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Awesome / Inhumans vs. X-Men

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  • In issue #0, Emma's trying to improve her transformation speed from flesh to diamond. To test to see if she has, she has a conversation with Magneto and attempts to piss him off. She succeeds and he attempts to skewer her with Sabretooth's knife... which breaks on her skin, instantly transforming as the weapon flew through the air.
  • Magneto's simple, but powerful reaction to finding out about the saturation:
    Magneto: (Making the entire room shake) My people will not be gassed again!
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  • Beast, who has been written as a hypocritical Jerkass for years now, finally gets his just desserts. First with his Past counterpart of all people mocking how little everyone trusts him and then when he tries to betray the X-Men for the Inhumans, Storm hits him with a lightning bolt.
  • Watching Emma's plan come together in issue #1:
    • Fantomex neutralizes Lockjaw, drugging him right under Ms. Marvel's nose.
      • Logan also gets one for pointing out Lockjaw as a major threat to be taken down, something Emma, despite months of planning, had missed and compliments him on.
    • Magneto becoming a one-man Trojan Horse to infiltrate the RIV and utterly dismantle it from the inside-out in a matter of seconds to imprison Crystal and Gorgon.
    Magneto: Ah, but what if I'm already exactly where I want to be? Past your battleship's defenses, in the very heart of the beast. As for saving my life, Crystal Amaquelin, I am Magneto. You don't save mutants. I do.
    • After Karnak summarily dismisses Jean Grey as a serious threat when she comes to visit him, having expected if things between the Inhumans and X-Men turned violent they would send someone like Logan, she then reveals she's actually been there for six hours, and he's completely trapped within his own mind.
      • Jean gets another one when she acknowledges that given time he likely will escape, but not before it's too late for him to affect the outcome of the conflict.
      • If you read his solo series, you know just how terrifying Karnak is. The guy breaks bullets and bodies with his fingers and explodes zombie hordes with a Brown Note. For Jean Grey to catch him before he can detect a flaw, and then keep him incapacitated after he detects a flaw, takes Nerves of Steel and a whole lot of badassery.
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    • But the real crowner is Emma and Dazzler taking down Black Bolt, through a combination of Alison's sound-absorption and Emma's diamond skin.
  • In issue #2, the X-Men finally storm New Attilan. The Inhumans barely knew what hit them.
    • Magik and Nightcrawler putting their teleportation powers to good use, taking out several key Inhuman players very quickly.
    • Inferno and Iso escape the battle after narrowly escaping Sabretooth, and then Angel and Wolverine. Iso wonders where Eldrac sent them but Inferno is just happy they got away from Wolverine. And then...
  • When Karnak is finally free and Fantomex try to fight him, Karnak deals with him with ease and tell him that Jean kept him occupied for days, but he (Fantomex) is a bother at best.
  • When Medusa finally gets part the whole confusion and finds out just why the X-Men are so desperate (the Terrigen is about to go global and make Earth uninhabitable for mutants) and says that global Terrigenesis is not worth the death of even one mutant, let alone all of them, destroying the cloud.

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