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Arkn Mythos Extended Universe, also known as the Alterverse (or "Universe F"), is the fourth area of creativity in The Arkn Mythos franchise. It is the home of all non-canon work based on or loosely connected to the lore of The Arkn Mythos. This covers a wide variety of material, including original vlogs and blogs, works from The Arknverse and Arkn: Legacy that have been de-canonized, and fanmade content.


The Arkn Mythos Extended Universe provides examples of:

  • Anachronic Order: The videos of Handprints of the Dead were posted on multiple playlists — all of which were out of order, and none of which featured the series in its entirety. (Word of God said that since The Hooks Killer is a body-surfing entity who continually jumps back and forth between timelines and time periods, it would have been impossible to place the events in any kind of chronological order.)
  • Author Appeal: The setting and Steampunk motifs of Type0Negative's (now-deleted) "Tales From the Court of the Traveling Crown" blog took some cues from Firefly.
  • Awesome McCoolname: From Handprints, we get the Spirit family: Christian Spirit, Adam "Antium" Spirit, Damien Spirit, and Cain Spirit.
    • There's also Coolificus Coolage ("Cool Cool"), and Leeroy Maskwell.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: Nicholas, the protagonist of Not2Strange, begins hearing strange noises and experiencing other paranormal events in the woods around his house — culminating in an encounter with a tall, faceless man.
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  • King Incognito: In the blog Court of the Traveling Crown and an accompanying chapter of the original Arknthology Stories, Uriel and Ellpagg (who is now the King of Arkassia) disguise themselves as commoners to conduct business in a dive bar in Maphridome. Ellpagg is nearly as discovered at one point when his sword (with its royal insignia) is spotted by the barkeep.
  • Reincarnation: In FromTheRuins, all the humans who previously existed in the Ruins had their human forms and memories erased and were remade as animals.
  • Religion of Evil: The Cult of Coolificus Coolage. (Read: human mutilations and sacrifices dedicated to the Dekn Lords.)
  • Serial Killer: The Hooks Killer (and Adrian Tamil).
  • Technically Living Zombies: After being exposed to The Hooks Killer's blood, the residents of New Comshine become murderous, cannibalistic monsters (acquiring what is essentially a more amped-up, feral version of Hooks's own personality). The result is something akin to a rage virus.
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  • Steampunk: Maphri'dome, the Arkn city (as seen in Maphridome's Lost Causes).
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Something resembling this occurs in The 7venth Reality: during a shootout with the police, The Hooks Killer's blood ends up contaminating the local water supply, transforming the residents of New Comshine into an unthinking, murderous monsters. Doubles with Our Zombies Are Different.