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What An Idiot / Five Nights at Freddy's

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In General

  • In the backstory, the Purple Man lured 5 children backstage, killed them, and hid their bodies in the animatronics.
    You'd Think: The bodies would be discovered fairly quickly (especially with the smell of decaying bodies).
    Instead: Either the bodies were never found, or Fazbear Entertainment just left them there. Even after the animatronics began to smell like rotting corpses, and blood and mucus appeared around the mouth, no one checked.
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  • The newspaper ads clearly state that the company is not responsible for death or injury.
    You'd Expect: Any prospective employees to ask what that's referring to or, better yet, find another job.
    Instead: The employees take the job with no questions asked.
  • It turns out that the animatronics are haunted by the spirits of the children, and they want to kill the new employees.
    You'd Expect: The new employees would sue and/or have the employers arrested for purposely leaving that out of the job description.
    Instead: They continue to work there. However, Pizzeria Simulator presents the theory that the playable night guards were actually just aliases used by Michael Afton to infiltrate the pizzeria, so that explains this moment.

  • The pizzeria comes under fire from health inspectors when it is discovered that the suits leak bodily fluids.
    You'd Expect: The staff to attempt to clean the suits with the same effort they give the building upon a murder.
    Instead: They do nothing, and business begins to falter as parents avoid the place due to concerns over sanitation.
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  • The management is incredibly stingy with money, but still needs somebody to keep an eye on their restaurant at night. The very same restaurant where they let all their murderous and haunted animatronics wander around.
    You'd Expect: The management would realize they don't need to hire any outside help; the animatronics are a better guard patrol than any human could be, and they don't need to be paid a dime!
    Instead: They spend money to hire some security guards, give them precious few resources to help them fend off the dangerous animatronics stalking them at night, expose their business' dark secrets to more people, and risk bringing even more massive scandals and lawsuits down upon them.
  • Things like ghosts and hauntings exist.
    You'd Expect: If they do exist, there should be Extranormal Institutes or The Men in Black that deal with them and do something about the situation.
    Instead: Nope, no one does anything about it.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Mike Schmidt is told that if by chance he is killed by the animatronics, the company will hide the corpse and cover it up with a missing person report.
    You'd Expect: Mike to get out of there at once and call the police to have them arrested on the spot.
    Instead: He doesn't and continues to work there.
  • Mike is also told that the animatronics will kill him, and the prevailing theory is it's because they can't distinguish between adult humans and robotic endoskeletons.
    You'd Expect: Mike to empty out one of the suits in the back and wear it to trick the animatronics into thinking he's one of them.
    Instead: He does no such thing and stays there. Later retcons would show that this approach would have failed, but Mike doesn't know this and doesn't make the attempt.
  • Mike only receives 50 cents for working a whole night of overtime.
    You'd Expect: Since that is not how overtime works, he would demand the $35.50 they still owe him (minimum wage of $4 an hour for the year 1990, plus 50% for overtime hours) or if they refuse, sue them for the extra pay.
    Instead: He's apparently fine with being underpaid and doesn't do a damn thing.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • The company gives Jeremy Fitzgerald (and later, Fritz Smith) an empty Freddy Fazbear head to fool the animatronics. It works.
    You'd Expect: Them to have done this in the first game.
    Instead: They never thought about it.
    New information reveals: Freddy's 2 is actually a prequel; they did think about it, and it simply stopped being effective.
  • The company will be closing the pizzeria up on night six.
    You'd Expect: Jeremy to stay away from the pizzeria and enjoy his night off.
    Instead: He goes there anyway.
  • Jeremy is given a flashlight with limited power to ward off Foxy. Balloon Boy keeps trying to disable the flashlight. Unlike the other animatronics, Balloon Boy cannot directly harm Jeremy.
    You'd Expect: Since BB cannot directly harm him, and the flashlight runs out of power after too much use, Jeremy would bring a spare flashlight with him in case the other one runs out of power.
    Instead: Jeremy never bothers bringing a spare, and whenever BB gets into his office and disables his flashlight, he just lets him stand there and laugh in his face as he is left awaiting the inevitable.
  • The pizzeria announces that it will shut down after the murders and the tampering of the animatronics' facial recognition software, making them view all adults as child predators. The Toys are to be scrapped while they attempt to repair the old ones, update their device-lined, foam-like suits and move to a smaller location.
    You'd Expect: Fazbear Entertainment would close down the restaurant completely before Night Six, ensure that all employees are notified of the situation and dispose of the Toys immediately.
    Instead: They decide to hold off their closure until the next day, especially because there is a party scheduled for that day. As mentioned above, the staff fail to inform Jeremy not to go to work on Night Six or that his shift change has been finalized, setting him up for a painful double shift as he is to stay close to the animatronics and watch over them in the latter shift. Having reached their breaking point, one of the animatronics takes action during the daytime for once, attempts to deal with a "predator" and bites their frontal lobe off. Everything inside the pizzeria is immediately abandoned, and they hire a new night guard to watch over the place afterwards, who is immediately fired for tampering with the animatronics. Parts of the Toys are used to repair the originals, and the company stashes their internally-pristine shells (which likely wouldn't fatally slice and dice a human shoved inside) and leftover parts away. Assuming that the old animatronics weren't continuing their murderous streak due to their possessions by the kids, it would appear that their refurbishments failed to remove what little facial recognition technology they had installed, which is what caused the majority of the problem in the first place.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • The new guard discovers that Springtrap is haunted. There is an exit right outside his door. His bosses know nothing about Springtrap being possessed and there is no indication that they are corrupt like the old company.
    You'd Expect: The guard would bring a camera with him the third night (you first meet Springtrap in the second night), take a bunch of pictures of him moving, run out of his office and head for the exit. The next morning, he can show his employers the proof that Springtrap is alive.
    Instead: He never tries anything of the sort.
  • It turns out that there are certain rooms the animatronics cannot enter; the guards are even told that these are designated Safe Rooms for emergency use.
    You'd Expect: The old company would have let guards use these rooms.
    Instead: They sealed them off.
  • The Springtrap suit was actually very dangerous to wear, as the springlocks could easily fail, causing the suit to crush and kill the wearer.
    You'd Expect: The old company would have disposed of it.
    Instead: They stored it in the back room and only advised employees to not wear it.
  • The new company has already set up their place.
    You'd Expect: Since this game takes place circa 2017~2023, they would use some good equipment.
    Instead: They built the place with faulty wiring so bad that they themselves admit it could cause a fire, and they use ventilation so bad it causes people to hallucinate. They state that they did it to make it more authentic. Really, how is that worth the risks?
  • The killer got crushed to death inside of the Springtrap suit, causing a pool of blood to leak out onto the floor. Thirty years later, Fazbear Fright finds the Springtrap suit still inside the old pizzeria.
    You'd Expect: Fazbear Fright to notice the thirty year old pool of blood it was sitting in, investigate the insides of the suit, find the thirty year old skeleton of the dead killer, and empty it out.
    Instead: They somehow miss (or just ignore) the pool of blood, take the suit back, and never look inside. Somehow, from the time they find it to the time it is installed, they never notice the skeleton inside.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

  • The player character's Big Brother Bully constantly torments his sibling by scaring him while wearing a Foxy mask, and leaving him at Fredbear's Family Diner, which he KNOWS he hates.
    You'd Expect: Sooner or later, the younger brother would go to his parents and tell him what his brother is doing to him.
    Instead: He just keeps it in, and never tells anyone about anything.
  • Also, the big brother and his friends continue to harass the child, by mocking him on his birthday for his fear of the animatronic band. Then they get a bright idea to put the kid up close and personal with Fredbear, putting his head in the character's mouth.
    You'd Expect: Them to take him out quick smart, or at least help him out, as Fredbear is clearly shown to be moving his mouth.
    Instead: They don't, and, well... the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Day shift security guards are instructed to stay close to the animatronics and keep them from hurting anyone.
    You'd Expect: That four teens in bright clothing carrying a loudly-shrieking child up to the stage with the dangerous robots would be intercepted by Jeremy. and/or the Phone Guy. or whoever the hell the day guard was.
    Instead: There's not a single guard in sight.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

  • At the start of the game it's implied that Mr. Afton aka the Purple Man created Baby to kill a lone child by shoving them into her stomach, and that he was inspired by his daughter. His daughter wants to see Baby and play with her.
    You'd Expect: That her father would let her play once, with enough supervision. Kids are hardy, stubborn things that want to do something the more they're told not to do it. Baby or Ennard recounts that she was fine if there was more than one person in the room, and since Afton is the creator of these things, he should know this.
    Instead: Mr. Afton forbids his daughter from going near Baby. This means that, being a kid, she sneaks out to see the animatronic and thus is alone. This triggers Baby's killing mechanism, which Baby didn't know about, and Afton's girl dies. As a result, Circus Baby is no longer allowed to perform, and Afton is left with the guilt about his daughter being one of his victims.
  • Ennard wants to free all of the animatronics, who are imprisoned in a place where they're subject to various electric shocks and tortured into behaving. They come up with the idea of disemboweling "Eggs Benedict" in the Scooping Room and wearing his skin so they can get out.
    You'd Expect: That they would keep the technician and the two guys that look for him as alive as possible and not put them in dangerous situations unnecessarily as they need him to go to the Scooping Room. The trust they build in Eggs is based on them keeping him alive during Nights Two and Three.
    Instead: On Night Four, Ennard compels Foxy to kidnap you and put you in a springlock suit, which very nearly gets you killed as you try not to wiggle too much but have to fend off the Minireenas. Also for some reason the two technicians are also killed and left to hang on the performance platforms.
  • Also at the Sister location, one Secret Room reveals that there are cameras that go into the Crying Child's home. This means that, logically, the person who built the room would have seen how much the Crying Child's brother bullies him and leads to the theory that the person, most likely Mr. Afton, are his surviving children.
    You'd Expect: That the person who assembled the cameras would confront the older brother for being a jerk to the Crying Child and tell him to stop, because though the Jump Scares are harmless for the moment, they're certainly not funny for someone who lost his sister. It's a basic job as parents to not let your kids bully each other.
    Instead: The father does nothing and it's implied that Afton murders the kids that would have come to the Crying Child's party. As a result, the Crying Child gets his skull crushed on his birthday.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

  • Springtrap has come to the new pizzeria, seeking children to kill there. However, he knows that something is not right and this new pizzeria is possibly a trap. He’s right; Cassette Man and his son Michael have trapped him, his daughter Scrap Baby, Molten Freddy, and Lefty/The Puppet in order to burn them in a deathtrap.
    You’d Expect: Springtrap would realize that it’s probably not a good idea to go to the new pizzeria that’s randomly come up, and leave to go kill children on his own (he managed to get to the pizzeria, he clearly is moving around somehow).
    Instead: He decides it’s too good an opportunity to pass up, and heads to the pizzeria despite knowing it’s likely fake. As you probably can tell, this does not end well for him.


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