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Fangirl novel

  • Broken Base:
    • Let's just say there's a divide on whether or not this book is a good portrayal of fandom and leave it at that.
    • Let's also say that Levi's line implying Harry Potter also exists in this world does not fly well with some.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Simon Snow books, are a Captain Ersatz series of Harry Potter and Cath's fanfiction is called Carry On, Simon while Rainbow Rowell's is called Carry On. J. K. Rowling has just released a video called "Keep Calm and Keep the Secrets" about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Wren texting Cath for a "911" when she meant to text Courtney about a guy she dated. Cath yells at her about it for making her worry. Wren then makes things worse by going out drinking, belittling her sister for not wanting to reconcile with their mother, and eventually drinking so much she ends up in the hospital. Cath's bitterness about their mother ends up vindicated when Laura refuses to stay in the hospital after Wren regains consciousness. Her dad has to threaten to pull Wren out of college to make her go sober.
    • Nick submitting the story he and Cath worked on to Professor Piper, who knows both their writing styles. When Cath reveals that she "helped" Nick, the professor takes away Nick's teaching assistantship. It also means that Cath doesn't want to submit their story to the school's literary magazine after what happened.
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    • As an avid fanfic writer, Cath should know, or at least be aware, of the legal discussions surrounding fanfiction and fanart. Especially for a series that is not in the public domain. So, not only is turning a piece of fan fiction a collage assignment seen as a dumb move by fanfic writers themselves, her argument that "it's not plagiarism" comes across as horribly naïve as there are discussions about the legality of fanfiction going on this very day.
  • The Woobie:
    • Cath demands that one needs a hug. Abandoned by her sister, and struggling with severe social anxiety, she then gets a wake-up call about turning in fanfiction for a creative writing class and used by her writing partner. No one can blame her for taking refuge in the Simon Snow world, and her fanfiction.
    • Levi. A cute farmer's boy who crushes on Cath and whose previous girlfriend cheated on him, he remains a generous sweetheart. After sending and receiving mixed signals from Cath, it takes months for them to date. He also has a reading disability that affects his schooling.

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