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Webcomic / Becoming Blizzard

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A Coming-Out Story Webcomic written by Rondall Carson. The story centers around the titular character, Blizzard; an over-weight, sci-fi loving, sports-watching bear coming to terms with his homosexuality and exploring it.

Characters are:

  • Blizzard Eisbear - The titular lead, and Straight Gay. He likes Bear Trek, The Gladiator Movie, and collecting rare action figures.
  • Rufus D. Bear - One of Blizzard's room-mates. He usually only has one thing on his mind: Boobs.
  • Jim Bruin - Blizzard's flamboyently gay co-worker and friend.
  • B.C. (Trevor Bruin) - Blizzard's other roomie. Jim's older brother
  • Bob Bruinson - A friend of Jim's that Blizzard really hit it off with.
  • Lucibear - The Devil.
  • Charlie Chinn - A daddy bear into S&M.
  • Greg B?- Charlie's lover and slave. Hates clothing.

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