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Arkn: Eternal is yet another addition to the web-based Arkn Mythos franchise. Announced and launched on December 25, 2018, with the finale of Solar's Crimson, it is a Spin-Off of The Arknverse. It is intended to allow incoming creators to produce content within the now-concluded Arknverse without potentially disturbing or disrupting the canon ending — while remaining a canon ending in its own right.


It's...a bit confusing.

Arkn: Eternal begins with Azrael Michaelis using his time-based powers to travel back to an early point in the history of the Arkn. He befriends a number of important figures — and, in doing so, alters crucial set points in the timeline. The act causes a ripple in the fabric of reality, splitting off the new version of events into a separate, alternate version of Universe A. In this new universe, the war between the Arkn and the Dekn is still very much present, as are most of its players; however, the end result is a brand new version of reality — in which the story of the Arkn and the Dekn has a very different ending.


Arkn: Eternal provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: Universe E is an AU of Universe A, in which the Arknza befriended one another and formed a team early in life, and Ellpagg was spared the Infernous. It resembles an Alternate Timeline in most aspects, right down to running parallel to (and being able to cross over with) Universe X; however, since time is an aspect of Existence normally only experienced by mortal beings,note  Azrael's manipulation of events — which removed the fixed point that was the End Times — caused a ripple in the fabric of reality, so drastic that it split the "new" set of events off into their own universe (rather than a mere parallel timeline).
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  • All Prophecies Are True: The prophecy of the Arknza states that seven "Godly blooded beings" (led by a core group of four) will one day face a great evil in battle and emerge victorious, leading to a new golden age. In Universe E (even though the prophecy was invented by The Carver and is basically nonsense), this is fulfilled to the letter.
  • End of an Age: The defeat of The Carver by the Arknza marks the end of the age of the Hethe, who leave the universe — taking with them all of their divine power.
    • It also marks the end of the supposed Forever War between the Arkn and the Dekn — which, in the absence of the Hethe (who have provoked and prolonged it), peters out and eventually ends.
  • Forever War: Subverted: the war between the Arkn and the Dekn ends with the Battle of the Arknza.
  • Final Battle: The battle between the Arknza and The Carver.
  • The Magic Goes Away: Downplayed; after the death of The Carver, the Hethe — now deprived of their vessel and "puppet" and disappointed at his easy defeat — departed from Universe E, taking with them all of their divine power. This deprives the Arknza of their divine powers, and renders the Arkn and Dekn mortal; however, it doesn't remove ordinary Arkn magic (which relies on the Strings) from the universe.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The impetus for Universe E. Due to how events unfolded in original history (Ellpagg becoming corrupted and becoming a pawn of The Carver, Uriel betraying the Arkn, etc.), the Arknza were unable to form a solid alliance, allowing The Carver to gain full power — and leaving the fellowship woefully unprepared to fight him. Azrael (after an eternity of training his powers) uses his power over time to travel back to shortly after the death of King Gilgamesh and fixes many of the "mistakes" the Arknza made in his own timeline:
    • Rather than sitting back and watching events unfold (as he did before), Azrael befriends the future Paradox Playersnote  ahead of time and trains alongside them — while telling them about their failings in his own timeline.
    • With their new knowledge of The Carver's battle plans, the Paradox Players are able to train to unlock their divine powers on their own terms, rather than mucking around with human counterparts. (They are also able to revolve or avoid the accompanying distractions — all of which were arranged by The Carver.)
    • When the time comes for Ellpagg to be condemned to The Infernous, Azrael agrees to take his place; Ellpagg never becomes corrupted (or a pawn of The Carver), and Uriel never betrays the Arkn (or creates Alex Winter) and is able to continue training Ellpagg in Azrael's name — while warning him of what could happen if he ever falls.
    • The Paradox Players are able to locate the rest of the fellowship much earlier, and begin training them to use their Hethian powers, allowing the group to form a powerful, united front that defeats The Carver.
    • With The Carver's death and defeat, the Hethe depart from the universe. The End Times never occur, the Arkn and Dekn capitals are spared, and in time the war peters out and ends. In addition, the Arknza lose their divine power (preventing any of them from ever becoming a new god) and become mortal — finally allowing them to live normal, happy lives (and eventually die).
  • Temporal Paradox: Averted (fortunately) due to the "ripple" in time causing the new version of events to split off into their own universe.

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