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Characters in The Legend of Zelda series are prone to stupid decisions at times, and not even the Triforce of Wisdom is any relief from the idiocy.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
    • Ganondorf, surprisingly enough, gets one of these. After Link meets Zelda in the Temple of Time and obtains the light arrows from her, he traps Zelda inside a crystal so that he can get the Triforce of Wisdom.
      You'd Expect He would trap Link too while he was distracted by the monologuing, obtaining all three triforce parts and being able to rule the kingdom of Hyrule without any opposition.
      Instead He allows Link to enter his castle, and gets defeated twice, and then trapped in another dimension.
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    • Yet another one for Ganondorf, which occurs after Link removes the Master Sword from its pedestal and opens the gateway to the Sacred Realm.
      You'd Expect: Ganondorf to kill Link before he is sealed within the Sacred Realm. Not only is Link an easy target (being only a child), but it would also eliminate the only true threat to Ganondorf's reign and potentially give him access to both the Triforces of Power and Courage.
      Instead: He simply monologues about how Link essentially hands him Hyrule on a silver platter, then laughs. Seven years later, and his entire regime is practically undone by Link.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages:
    • So Link has just used Mystery Seeds to get Veran purged from Nayru's body. But soon after, Veran possesses Queen Ambi, whom she manipulated into doing her bidding.
      You'd Expect: That Link would repeat the same process he did with Nayru.
      Instead: He doesn't do anything until Nayru is forced to escort both him and her lover Ralph back to the present when the guards get summoned.
      Result: Link has to find the last two Essences of Time in order to get another shot at purging Veran from Ambi's body.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker:
    • Link, Tetra/Zelda, King Daphnes and Ganondorf are atop Ganon's tower. Tetra's out cold, Link's barely conscious and Ganondorf thus manages to snatch their Triforce pieces and reassemble the whole Triforce. Now, he must only touch it and all his wishes will come true- except King Daphnes beats him to it and touches the thing first.
      You'd Expect The King would wish Ganondorf out of existence, heal Tetra's and Link's wounds and restore Hyrule for the people of the (apparently fishless, you mind) Great Sea to live in.
      Instead He wishes for Hyrule to be gone. Yeah, nothing else, just washing away this perfectly nice kingdom for no real reason, while Link and Tetra (still barely able to stand on their feet), have to battle Ganondorf, who now suffers a Villainous Breakdown, since his plans are derailed. Even made worse by the fact that, after the battle is won, Ganondorf dead and Link visibly wounded, the king walks up to the kids and apologizes that they've got nothing left except to just carry on with the hope they've got now. When he, technically, could have given them Hyrule. Like the goddesses intended him to. It was the whole freakin' purpose his soul was still around. No wonder that the The King of Hyrule is a Jerk comics are so popular...
  • Zant in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess gets lot of these moments throughout the game thanks to his overwhelming arrogance.
    • Prior to the events of the game, Zant has received his newfound powers from Ganondorf and has begun his hostile takeover of the Twilight Realm. During the coup, he has Midna cornered on the balcony of the Palace of Twilight.
      You'd Expect: Zant to simply kill her now so he'd be rid of the only opposition to his rule as the rest of the Twili have been transformed into loyal Shadow Beasts under his control.
      Instead: He merely turns her into an imp and lets her live.
      Result: Midna escapes into the Light World and eventually meets Link, and the two of them team up to defeat Zant, essentially making him responsible for the events of the game.
    • After the heroes find the final Fused Shadow and dispell the Twilight around Hyrule, Zant confronts Link and Midna at Lanaryu's spring and takes the Fused Shadows from them.
      You'd Expect: Zant, seeing how much trouble Link is, would simply kill him and Midna and spare himself further headache.
      Instead: Zant merely curses Link to permanently remain in Wolf form and nearly kills Midna by exposing her to light. He doesn't even bother taking the Fused Shadow Midna is wearing.
      Result: Link manages to escort a barely-alive Midna to Zelda, who heals her wounds. The two then go on to break Zant's curse using the Master Sword and eventually make their way to Zant's front door. Midna all but spells it out for him when they finally meet.
      Midna: Isn't this ironic? Here we are, all thanks to the dark magic curse you placed on Link!
    • Later, Zant meets Link and Midna at Arbiter's Grounds. Realizing they're still alive, Zant reanimates Stallord to distract the heroes while he goes to destroy the Mirror of Twilight, the only link between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, and thus, the only means the heroes have of reaching Zant. However, as he is not the true King of Twilight, he can only fragment the mirror into four shards, so he scatters three of the shards to the far reaches of Hyrule.
      You'd Expect: Zant to take the final mirror shard with him and keep it with him at all times. That way, even if the heroes find the other three shards, they'll never be able to fully restore the Mirror of Twilight without the final shard. Or alternatively, you'd expect Zant to take all four shards with him and deprive the heroes of the only method of reaching him as he is the only character who can travel between the Twilight Realm and the Light World at will without the Mirror of Twilight.
      Instead: For some inexplicable reason, he leaves the final mirror shard at Arbiter's Grounds, right where Link and Midna can get it! This allows them to simply find the three shards and restore the Mirror of Twilight.
      Even Worse: At no point in the second half of the game does Zant even attempt to stop the heroes from restoring the Mirror. He just sits on his throne and awaits the inevitable confrontation. Speaking of which...
    • Link and Midna have finally managed to fight their way through the Palace of Twilight and are about to battle Zant.
      You'd Expect: Zant, remembering that he took the Fused Shadows from them earlier, would actually use them. He knows what they are and what they can do, and while he doesn't have the complete setnote , the power boost he would get from just the three fragments would be more than enough to help him beat Link.
      Instead: He doesn't bother using them and fights Link with his own power, even though Link has grown strong enough to actually challenge Zant. Thus, though he puts up a good fight, Link manages to defeat him.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:
    • Link has learned that Ghirahim is pretty damn angry about losing Zelda and Impa to the Gate of Time in Lanayru province, which Impa explicitly destroyed to prevent pursuit - this is learned because Ghirahim banters on about the second Gate of Time prior to the battle at the Fire Sanctuary. Link activated the Gate of Time in Faron province to learn about the Triforce and Zelda's role in current events, and not only did he manage to get his hands on the Triforce in its entirety, but Link also uses it as it was intended by Zelda - to utterly annihilate the Imprisoned beyond all hope of recovery. Zelda is scheduled to wake up shortly due to her seal no longer being needed, but Ghirahim is still out there.
      You'd expect Link to blow up the Faron Gate of Time or ask old lady Impa to dismiss the gate, since Hylia's loyalists no longer have a use for it. Ghirahim explicitly wanted to know about this gate so he could get his hands on Zelda, after all, and with him at large, leaving the Gate operational is a bad thing.
      Instead Link walks up to greet Zelda as she awakens from her crystallized sleep. If you still couldn't put two and two together by now, Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda, drags her through the Gate of Time, and offers up her soul to Demise in sacrifice - and since Zelda's soul is Hylia's, Demise awakens from his thousand-year imprisonment 999 years early. You know, guys, you could have prevented this whopper!
    • Earlier, Ghirahim sees Link enter the Forest Temple and recognizes him as the boy from earlier when he conjured the tornado to bring Zelda to the surface world.
      You'd Expect: Ghirahim to kill Link now and spare himself any future problems. Even if Link is just a human, it's best to not take any chances.
      Instead: Ghirahim toys with Link, believing him to be no threat at all, even letting him live when he can no longer sense Zelda's presence at the temple.
      Result: Link continues to interfere with Ghirahim's plans again and again and even manages to use the Triforce to kill Demise in the present, forcing Ghirahim to go to the past with Zelda and attempt to resurrect Demise there. By the time he faces Link for the final time, Ghirahim admits that letting Link live was a fatal mistake.
  • Hyrule Warriors:
    • Zelda has survived an attempt against the Dark Forces. To protect the people around her, she faked her death and comes out as Sheik.
      You'd Expect: That she'll come clean to the Hyrulean Forces about the secret. They'll understand what she did what she had to do, so they agree to use the ruse to put the Dark Forces off their tracks on her.
      Instead: She doesn't come clean to any of her allies, not even to Impa, her bodyguard and confidant.
      The Result: The Hyrulean Forces get demoralized, Impa doesn't trust Sheik, and Wizzro impersonating Zelda. Way to go, Zelda, for screwing up your own forces!
    • Speaking of the above, Impa should know better of finding out Sheik's true identity.
      You'd Expect: That with the Triforce of Wisdom on the back of Sheik's hand, she would immediately figure out she's Zelda. After all, who else would have the sign other than the princess herself?
      Instead: She only became more distrustful of Sheik.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
    • The Yiga Clan can attack you anywhere (except Death Mountain) at anytime... even during a lightning storm.
      During that, you'd expect that they:
      A. Forgo metallic weaponry and wield wooden weapons/bows instead.
      B. Wear clothing that protects you from lightning.
      C. Retreat immediately and attack later when there's no danger of being zapped.
      Instead of the above options: They continue to attack in the lightning, making it possible for them to get zapped by it.
      Making matters worse: A flashback in the Ballad of the Champions DLC shown one of them getting zapped by Urbosa, which provides an indication that they learned nothing from getting zapped.
    • In the same flashback, Urbosa confronts two Yiga Clansmen while walking with Zelda, and one of them was shown taking her on.
      You'd expect: That the other ninja would go after the unarmed Zelda.
      Instead: He attempts to stab Urbosa in the back after she beaten his partner, leading to him getting zapped by her lightning and forcing both Yiga ninjas to retreat.
    • Even the leader of the Yiga Clan, Master Kohga, is not immune to this - when you defeat him in his boss battle, he proclaims he is going to unleash a forbidden technique upon you that he spent years perfecting. He whisks up a giant spiked metal ball... which lands right in front of him, and begins to drift slowly towards him with his back towards the large bottomless pit in the center of his boss chamber.
      You'd expect: For him to not perform the technique next to the pit in the first place, and even in this situation to just move out of the way or even float above the pit, as he is shown to have the power to levitate during his boss fight.
      Instead: He panics and jumps around like a buffoon, letting the spiked ball push him into the large pit which presumably crushes him.

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