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  • Leah's extremely painful-looking Groin Attack when Loki tries to turn on the charm the first time they meet.
  • The Running Gag of Journey into Mystery #624-625 involves Kid!Loki getting progressively worse news and reporting it to Hela/Mephisto:
    Loki: [end of #624] Dire news!
    Loki: [start of #625] Dire-er news!
    Loki: [after a momentous discovery towards the end] Dire-est news!
    • And by the end of it, Hela's handmaiden Leah looks ready to smack him.
  • Loki acting like he's still the evil bastard Hela and Mephisto remember him as (and capitalizing on that reputation against the Tongue of the Serpent) and then turning right around and gleefully lampshading it to his companions once the coast is clear.
    Loki: "More to fear than me"! Oh Tyr, how fun this villainous talk is! (issue 625)
    Loki: And the Tongue will give it to us, or we'll tear it out at its bloody root. *turns to Ikol, his magpie familiar* That's the sort of thing I'm meant to say, yes? (issue 624)
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  • Also in issue 622, where Thor comments that Loki isn't as bad as people think he is, and Loki indignantly comments:
    Loki: I'd have to try terribly hard to be that terrible.
  • Kid!Loki discovers the internet (Issue 622)
    Loki: When I said I was an Asgardian god, they called me a troll!
    Thor: But you're a half-giant.
    Loki: Exactly! They wouldn't accept it.
    • And just before that:
    Thor: ...were you cheating, Loki?
    Loki: Yes! But they were, too! Cheating was the game, and I triumphed unfairly most fairly!
    Loki: I want to learn. If Midgard is to become our home, I would know of it. I've primarily discovered that mortals like to rut, and chronicle the experience pictorially.
    Thor: I'm not sure I approve of this eith—
    Loki: How do you know about Stark phones?
  • Most of 632, which is Loki trying to find homes for seven hell-puppies at Christmas, complete with Loki's attempt at giving Leah a Christmas present, and the introduction of Thori, the bad-tempered foul-mouthed hell-puppy.
    Tyr, with Thori chewing on his good wrist: Not again!
    • The cutest of the hell-puppies is given away to someone over Tumblr.
  • Issue 630 has Volstagg recounting to his kids the events of Fear Itself, with himself, naturally, as a great hero. The first half of the issue is hilarious. Then he reaches Thor's death, and it quickly becomes tearjerking and "Awww!"-inducing.
    Thor: They have hammers, Volstagg. I have the hammer. That's my thing.
    • Upon telling them that Sin was a Nazi:
      Volstagg: What do we say about Nazis, children?
      Children: DEATH TO NAZIS!
      Volstagg: That's right.
  • The Terrorism Myth arc starts with Loki and Leah in a fast food restaurant where Loki is introducing her to milkshakes. She ends up throwing a man out the window during an argument. After the whole arc, Kid Loki takes Leah back there to apologize, maybe thinking he'll have to pay for a soda for the guy, since Loki already had to shell out to fix the window. Leah decides an apology is not enough, and throws herself out the new window, meaning Loki has to buy another one.
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  • Daimon Hellstrom informs Kid Loki that if you mess with him, "you end up in a trashcan of doom!"
  • Another Daimon Hellstrom moment:
    Kid Loki: Do you want to team up? We should totally team up!
    Daimon: Peers team up. We work together and you're my sidekick at best.
  • When they go to England, Loki and Leah are met by Herne at the airport.
    • And before they do anything else, Loki insists they wait for him to buy an "I ♥ LONDON" t-shirt
    • Also, he keeps asking people if they've seen the queen.
  • Kid Loki and Leah put on Guy Fawkes masks when bombing crucial Otherworld locations, for the symbolism.
  • Kid Loki pretending to organize an alliance with the Serpent so he can threaten the Serpent's tongue has its moments:
    Loki: [still deadpan] I could have many reasons to amble into your maw. It could be jealousy of my brother. It could be desire for one-eye's throne. It could be the terrible lust I hold for older men with crazily serpentine tongues.
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  • While it's not something that's likely to be noticed right away, Kid Loki's habit of greeting possibly dangerous people and creatures with a cheerful "Hello, [name]!" becomes really damn funny after a while.
  • Loki and Leah's insistence on making jokes at the other's expense during the destruction of Dark Asgard - one of their jokes even has a beat panel of them just laughing over it:
    Loki: And Leah...
    Leah: Prepare a portal to a place other than here?
    Loki: You read my mind.
    Leah: I would do no such thing. At least not when there's no bath to scrub myself.
  • The Bilingual Bonus that comes from being able to translate runes needs to be seen to be believed.
    Evil Library Clerk in Dark Asgard: Goddammit, I'm eating pretzels!
  • Issue 646 has Sif recite her Berserker spell, scowling as she lifts the book.
    Sif: [chanting in Asgardian] blah blah [Asgardian] bring forth unto [more Asgardian] blah blah your father's filthy leggings.
  • Issue 651 is filled with them.
    • Volstagg's daughter, Hilde, and her refusal to go to bed.
    • Sif, the Warriors Three and Thor battling the Fenris Wolf... in less than optimal attire. Though Hilde seems to appreciate Thor.
    Thor: Then they must be dealt with!
    Volstagg: Oh!
    Hogun: Hey!
    Fandral: Deal with thine pants!
  • Issue #652: Sif misunderstands the term "walk-in clinic".
    Sif: I think that woman drove to the walk-in clinic.
    • Sif and Jane crack puns at Thor's expense.
    Sif: I have never talked to a vegetable in my life.
    Jane: [simultaneously with Sif] Except for Thor.
    Sif: He can be a little starchy.
    Jane: Surprisingly green sometimes.
    Sif: He is bold, but you and I in the same room would scare him half to death. And rightly so.
  • Issue #654: Something or someone planted Skuttlebutt, Beta Ray Bill's ship AI, into the body of Bill's recently dead girlfriend. Bill is quick to roll with it after Skuttlebutt proves himself, but Sif needs convincing.
    Sif: You were dead!
    Beta Ray Bill: It's Skuttlebutt!
    Sif: No.
    Bill: Yes.
    Sif: Nooooo...
    Bill: Yessss.
    Sif: But—Absolutely not.
    Skuttlebutt-in-Ti Asha Ra: I'm afraid so. Ask me anything.
    Sif: What happened?
    Skuttlebutt-in-Ti Asha Ra: I was thinking more along the lines of what color underwear Bill prefers.
    [a beat and Bill sheepishly shrugs]
    Sif: Well?
    Skuttlebutt-in-Ti Asha Ra: Blue.