one we can trust?!
      • And he's filming the whole sequence with a handheld video camera.
    • The suspicious, repeated use of the word "stimulating."
      Hypnotia: Make the farmers spread the crop with the fungus. In 36 hours it will breed enough Dark Water Fever toxin to decimate Los Angeles.
      Dreadknight (laughing): Los Angeles. Fire! Floods! Riots! Earthquakes! And now... FEVER! How stimulating.
    • When Dreadknight and Blacklash get into another fight over Hypnotia:
      Dreadknight (brandishing his lance): You need a little iron in your diet!
      Blacklash: And you need a spelling lesson!
      (Blacklash proceeds to spell "bozo" in the ground with his whip)
      Blacklash: B! O! Z! O! Spells "Dreadknight"!
      Dreadknight: You dare to call me a B, Oz... BOZO?!
      Hypnotia: Oh give me a break!
    • Wanda's tarot reading is summed up as "What you see isn't always what you get." Julia then quips "You just described my ex-husband, the dork."
    • When the two Iron Men are revealed to the public in the middle of a fight in "Iron Man to the Second Power":
      Two Police Officers: Two Iron Mans?!
      Ditz Bystander: Gosh, I don't know who to root for!
      Old Lady Bystander: The one that didn't try to kill us, Dumbo!
      Ditz Bystander: Dumbo is my favorite animal picture. Iron Man versus Iron Man! Ooh I wonder who will emerge victorious? That means "win".
      (The Old Lady Bystander has a look that says "take me now")
    • M.O.D.O.K. fears the duplicate Iron Man won't be able to beat the real deal in a fair fight.
      The Mandarin: "Fair?" Did you say "a fair fight?" Did you get your head caught in a revolving door?!
      • The Mandarin's completely incredulous reaction to M.O.D.O.K.'s statement is nothing short of hilarious, due to the fact that he legitimately cannot believe M.O.D.O.K. could be that stupid.
    • And at one point, M.O.D.O.K. mutters "Ace in the hole, my clavicle-", then starts slapping himself for no reason, going "Bad MODOK, bad!"
  • In "The Origin of Iron Man", Fin Fang Foom comes to the Mandarin's citadel to discuss something- he and MODOK promptly rush outside, because as Mandarin says, "Last time he came inside, it took me a month to get the smell out of the tapestry."
  • And a couple of gems from season 2's "Iron Man, On The Inside": First when Tony sees that Ultimo is back and about to wreck their jet, he comments "Ultimo! I thought I pulled the plug on that son of a-" And when HOMER is infected by a computer virus, he starts going crazy, saying things like "Peter Parker picked a peck of pickled porpoises!"


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