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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It's a Zootopia comic... showing two beloved characters from the movie dealing with an unplanned pregnancy by tearing their relationship apart because neither side is willing to compromise or make an effort to understand the other. During the course of their argument, each side takes up positions with heavy pro-choice or pro-life overtones. Even those in the furry and Zootopia fandoms (many who otherwise enjoy somewhat dark fanfiction) can't help but raise an eye to the idea, nevermind people outside of the fandoms who aren't used to Dark Fics about cute Funny Animal characters.
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  • Awesome Art: One positive aspect about the comic is that it's at least drawn nicely, on par with Borba's other works.
  • Broken Base: When the comic was completed, it created considerable dissension in the Zootopia fanbase generating over 1000 comments on Borba's deviantArt page where it was published. There are those who liked it and felt it is a strong piece of emotional story-telling around an divisive issue and those that dislike it and feel it is a heavy-handed work of manipulative story-telling intended to do nothing more than provoke an emotional reaction from the reader. There doesn't seem to be a middle-ground surrounding this work.
  • Fetish Retardant: Judy's attire consists of a tank top and tight shorts and is drawn in ways that provide quite a bit of Male Gaze throughout the comic. However, it clashes very badly with the comic's subject matter, overall tone and downer ending.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The comic became a huge meme rather quickly due to its unusual premise and its narmy presentation. The panels where Judy mentions her pregnancy, Nick's reaction, and Judy slapping Nick are especially memetic.
    • One memetic version of the comic has the dialogue altered so that the core conflict revolves around Nick's obsession with Arby's.
    • The page where Judy slaps Nick has also gotten memetic with many edits or fanart replacing either Judy or Nick.
    • Judy's Face in this page's last panel has also gotten very memetic due to how strange it is.
    • People have incorporated Nick and Judy into the loss comic from Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  • Narm: Where to even start?:
    • The sheer fact that both Nick and Judy act completely out of character. To the point where their characters are pretty much In Name Only, which is especially jarring since Borba appears to be a fan of the original film.
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    • Nick's revelation of having conservative religious values regarding pregnancy is unexpected and borders on ridiculous given that he and Judy have obviously engaged in premarital sex.
    • Judy's face and body in the last panel, the artist was trying for a dramatic reaction from Judy to Nick's words, but instead creates a rather outlandish depiction of Judy. Her facial expression combined with her body fur being drawn in a frizzled way has led many to comment that she looks like she's being physically electrocuted instead of emotionally shocked.
    • Nick asks Judy, "What would've happened if your mother, while pregnant with you, had decided to... interrup her pregnancy?"(emphasis not added), to make the point that if Judy hadn't been born, Nick's life and the world would be much worse. Not only is there an obvious typo in an emotional moment, which the bold type makes even more prominent, but it's clear that Nick is trying to dance around using the word "abortion".
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Borba purports that the webcomic was intended to be a character study of the breakup of Nick and Judy's relationship. However because the story involves an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, most discussion was quickly subsumed by the controversial topic of abortion and devolved into pro-life and pro-choice debates often having little to do with the story or the characters.
  • Snark Bait: Big time. The comic has taken a lot of snark from people who disliked the tale given how it portrays two beloved Zootopia characters getting into an argument about an unborn child while acting completely out of character.
  • Uncanny Valley: Generally, Borba's artwork is nicely drawn and captures the images of Nick and Judy well. However, in some panels, Borba has a tendency to make Judy's lips a little too full and her eyes have too much eyelash which gives Judy the appearance of a rabbit with human eyes and lips.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Nick. While the breakup is meant to be seen as tragic, he appears to express the author's views on abortion, and is apparently meant to be seen as the more sympathetic and reasonable half of the couple. Unfortunately, not only is it somewhat hypocritical of him to scold Judy for committing a "premeditated sin" by wanting to get an abortion, after having had sex with her outside of marriage, but the idea of him being deeply religious is at odds with his canon characterization.
  • Watch It for the Meme: It would have remained an obscure Zootopia fan-comic if not for this.

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