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YMMV / Hitman: Codename 47

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  • Anticlimax Boss: The only real factor which determined Ort-Meyer's true son was the fact that 47 managed to reach the minigun first.
  • Awesome Music: The main theme by Jesper Kyd is pretty badass and memorable.
  • Best Level Ever: If Codename 47 laid the groundwork for future Hitman titles despite being very rough around the edges itself, "Traditions of the Trade" was the ultimate showcase of how the gameplay mechanics and atmosphere could combine to make a truly distinct and fun experience. Most of the stealthy gameplay of the series originated with this level.
  • Breather Level:
    • The first two Colombia missions serve as Breather Levels for the lengthy Pablo assassination mission. The third Colombia mission however...
    • "Traditions of the Trade" is a one-mission stint in Budapest. It's a trip to the beach considering what you had to pull off in Hong Kong and Colombia. This is the very first mission in the series where you have spare clothes laying around that you can pick up for free instead of killing people for them. It is also notable for the weapons laying around, namely the knife and the cleaver, that allow you to complete this mission without any starting gear. Frantz and Fritz employ only a few guards and aren't even carrying guns themselves. A lot of the mission is optional; you can blow through it in about 10 minutes if you skip everything, but this detracts from the storyline of the game.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • A weird thing about the Cheng Chau restaurant is bringing along the uzi. At a certain point in the mission, you will be required to surrender all your weapons to a guard; however, for some reason he doesn't take your uzi.
    • Dual-wielding a beretta in your right hand and a Sawed-Off Shotgun in the left hand allows you to fire the latter 15 times in rapid succession and as long as you have ammos for the handgun (shotgun ammos are not needed). Enjoy the massacre.
  • It Was His Sled: The game doesn't mention anything about cloning until the final mission. However, the fact that 47 is a clone is common knowledge these days.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • I need to use the bathroom! One of 47's first lines in the entire series, famous for its awkward delivery and for being a weird line in general. It's even referenced in the 2016 Hitman and in Hitman 2. Context 
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  • Narm: The voice acting in this game is... quite atrocious. Some, like Ort-Meyer, manage to make their performances fall under Narm Charm, but others don't fare as well. A standout example would be in the penultimate level when 47 meets Dr. Kovacs in person. 47 confronting a target only to realize they are someone from his past should be a massive twist, but the Dull Surprise ruins what was meant to be a Wham Line. Thankfully, later games would see a marked improvement in the acting and direction, and David Bateson's performance would manage to retain its dryness without coming off as simply bad. But until then…
    47: (in the dullest possible voice) Hey… I recognize you — you were the one with the needle.
  • Narm Charm: As mentioned above, some of the voice acting is So Bad, It's Good and becomes hilarious instead. Ort-Meyer especially due to his Ham and Cheese delivery.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The game in general. The voice acting is either terrible or hilarious for the wrong reasons, the gameplay is buggy and so are the physics, and there is a hefty amount of Fake Difficulty. All of this becomes a weirdly entertaining product which is made even better when you use cheat codes. The series has evolved a lot since this game.
  • That One Level:
    • "Say Hello to My Little Friend". Not only is the drug lord difficult to reach, he is also extremely durable Tip! , and the house he is hiding in is surrounded by guards (who are actually quite easy to dispatch of silently). After he is down, you need to blow up an underground drug lab surrounded by guards.(and doing so without having to fight the whole camp is a guide dang it. You need a specific, yet generic disguise, and you have to ignore the soldier still saying that you can't enter.)
      • You can spare yourself the trouble of confronting the drug lord and simply put a bullet in his head if you brought a sniper rifle from the first Colombia level. The window of his office can be seen right away at the start of the level, with his head inside. It still leaves the rest of the level to deal with.
      • Get the officer's uniform at the bridge, you can walk around the entire camp with no notice except for two places: Pablo's office and the drug lab. For Pablo's office, all the guards can be strangled except for the ones outside his door, and a silenced pistol can kill those two quickly enough that they can't raise an alarm. For the drug lab, the guys at the back door will talk shit to you but you can still go inside without raising the alarm. Set the bomb, casually stroll to the hanger, detonate the bomb, climb in the plane and win.
    • Don't be surprised if you end up stabbing your monitor with your keyboard during "Plutonium Runs Loose." By the time you finally disarm the nuke, eliminate Boris, and steer the boat to international waters, you'll be saltier than salt water due to the sailors turning off the engine at every turn.
  • Underused Game Mechanic: That balcony jump you learn in the tutorial? You'll perform it in exactly one level, "Traditions of the Trade". It's not even available to use in the sequel, Silent Assassin. This was later remedied in the remake, Hitman: Contracts: The jump mechanic can be used to reach the second target (Campbell Sturrock) and is a requirement for beating the final mission, which taxes all of the skills you've developed at that point.


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