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YMMV / Absolution

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  • Complete Monster: Even in this dark world of supervillains and criminals, these two stand out:
    • Rubicon: The Polymath, real name Arthur Blankenship, is a creatively psychopathic supervillain with a love for mass slaughter. After being locked up for going on a rampage through a city, the Polymath is given a deal to kill John Dusk in exchange for his freedom, but immediately breaks the deal after being released, proceeding instead to go on another killing spree. During this spree, the Polymath rips people in half, strings them up by their insides, uses buses and cars as swinging or throwing objects, and brutalizes before attempting to rape a heroine who shows up to stop him. Claiming well above 800 lives in this massacre, the Polymath later brutally murders a small family, before viciously butchering an entire apartment building, with more bisections, decapitations, and skinnings being just some of the kills he gets up to. When confronted by Dusk, the Polymath boasts about all the men, women, children, and pets he's killed, and, even when seemingly beaten, the Polymath decides to take the entire city of millions down with him. Serving as the prime example of villainy that Dusk has decided to show no mercy to any longer, the Polymath made his mark as the most depraved murderer in the comic.
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    • Happy Kitty: Mr. Tanaka stands out as a particularly wicked crime lord. Running drug and human trafficking as common practice, keeping his own band of prostitutes who are forced to make money for him lest they be killed, Tanaka is introduced butchering a young couple for stealing drugs from him then ordering their little daughter be trained as a Sex Slave. When the girl showcases amazing abilities, Tanaka takes her under his wing, turning her into a homicidal assassin while using dozens of his own men as training targets for her, leading to their brutal deaths. Once fully training the girl, dubbed Happy Kitty, Tanaka orders her to slaughter an entire mansion of people, notably a man who crossed him and said man's entire family. When Happy Kitty lets the man and his family go, Tanaka brings out Happy Kitty's beloved pet tiger, ordering the girl to cut off one of its paws to make it hate her forever lest Tanaka kill both of them on the spot. Though only a regular human, Tanaka displays a dark rap sheet of human suffering and mass murder.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Arguably John letting White Power bleed to death in issue one. Though his reveal as the culprit behind a string of murders before White Power shows he crossed this point long ago.

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