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  • More personal than most but the ending of My Pet Monster has his low self-esteem and job insecurity (which have been building up from at least the review of Full House) hit him right in the face. The depression carries on to the next episode.
  • A Simple Wish has Mara Wilson existing! As a demonic badass who schools the Critic and gives him a Humiliation Conga for bashing child stars!
  • Review of Scooby-Doo. Critic reviewing the movie with his younger and older self, all three dying to save the world (Critic gets better though), returning characters coming back (most notably Roger as the angel from "You're A Dirty Rotten Bastard"), is a prequel for To Boldly Flee, and his self-hate running deeper than anyone realized.
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  • "The Review Must Go On" starts off as a Demo Reel episode with Donnie, Tacoma and Rebecca happy with life, but then switches to Critic pushing Doug into killing that show off and bringing him back into existence.
  • Son of the Mask introduces a hell right under Critic's home with the devil and Evilina as recurring characters, Santa Christ comes back a lot nastier, and Critic really regrets coming down from the Plot Hole.
  • The Cat in the Hat is the first big episode showing how Critic in the reboot Came Back Wrong, from his going against his earlier morals and hitting a child, to being gleeful when even the Devil thinks he's sick, to just selling his soul for a worthless joke.
  • The Master of Disguise is the starting point for a lot of plot threads that ended up getting darker; Rachel reveals herself to be a bit of a Broken Bird and tries to kill Critic (and ends up beaten down on the ground), Critic himself has such a breakdown that he says he has to go to the asylum or prison after the review, and he destroys a Happy Madison's building full of people.
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  • The Last Airbender. Not just that it's a big movie with big demand and build-up, but Doug's vlogs get welded into Critic canon, Doug himself becomes another life, Shyam-Amon becomes the first reboot Big Bad who talent-bends Critic, Critic and Doug (as a platypus bunny) meet up again, and there's more meta and Lampshade Hanging than we care to name.
  • The Shining. Critic loses his mind even more, domestically abuses Rachel, tries to kill Malcolm, does these two things because “someone has to pay” for what's been happening, hallucinates a bar in which he complains he wants a drink from the Plot Hole, and doesn't even get better, hiding in catatonia at the end.
  • "The Guyver" is an episode update by Sage, but it serves as wham for Critic. Doug used a vlog to send him over there, it's the first video in the reboot where he's explicitly called out by an equal (not someone who works for him like IC!Rachel) for being an asshole, it's established that his memory of the anniversary specials are fading, and a Redemption Rejection is involved.
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  • The Wicker Man (2006) introduces Tamara, has Critic tortured both mentally by her and physically in a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal by Malcolm, and Karl and Quinn show up to retcon the “The Review Must Go On” retcon.
  • The Uncanny Valley is beginning to end Lampshade Hanging, with also an Ironic Echo to his dad hurting him but this time about creeping into a woman's bedroom, admitting that he's sexually repressed, and ending it with a two-in-one Redemption Rejection.
  • “The Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes”. Dante Basco chasing Critic with firebending, confirmation that in-universe!Rachel and Malcolm were Katara and Sokka in The Last Airbender, in-universe!Doug giving "The Reason You Suck" Speech in a Freeze-Frame Bonus, and Critic's only way to keep himself safe is through meta.
  • Princess Diaries 2. Hyper Fangirl kidnaps Critic to her Big Fancy House that she got from another stalking victim, proves much more desperate and disturbing than even first appeared by trying to manipulate him into loving her. And it almost works via Stockholm Syndrome, but he gets back to himself, tells her that he will never give her what she wants, but she has a breakdown because of this and vanishes.
  • Matrix Month as a whole. Tamara and Malcolm are Brainwashed and Crazy, it's only the 'month' with a Story Arc both in itself and continuing the overall plot, Critic's meta powers are explained with Self-Deprecation, To Boldly Flee homages are common, and he reality warps to get things back to normal World Gone Mad.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road is done with entirely built sets and green screen, Devil Boner gets Character Development, Hyper Fangirl gets over Critic (though nobody thinks it will stick) which he is more than fine with, and meninists are sent by Obama to fight in women's place as Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Subverted with We Wish You A Turtles Christmas, as Critic's Christmas obsession blows up the world, gravely injures Tamara and turns Malcolm into a zombie, but he declares it non canon.
  • Christmas With The Kranks. As well as Continuity Porn (there are nods to review moments from 2007 to 2015), Critic swaps with his 2007 self because he wants the Glory Days back, his I Just Want to Be Loved characteristic comes back when he says he just started reviewing so people would like him, and the speech at the end is a melancholy You Are Better Than You Think You Are.
  • The Phantom of the Opera (2004). A clipless musical with Loads and Loads of Characters, Chester gets killed (although Beth confirmed he's okay), Beth is kidnapped by the Fandumb Of The Opera in a parallel to Hyper>Critic, and speaking of Hyper, she's still chasing Critic but she gets more insight into her fucked up brain.
  • "I'll Be Home For Christmas". Satan has a nephew, Chester has a girlfriend and not subtly in light of 2016 politics, Critic gets To Boldly Flee feelings back and wants desperately to be good.
  • Green Lantern is mostly a light comedic episode until the last five minutes, where Devil Boner swoops in to punish a Deadpool cosplayer for trying to touch Hyper, and then proposes marriage to Hyper, which she eagerly accepts.
  • The Chipwrecked review is the Wedding Episode between Hyper Fangirl and Devil Boner, effectively wrapping up the Hyper Fangirl arc, featuring cameos from several other sketch characters.
  • The Most HATED Nutcracker Movie Ever Made has Critic and company move studios (motivation later trying to run from Aunt Despair and Uncle Lies), Rachel comes back very… Donnie-like, trying to remake Home Alone and Critic essentially apologizes, saying they were a good person even if making something shitty, Critic himself reveals he hadn’t said the F word all year, and the review ends with all of them watching the late Mrs Walker talk from “The Christmas Tree”.


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