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Warp That Aesop / DuckTales (2017)

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All Spoilers Are Unmarked


  • Putting children in danger is completely ok.
  • The most responsible person in the house is a maid, who isn’t even good at punishing her own child.
  • Putting a child through military level training is a good idea, it may even come in useful for them in everyday life.
  • Having child characters sound like men in their thirties is preferable to having them sound indistinguishable from one another.
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  • The only reason people are poor is because they're too lazy to go on dangerous and expensive expeditions and adventures to amass wealth.
  • Trying to murder repeatedly won’t get you landed in jail.
  • Discovering artifacts will make people love you, even if you’re a dangerous sociopath.
  • The Jerk with a Heart of Gold will be hated, especially when they’re sustaining the town. The Jerk with a Heart of Jerk will be loved, even when they want to kill.
  • If people aren’t pre-teens and are evil, they can’t be reformed, and shouldn’t be put in jail if they aren’t reformed because they’re in the pockets of big business!

Season 1

Woo-oo and Escape To/From Atlantis

  • Being nude in front of three 10 year olds raises no eyebrows.
  • Lock people in rooms if they annoy you.
  • Don’t quit jobs you don’t want.
  • Keep dangerous objects casually laying around.
  • Your boss will attempt to murder you and get away with it.
  • Discovering an ancient artifact will make people love you, even if you’re a dangerous sociopath

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