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  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • In his 42nd BHD Storytime near the end of it, After Smoke is expelled, a few months later, Smoke sees Maurice at a bus stop and Maurice goes on about how Smoke rarely had any friends that would make him laugh, and how most of Smoke's friends only used him for respect. Smoke, a gangbanger, who hit a girl on the head with a tree trunk, actually considered Maurice a true friend.
  • Memetic Molester: Blast is often seen as a either a pedophile or a Depraved Bisexual, especially due to the many fan-made "Try Not to Laugh" challenges of him which utilize Manipulative Editing to make it sound like he's talking about heinous acts. The fact that he makes a lot of sexual innuendos and rape jokes, told a story about him being accused of having child porn on his computer note , and told another story where he threatened to rape a man who kept hitting on his girlfriend while suggestively touching him doesn't help fend off this reputation. He even talks about a situation where a women told her young son to stay away from him because she thought he was a pedophile.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Many of his Catch Phrases.
    • "IT'S TOO BLUE!", both taken from his video playing a real-time drowning simulator (having a deep fear of oceans).
    • Jokes about his baldness, particularly how his head resembles a Milk dud.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Although Maurice's jokes are decidedly geared towards an adult audience, there are enough children (or at least teenagers) in Maurice's fanbase to make him regret several of the jokes he makes, such as the popular " the comment section down below me" YouTube joke.
  • More Popular Spinoff: His reaction channel stemmed from the fair share of reactions he'd do on his gaming channel (he was propelled to start it by his fans) and has gotten him more subscribers and arguably more popularity than his original channel, due to him becoming a part of the black reactor community.
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  • Most Wonderful Sound: BHD's laughter, plain and simple. But no example shows this any better other than his friend's reaction to 1 Guy 1 Jar.
  • Never Live It Down: After almost getting into a fight at VidCon with an old rival, he tells the guy "I'll fuck the shit out of you, my nigga! I'll put my dick all up in you!" Bad choice of words, Maurice. Not even his fans have let that one slide.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The entirety of his sixth BHD Storytime, where he used to live in what seemed to be a haunted house. He would always feel a strange feeling that somebody was watching him, and it culminates into the next door house COMPLETELY ENGULFED IN FUCKING FLAMES. Thankfully, he and his family moved out, and never had to deal with any of this again.
    Blast: I'm not talking "oh, there's smoke off of in this shit", I'm talking "the sun took a shit on this house" fucking fire!
  • Squick: One of his more...interesting Storytime videos involve him witnessing the arrest of a homeless woman from a strip club he used to work at. It turns out that back then, she masturbated in an elevator, with children inside, and then proceeding to crudely eat some food with her hand. The same hand she used to masturbate. She did not wash her hands before eating.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • BHD Storytime #10, about him witnessing his friend killed in cold blood over a girl, getting stabbed in the chest and having a 2x4 with nails in it driven into the side of his head. The saddest part has to be him saying that as his friend was running home, he was shouting "Mom!" the entire time.
    • Most of his 64th BHD Storytime. Thanks to a Facebook message shown to him by his girlfriend, BHD discovers that a friend of his, named Rickienote  had betrayed him, wanting to be with his girlfriend while also calling Maurice himself a "loser". He confronts Rickie for this, and it all culminates in Rickie undergoing Unstoppable Rage, trying to stab Maurice, who tries to calm him down and make him leave. It eventually ends with Maurice putting Rickie into a Rear naked chokehold and Rickie eventually falling on the ground, seemingly dead. Maurice is horribly distraught at first, and tries to wake Rickie up, but ends up seeing him going through a seizure, before suddenly waking up and running off. Maurice crosses the Despair Event Horizon for several weeks. Maurice's friends take him to a bar, but it gets even worse: someone was bullying one of his friends, and it culminates in Maurice attempting to fight back with the same chokehold, but then gaining a flashback to his fight with Rickie. He then gave up, getting curb-stomped. It's just absolutely heartbreaking to hear this story, and he very clearly didn't exaggerate when he said that this story is sensitive to him, even calling it the second worst story he's ever told.
    • The worst story would have to be #33, in which a female High School friend of his that he calls Maria had an affair with a male friend that he calls Jose. The on-again off-again boyfriend of Maria (who was the father of her child) found out about the affair and called things off for good, leading Maria to commit suicide. The person who told Maria's boyfriend about the affair was Maria's supposed friend Heather, an unattractive girl who was jealous of the attractive Maria and wanted Maria's boyfriend all to herself. The fact that Maurice refrained from using background music, stock images and didn't tell many jokes shows just how much that hurt him.
  • The Woobie: It's really hard not to feel bad for the guy when you watch his BHD Storytime series and learn just how fucked up his life was and how lucky he is to still be alive.


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