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     Kingdom Hearts 
  • Sora (along with Donald and Goofy) meets Riku (Sora's best friend and another survivor of The Heartless invasion that destroyed the boys' island home) in Traverse Town, after spending the first fifth of the game searching for him and Kairi across different Disney-themed planets. Sora asks Riku if he wants to join them and search for Kairi along with them.
    You'd Expect: Riku, even though he is Badass Normal enough to be able to fight off The Heartless, to join his best friend and recognize both that Sora has everyone's best interests at heart, and that going it alone is dangerous and stupid.
    Instead: He gets pissy, thinking that Sora ditched him for Donald and Goofy and to show off his Keyblade, and starts his eventual Face–Heel Turn.
    Even Worse: Staying with the good guys probably would have resulted in Riku getting his own Keyblade a lot sooner than he did.
  • Or, in an alternate interpretation of that same scene:
    You'd Expect: Donald and Goofy to welcome him, since he has proven his skill and strength.
    Instead: Donald blows Riku off without any explanation at all, providing fertilizer for the seeds of darkness in Riku's heart. Sora asks why Riku can't come. Donald states that he doesn't care that Riku is Sora's friend. Sora looks up, Riku is gone.
  • Another interpretation of that scene.
    You'd Expect: Riku to realise Sora was defending him when Donald rejected letting him come along and not hold it against him.
    Instead: He still thinks Sora has abandoned him and Kairi putting on the path of Darkness and continues to ignore all of his protests to the opposite.

     Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 
  • Sora is wandering around trying to find Riku and King Mickey, when a mysterious black-cloaked man tells him he needs to follow him if he wants to obtain what he desires.
    You'd Expect: Sora would completely ignore or disregard this complete stranger, especially since the two times that he encountered a hooded man ended up causing his homeworld to be destroyed and another one who attacked him for no reason aside from "testing his strength".
    Instead: Sora is distrustful of his intentions but follows him anyway, and ends up in a coma for a year because of it.
  • Immediately after that, Sora, Donald, and Goofy follow the hooded man into Castle Oblivion, where they immediately forget every spell and technique they learned in the first game.
    You'd Expect: They would immediately realize something is wrong with the place, cut their losses, and get out of there before they get any weaker.
    Instead: They keep on going.
    As A Result: Their memories get so screwed up that they have to be placed in comas for a year to get everything sorted out. And that only happens because the primary instigator of the memory rewrites had rebelled, so without that intervention they might've stayed messed up permanently.

     Kingdom Hearts II 
  • Sometime in Hollow Bastion, Goofy gets knocked unconscious by debris from an explosion. Sora and Donald try to wake him up but to no avail.
    You'd Expect: Sora, Donald, or Mickey to check for a pulse or a heartbeat on Goofy. After all, just because he isn't waking up right away, doesn't mean he's dead!
    Instead: They never think of any of these options, and just assume Goofy's completely dead. And they leave him unattended!
  • Sora has discovered Xigbar in a room in the Land of the Dragons. Sora and the gang turn away for a second, only to realize that Xigbar is no longer in front of them.
    You'd Expect: Xigbar has the same portal-y powers as the rest of the Organization. Surely, he must have disappeared through one of those!
    Instead: You see him sneakily walking behind Sora's back to get to the door out of there. At least it also doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • During the second visit in Olympus Coliseum, Auron is acting strange due to being controlled by Hades against his will via a small statue.
    You'd Expect: Hades would take the statue with him so that Sora, Donald and Goofy won't be able to get their hands on it.
    Instead: Hades kept the small statue in his room, thinking that no one will be able to touch it due to the shock it will give to those who make any attempts to grab it which leads to his plan being ruined by the trio. To be fair, however, even if Hades kept it with him while watching Hercules and Auron fight, he would still be exposed by the trio. Only that it will be a bit more difficult to get the statue back from him due to Hercules losing his heroic will to fight after the Hydra destroyed the Coliseum earlier on.
  • Ariel making the deal with Ursula despite what she experienced a year ago.
    You'd Expect: Ariel to not trust Ursula and find other ways to meet Prince Eric.
    Instead: Ariel does it anyway. At the least King Triton learned to trust humans again after what Prince Eric did to help stop Ursula.

     Kingdom Hearts 358/ 2 Days 
  • Confused, hurt, frightened, Roxas demands Axel who exactly he is and why he wields the Keyblade.
    You'd Expect: Realizing that he has already lost Xion because of his Knight Templar actions, he tells Roxas whatever he knows about who the Nobody truly is and why he wields the Keyblade. Even if Roxas leaves because of it, at least he still has the Nobody's trust and friendship even if its a bit scarred from the previous incidents.
    Instead: He keeps Roxas in the dark about the details of him, claiming its for "his own good". Worse yet, he never acknowledges that what he did is wrong.
    Result: Roxas loses whatever trust he had with Axel and whatever friendship they accumulated during their time in Organization 13 is flushed down the toilet due to Axel's poor decisions. Now they see each other as enemies who will not hesitate to kill each other.

     Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep 
  • Master Eraqus has received indisputable proof that his old friend Master Xehanort is planning to start a new Keyblade War and basically cause an apocalypse out of sheer curiosity.
    You'd Expect: For Eraqus to inform all of the other Keyblade Masters of this immediately, so they can put a stop to Xehanort's plans at once. Even if there aren't that many Keyblade Masters anymore, he could inform Yen Sid, Mickey, and his apprentices at the very least, since this is an extremely important matter. He should also cut all ties with Xehanort.
    Instead: In what is probably the most idiotic move in the entire series, Eraqus tells... absolutely no one. Even worse than that, he still allows Xehanort to visit his world and still treats him like a friend and values his advice!
    Even Worse: Eraqus later hears from Yen Sid about the Unversed that is threatening the worlds. He tries to contact Xehanort about it several times, but is unable to, and later tells Terra and Aqua that he "doubts there is any connection". What?!?
  • Terra has failed the Mark of Mastery due to him being unable to control his darkness in his battle, and he is feeling depressed about it. Then, Master Xehanort walks by and tells him he needs to use the darkness in his heart to become stronger.
    You'd expect: Terra would take one look at Master Xehanort and immediately hesitate to trust him, since he is not even hiding the fact he is evil.
    Or at the very least: You'd expect he would take Master Xehanort's advice with a grain of salt, since this goes against everything his teacher and parental figure Eraqus taught him, plus he doesn't know Master Xehanort that well.
    Instead: Terra immediately accepts Xehanort's advice and starts treating him like his teacher, despite him hardly knowing Xehanort. This does not turn out well for Terra.
  • Ventus has been told by Vanitas that the next time he sees Terra, he'll be a different person.
    You'd expect: After he failed to warn Terra, Ventus would tell Eraqus about it, and then Eraqus would send Aqua to find Terra and bring him back.
    Instead: Ventus doesn't tell Eraqus, and decides to go find Terra on his own.
    Even Worse: It results in the first step of Xehanort's plan to clash Ventus with Vanitas.
  • Terra, Aqua, and Ventus all go to the Keyblade Graveyard under the impression that their friends are in danger. They all meet up in the Keyblade Graveyard.
    You'd Expect: That as soon as they all reunited, they would leave immediately, since they all came to make sure their friends were safe, and they are, so they have absolutely no reason to stay there, especially since Ventus is in great danger of Vanitas and Xehanort.
    Instead: They all linger there for several minutes, let Master Xehanort give his evil monologue, and proceed to get their butts kicked by Vanitas and Xehanort.

     Kingdom Hearts 3 D: Dream Drop Distance 
  • Throughout their journey, Sora and Riku encounter black hooded men who are very clearly members of Organization XIII, even telling them this fact.
    You'd Expect: That they would leave the Sleeping Worlds and go back to Yen Sid and tell him of the Organization's presence, since Young Xehanort told them he was not part of the test.
    Instead: They carry on, despite this very real threat.
    Even Worse: Yen Sid and Mickey both find this out as well, yet don't interrupt the test. At least, not until Sora is abducted and Mickey comes in for an attempted Big Damn Heroes moment that Young Xehanort counters anyway.

     Kingdom Hearts X/Unchained X/Union X/Backcover 
  • The seventh visit to Agrabah starts of the same way as the original movie did, except with your character in place of Kazeem. After you fail to enter, Jafar sets his sights on Aladdin whom he gets arrested. You find Aladdin in the dungeon where you witness him talking to an old man who mentions the Cave of Wonders. The very same cave you attempted to enter before.
    You'd Expect: you would put the pieces together, figure out the old man is Jafar, and tell Aladdin that the old man can't be trusted. After all, he attempted to send you to your doom for that lamp, and the cave of wonders isn't something that many people in Agrabah just talk about.
    Instead: You don't see through Jafar's disguise and just tell Aladdin the cave is dangerous. As if danger was enough to change Aladdin's mind before.
    • When you get to the part where Aladdin finds the lamp, You and Carpet notice Abu getting ready to touch the forbidden treasure.
      You'd Expect: you would help Carpet maintain Abu and keep him from touching the jewel.
      Instead: you just stand and watch Carpet attempt to keep Abu from touching it, not even moving until it's too late.

     Kingdom Hearts III 
  • In Monstropolis, Vanitas appears to confront Sora and company, intent on taking Ventus's heart.
    You'd Expect: Vanitas to take out Donald and Goofy, then check to see if anyone else is around before ripping Ven's heart from Sora.
    Instead: Vanitas just subdues Donald and Goofy, then cuts straight to the chase. Allowing Sulley to take the opportunity to sneak up on Vanitas, scare him, and then chuck him through several doors before breaking the last one.
    You'd Then Expect: Vanitas to simply reappear using the Dark Corridor before complimenting the monsters for their efforts and knock them out. Afterwards, he then proceeds to rip Sora's out like he did before.
    Instead: Vanitas seemingly just disappears and left Sora be.
  • In Kingdom Of Corona, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Flynn, and Rapunzel find a strange flower after having been attacked by dandelion heartless. Because of this, they are immediately suspicious of the flower, so Sora decides to check if it is safe.
    You'd Expect: Sora would take multiple precautions such as touching it with his keyblade to see if anything happens.
    Instead: He just walks up to it and looks at it for a few seconds before declaring everything to be safe. If Donald hadn't said anything, Sora likely would have had his head lobbed off by the Nobody that the flower turned out to be.
  • In Arendelle, just as Sora, Donald and Goofy are about to head up to the Ice Castle (again), Sora spots a man who is carrying an unconscious Elsa back to the kingdom walking at a snail's pace. Sora sense a great amount of darkness within him and realizes that this guy is up to no good.
    You'd Expect: That Sora would run up to the man and immediately knock him out before taking Elsa with her and wait until she wakes up.
    Instead: Even though he is just walking and is visible right in front of him, Sora has somehow lost him and doesn't even try to track down on where he is taking her to.
  • When Vanitas shows up again, he plans to reunite with Ventus by taking his heart, with Aqua and the trio nearby.
    You'd Expect: For all four of them to gang up on him to ensure victory.
    Instead: Aqua decides to face Vanitas alone to prove herself capable.
    The Result: Vanitas attacks Ventus, thus, forcing Aqua to take the shot instead.
    You'd Then Expect: For Aqua to block the attack with magic.
    Instead: She simply spreads her arms out, is knocked unconscious, and needs to be saved by the trio.
  • Vanitas is about to kill Aqua while she's knocked out.
    You'd Think: He'd just go through with it.
    Instead: He takes his precious time, despite having more than enough to take action.
    The Result: Sora uses the power of waking to revive Ventus, who saves Aqua, forcing Vanitas to flee.
  • At the Keyblade Graveyard, Kairi is just about to be attacked by Terranort.
    You'd Expect: For Kairi to summon her keyblade to at the very least block his attack.
    Instead: She just stands there right as he attacks her. If it weren't for the efforts of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, Kairi would have been screwed thanks to that stupidity.
  • On the subject of the above moment, Kairi and Lea are training to wield Keyblades. Kairi especially wishes to help Sora as repayment for all the times he helped her.
    You'd Expect: In addition to all the training, for either Yen Sid or Lea to suggest an actual test of skill to her, or for Kairi to bring it up herself since this is a potential second Keyblade War we're dealing with. Secret training or not, she needs actual combat experience.
    Instead: Nobody ever thinks about doing this, and everyone heads to the Keyblade Graveyard as soon as their training is deemed "complete".
    Result: In addition to the moment above, it also leads to another capture via Xemnas and her death by Xehanort's hand to motivate Sora to inadvertently forge the χ-blade with him. This also results in Sora having to use the Power of Waking to bring her back, leading to his own Heroic Sacrifice and giving Kingdom Hearts III its Bittersweet Ending.

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