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Trivia / I Will Survive

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  • Colbert Bump: The comic was written back in March 2017, but didn't quite reach the memetic levels it has now until a Twitter user took notice of it in December of that year.
  • Trolling Creator: Given the subject matter, Borba received considerable negative feedback for this comic. As with most heated internet "discussion", a majority was rude, aggressive and uncalled for which unfortunately showed off the negative side of the Zootopia fandom. However, Borba seems to take a certain delight in trolling the conflict he created and has shown a particular reluctance to openly discuss any reasonable critical analysis of the story.
    • In the aftermath of the comic's release, a pattern emerged. Comments that were favorable to the work generally received a "thank you" reply from Borba often praising the commenter for their open-mindedness. However, comments that contained critical feedback were either completely ignored or summarily dismissed as being from haters lacking imagination... even posts made by established Zootopia fan-fiction writers and artists offering reasonable feedback on the weaknesses of his story or his characterization of Nick and Judy.
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    • Twice since I Will Survive was published he announced that he was developing a sequel. One was going to be called Tundratown Thaw the other was See you next Wednesday. Both were accompanied with a panel of art supposedly from the comic which stimulated feedback and discussion. However, both times a sequel failed to materialize and as of May 2018, he admitted that it was just BS on his part.
    • In May 2018, Borba announced that he would not be doing any more Zootopia content (until Zootopia 2 is announced). However, in October 2018, he changed his mind again and created a sequel called Born To Be Alive, finished in early 2019. He announced a future third installment, Never Say Goodbye, that will be completed in 2020, forming a trilogy he calls The Trilogy of Life.

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