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Characters from The Arkn Mythos Extended Universe.

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Seven Godly blooded Beings...
All as children from the Dark
Represented by Goodness, Courage, Love and Heart...
These are the Arknza.
The prophecy of the Arknza

A group of powerful, Hethe-blooded Arkn. A Hethian prophecy states that seven of them (led by a core group of four known as the "Paradox Players") will one day face the Carver in battle and emerge victorious, leading to a new golden age.

     In General 
  • Anti-Hero: All of the Arknza qualify as this at one time or another.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Most of the Arknza share their names with Angels (and other figures of importance) from Christian lore: Uriel Alexander Winter, Raphael Tobit Kestler, Raziel Gabriel Holden, Azrael Michaelis Winter, and Raguel Ishmael Ahab Elm.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: Their power may stem from Hethian blood, but the Arknza are generally decent, heroic (if highly flawed) individuals.
  • Fusion Dance: Most of Arknza fully merge their physical essence with that of a Hethe-blooded human "counterpart", leaving the human and Arkn personalities to share a single body. The appearance and personality of each fused Arknza depends on which side (if any) is dominant; however, they typically have the appearance of the human (with glowing, abnormally-colored eyes, wings, and a Voice of the Legion), the general personality of the Arkn (with some additional human qualities), and the memories of both.
    • Uriel and Alex's convergence is the roughest, due in part to Alex's soul being left unfused. Because Uriel is still weakened from his time in the Infernous, their merger must be carried out in the Nexillium,note  and it leaves Uriel with total amnesia).


The Paradox Players


Uriel Alexander Winter, né Uri'el Gilga'mesh

Appears In: In the Wake of the Broken Crown, In the Court of the Traveling Crown

The former Second King of Elysia, King of Battle, and Commander of the Golden Army, Uriel is the son of King Gilgamesh and the father of Ellpagg and Seraphina. During his reign, he was a fair ruler, much beloved and respected by his subjects. However, after his Council condemned his son to be imprisoned in the Infernous, he turned against them and beheaded one of the Arkn Lords. Imprisoned for his crimes, he escaped and hurled himself into one of the .Reality cores, generating countless human copies of himself across the timelines of .Reality. After a period of self-imposed exile in the Infernous, he escapes to Timeline B to find his human counterpart, Alex Winter. Uriel is the first Arknza and Paradox Player, described in the prophecy as "born of a line fit to rule as Kings".

  • Badass Longcoat: During his post-convergence travels, he dresses in a long overcoat.
  • Broken Angel: While he was imprisoned for betraying the Council, his wings were crushed, rendering them useless for flight (and forcing him to work).
  • Cool Gun: His Colt Peacemaker: the original revolver of Edgar "Death" Kharon, forged by the Hethe themselves.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": He's quick to correct anyone who refers to him as "King Uriel". ("Ex King.")
  • King Incognito: In In the Court of the Traveling Crown, Uriel travels the Aethierium dressed in a long, dirty overcoat, cowboy hat, and mud-splattered cowboy boots, and frequents the most disreputable parts of any town he visits. While he doesn't exactly hide his identity, his appearance causes most people to mistake him for a common drifter or criminal, and gets him little respect or "royal treatment".
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia:
  • Modest Royalty: Uriel prefers to travel without an escort and dresses plainly in casual human attire — (first sporting a track jacket, tattered slacks, and a beanie (during and after his convergence in the Nexillium), then wearing a Wild West-style ensemble (while traveling the Aetherium).


Raphael Tobit Kestler, né Raph'ael

The Arkn (and Arkangel) of Healing, Raphael is the eldest son of Abaddon and the first Arkn to result from procreation. He served under Gilgamesh in the First War and Uriel in the Second War, earning a reputation as one of the Arkn's finest warriors. Over time, however, he became heavily disillusioned with the Arkn cause; eventually, he defected and underwent the Bastard's Decay. He sought out his human counterpart, Tobit Kestler (whose timeline was undergoing an apocalypse), and they converged. Raphael is the second Arknza and Paradox Player, described in the prophecy as the Arknangel "born to wars and beings".


Raziel Gabriel Holden, né Ruhah'zehee'el

The Arknmagus of Knowledge, Magic, Wisdom, Secrets, Hope, and Tragedy, and former Arkn of Rage, Indifference, and Fear. Raziel is the fourth Arkn brought into existence, created by the Hethe Gar'sha. He initially served as a soldier, strategist, and religious leader during the First War. At the height of the war, he devoted himself to the study and mastery of magicks, creating the energy field that serves as the source of all Arkn magick, as well as the Aetherium and the Infinitium. After suffering disgrace and mistreatment by the Aristocracy, he lost faith in the Arkn cause. However, he remained near the Golden Cities, where he watched over and helped care for his granddaughter, Ambriel (while assisting the Arknza in their training). Raziel is the third Arknza and Paradox Player, described in the prophecy as the Arknangel "raised from magic strings".

  • Happily Married: The fanfic story "His Name Was Hazel" revealed that Raziel and Hazel shared a very loving, intimate marriage.


Azrael Michaelis Winter

The Arknangel of Time and Salvation from Universe A, Azrael was born Michaelis Winter, the eldest son of that universe's Marcus and Mary Winter and the brother of their children, Elizabeth and Alex. He was an AU version of Michael Knight, created by a glitch generated when Uriel entered .Reality; he unwillingly fused with Xerex Storn on the day his timeline underwent its apocalypse, and was hidden away at the beginning of time, where he was trained and mentored by Ellpagg. After witnessing (and playing a part in) the failure of the Arknza fellowship, he uses his powers to travel back in time to an earlier point in the history of the Arkn, averting the events that lead to disaster and creating a new timeline and universe. Azrael was the original fourth Arknza and Paradox Player, described as the Arknangel who "came forth from time itself".

  • Adventurer Archaeologist: He has some traits of this, being an expert on and "collector" (read: thief) of Dekn relics. Played straight in the (de-canonized) Edgar's Logs of 1800, which sees him jumping between realities hunting relics — and having amazing adventures along the way.
  • Becoming the Mask: He's spent so many eons using the identity of “Edgar Kharon” that he's virtually indistinguishable from the real Kharon.
  • Chaotic Good
  • Impossible Thief: He qualifies, due to the mythical nature of the relics he quests for and his reality hopping supernatural abilities.
  • Phantom Thief: Subverted; despite his reality-hopping abilities, he gets caught up in the action wherever he goes.
  • Pirate: The first entry of Edgar's Logs reveals that he spent some time sailing with Blackbeard's crew on the Queen Anne's Revengenote  in search of El Dorado. He apparently did so in multiple realities — enough that he came to think of himself as "part of the crew".

Arknza of Prophecy

     Queen Ambriel 

Am’bariel Gil’baraskas Para’dasi

The former Arkn High Muse of Radiance, Song, and Empathy. Ambriel is the daughter of Kryatha and Josephine (Raziel's daughter). After the Paradisium Inqusition, she was raised by the Arkn Choir under the name Lahabrea. She eventually discovers her true identity and begins training with Uriel and her grandfather, and eventually fights alongside the Arknze during the battle against The Carver. She becomes the Queen of the Paradisium during the rebuilding period, ruling the city under the guidance of her grandfather.

Ambriel is the fifth Arknza of prophecy, described as "a Queen fit to rebel".



The Arkn Warrior of Justice and Vengeance, Raguel is the youngest son of Abaddon.

Other Arknza

     King Ellpagg 

Ellepagi Xeth'i'stral

The King of Arkaissa, former Prince of Elysium, and former Arkn Knight of Battle, Time, Madness, and Beetles (and self-proclaimed "God of Beetles"). Ellpagg is the eldest child (and only son) of King Uriel. He was destined to become the Third King of Elysium. After agreeing to negotiate a surrender with The Carver, he ends up imprisoned in the Infernous, where he suffers countless eternities of torture. The experience strips him of his Arkn traits, while granting him tremendous power beyond the scope of any Arkn.



The Hooks Killer
The Adrian Tamil incarnation of The Hooks Killer.
Played By: DeathlyLogic
Appears In: handprintsofthedead

A powerful and mysterious Serial Killer, with a very strange past.

  • Deal with the Devil: He made a deal with The Carver after he parted ways with the Fearful Four. In exchange for harboring a fragment of The Carver in his body, he was rejuvenated and granted the knowledge and skills to make him the perfect serial killer.
  • Demonic Possession: Surprisingly subverted: while Hooks appears to be a possessing entity, he's actually a glitched human "program" who's able to move between the different timelines (and versions of himself) at will.
  • Dimensional Traveller: He's the original Barnabelt Kinnard of the Fearful Four, moving between the various timelines of .Reality at will (by exploiting the Debigrath Effect).
  • Eats Babies: He has eaten at least one infant victim (which may or may not have been his own child).
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: His voice is consistently rough and gravelly. (However, the reason behind it varies from timeline to timeline; in one version, he allegedly acquired both his nickname and his gravelly voice after consuming human flesh laced with fishhooks.)
  • I Have Many Names: He's lived under many names in many different timelines. His known identities include Barnabelt Kinnard, King Comshine Orok, Adam Spirit (multiple versions), and Adrian Tamil.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: He has consumed the flesh of his victims on multiple occasions.
  • In-Series Nickname: Quite a few. He's primarily referred to as "Hooks", but he's also been known as The Hook, War, The Killer, the New Comshine Killer, and Copycat King Orok.
  • Legacy Character: To King Comshine Orok (though Barnabelt Kinnard was his first incarnation).
  • Nice Hat: He occasionally sports a rather nice top hat. It's another hint about his ties to the Carver (and De’ebo, by extension).
  • Occult Blue Eyes: He sports them during his livestream finale videos.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Allegedly, he sexually assaulted several infants.
  • Serial Killer: In 2015, he admits to having murdered over 300 people in the New Comshine area alone. And this is just one of his incarnations...
  • Soul Fragment: He possesses a shard of The Carver's soul (which, according to Word of God, instilled in him his murderous skills and abilities and essentially helped him become "a perfect killer"). Said shard is transferred into the vessel of Luke Anton on May 15th, allowing Carver to enter .Reality.
  • Would Hurt a Child: He has canonically raped, killed, and eaten at least one infant.

    Jane Doe 

Jane Doe

Appears In: FromTheRuins
Played By: Kim M.

The protagonist of the vlog series FromTheRuins.

    Luke Anton 

Lucifer Anton

Appears In: Handprints of the Dead.
Played By: Zayne V.

A college kid who is working on a documentary about The Hooks Killer.

  • Asshole Victim: Luke’s a rude, lazy, obnoxious, self-centered kid who has zero regard for the feelings of others. The video opens with him bragging about sexually humiliating a female acquaintance (“a bitch”) during a drug and booze-fueled retreat, and he repeatedly insults his filming partner (who happens to be The Hooks Killer himself) to his face. He's so unlikable that it's hard to feel bad for him when Hooks cuts him open.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Every time he appears on camera, he's wearing something with red in it — Foreshadowing his future connection to The Carver.
  • Demonic Possession: He ends up becoming a (temporary) meat suit for The Carver. Would count as a Living Body Suit...if Hooks hadn’t cut open his chest and played with his internal organs before he channeled The Carver into his body.
  • Fusion Dance: While it isn't stated, it's heavily implied that The Carver became bound to Luke's body, Arknza-style, after he was summoned into it.
  • Idiot Ball: He agrees to work with a strange man who looks like, calls himself, and knows a disturbing amount of information about The Hooks Killer — and then goes with him alone to a pseudo-isolated location where multiple notorious murders took place. All for the possibility of getting a good grade on a school project. Even if Luke doesn't believe the man with him to be the real Hooks Killer, it's still not a very bright idea to hang around a weird loner who names himself after a serial killer and wears a mask that looks like human skin!
  • Meaningful Name: His first name, Luke, is short for Lucifer — a reference to the fact that he's destined to become the vessel for The Carver, one of the beings hinted to be the inspiration for the Devil. His surname, similarly, is a reference to Anton Lavey
  • The Slacker: He constantly goofs off and is perpetually lazy, putting little effort into anything he does. He only agrees to work with "Hooks" because he thinks it will land him an easy A on his psychology project (and a ride to the medical school his father wants him to attend) — and he doesn’t even put any work into that. Lampshaded by Hooks, who points out that he doesn’t even make the effort to wear the same shirt between videos.
  • What an Idiot!: Go to the location of multiple murders with a guy who knows an absurd amount of detail about the serial killer responsible for said murders, and looks and sounds just like him? Sounds like a great idea! Hey, just for good measure, why don't you insult the creepy guy to his face? Repeatedly?

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