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Beaver and Steve is a dada webcomic by James Turner. It revolves around the unfeasible adventures of an Odd Couple consisting of a quiet, polite beaver and a psychotic lizard dinosaur reptile thingie with a knack for Mad Science. A must read for everybody who wants to verify how much Surreal Humor his/her forebrain can take before trying to run to safety.

Currently on an indefinite hiatus since Turner is working on other projects, it amounts to 346 strips.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Dying Declaration of Hate: In one strip the two title characters are cornered by monsters in an alley. When Beaver asks Steve if there's anything he wants to say before they die, he replies "I've always secretly hated you."
  • Let's Meet the Meat: There is a turnip that really, really wants Steve to eat it, and is willing to go to great lengths to force him to do so. There's also a wedge of cheese who's overjoyed when it comes time to be eaten, because it's the equivalent of a warrior's death for him. Too bad Steve has a haunted filling, so the ghosts eat the ghost cheese before it can ascend to Heaven.
  • The Power of Love: In this story arc, love comes from another dimension populated with evil hearts that want to take over the earth.
  • Time Crash: Parodied. The characters go back in time and Steve eats the apple that was supposed to fall on Newton's head; thus, Newton never invents gravity [sic] and in the future, everything floats. Then, they travel back in time again and launch an apple at Newton's head but it ends up bludgeoning him to death. Finally, they travel back a third time and end up killing their own past selves. At this point, Beaver remarks, "Well, I'm no expert on temporal physics but my guess is the universe will implode." And then it does.