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Films — Animation

     Feature Films 
How to Train Your Dragon
  • Your child isn't born badass like you? Well then there isn't anything you can do. Just leave him with your eccentric friend in a small room full of pointy objects and molten metal. You're too busy to train him yourself so don't worry about it.
  • Crippling an animal for life and then making him dependent on you for basic survival is a good thing.
  • Approaching your crush never works. Either let them approach you or dangle them from a tree.
  • The only way to prove that you can live in peace and harmony with the opposing side of a war is by killing the opposing side's leader.
  • The only way for people to like you is to enlist yourself into a war you are too young to fight in.
  • Losing a leg and waking up from a coma isn't a big deal. Just walk it off.
  • Abuse a nice and well-mannered child all you like. He'll still help you, because he's that good.
  • Punching people is a great way to show your love for them. No way is it domestic abuse at all.
  • The only way to get the approval of your abusive dad is to nearly kill yourself saving his life.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

  • Animal abuse is okay if it's done to sheep. Those things are indestructible.
  • War is the only option.
  • Never try to see the humanity in a potential threat and try to avoid a war through negotiation or your loved one will pay with his life.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

  • You learn how to tame a wild animal, that means you have full ownership of that animal's genus. Anyone else is in possession of said animals and then you're a target.
  • Your people wouldn't leave your ancestral home when fire-breathing monsters were attacking them every other night for three-hundred years, but they will leave if those monsters are your friends now.
  • Crippling an animal and then making them dependent on you with a prosthetic is okay. Drugging them to make them open to suggestion isn't.
  • Loving things other than a spouse or child is for naive tinkle boys. As are dreams of bettering the world.
  • Hoes before bros.
  • Six years is long enough for your cause to have changed the entire world. If it hasn't, it's hopeless and you're a selfish idiot for trying any further.
  • If you're captured by the enemy, just give them the information that they want and walk on free back to your allies. They surely won't get pissed at you for ratting them out.
  • There is nothing — not family, not friends, not dreams, not a pursuit of a better world — more important than physical safety. Hiding away in the dark for the rest of your life and forcing everyone around you to do the same is vastly preferable to even the possibility that someone somewhere might hurt you.

     Short Films 
The Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Gift of the Night Fury

  • Breaking into your neighbor's houses and leaving live explosives there in the middle of winter in the far north will have no lasting consequences for you, especially if you didn't know they were explosive in the first place.
  • Make sure to know what your pets want for Not-Christmas or they'll destroy it right after they use it once.
  • You don't want invading animals and they harass you constantly. When you want them around they will leave. Stop wanting things.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

  • Whenever you play a game, always expect one of them to cheat.
  • If you're left in charge of your tribe as a ruler, screw democracy and force your people to follow outdated traditions. Also, if you try to order them to follow said outdated traditions and they disobey you without your consent, expect your superior to possibly chide you, and not the people who actually went against your orders.
  • Disobeying your appointed leader will issue no consequences.

How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

  • All children are either insolent brats or morons.
  • Revising history is fine if it keeps the kids entertained for 20 minutes.
  • Children building traps with arrows and maces and fire for when your friends come to visit isn't worrying. It's adorable.
  • Let your child bang their skulls against everything. They'll be fine.
  • If your spouse doesn't like you talking about other loved ones, they're in the right and you're in the wrong and you should stop doing that immediately.


  • Adults have the memory capacity of goldfish.
  • Vikings were anti-intellectual morons who strived to be as unpleasant as possible.
  • Vikings would disown and banish their own children at the drop of a hat for the first sign of weakness as their laws demanded. Straight-up fact.


Western Animation

Dreamworks Dragons


    Riders of Berk 
"Viking For Hire"
  • Don't strive for peace because war-profiteers will lose their jobs.

"How To Pick Your Dragon"

  • Listening to the founder and expert on a certain skill on how to acquire that skill is for wimps. Go with your gut no matter how often it doesn't work.

"Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man"

  • No matter how much you accomplish doing things your own way, people will still expect better of you under a narrow standard.
  • History will only remember you for how cultural standards will want to remember you by and not the truth.

"Dragon Flower"

  • New things are dangerous.

"Heather Report Part 1 and 2"

  • Expect the worst in people and those expectations will be right... and also wrong. In-fact don't expect anything at all.


  • Enjoying your victory after years of losing will make you just as bad as the guy who gloats non-stop and sorely needs his ego deflated.
  • Your opponent's dad is a dick, so it would be dishonorable to beat him in a fair contest.
  • Being a loser will make you attractive to the opposite sex.


  • The lives of one two-headed dragon is worth more than preventing a war in a culture that only a few months prior would have gladly killed it for sport.

"Defiant One"

  • Getting yourself and someone else stranded in enemy territory in a blind fit of spite isn't worth apologizing for. Just pretend nothing happened and the person you dragged into your mess will forgive you anyway. Even better, blame your acquaintance for your own actions. He/she will usually just accept it as the Status Quo, like they've done for years.

    Defenders of Berk 
"Live and Let Fly"
  • Rebelling against your experienced parent/chief is not only the right thing to do, it will illicit no punishment.

"Race to Fireworm Island"

  • Training is unhealthy.
  • Animal venom is essentially an energy drink and helps when under a Heroic RRoD.

"Worst in Show"

  • Nothing is worth doing unless there are clearly defined winners and losers.

"Zippleback Down"

  • If a woman is ever angry, it's because of institutional sexism.
  • If an idiot with No Listening Skills comes up with an idea to fix a problem that they caused due to all of their other ideas, this one is guaranteed to work.

"The Flight Stuff"

  • Make sure you have experience with taming and riding an animal before you ask someone to teach you how to tame and ride that animal.
  • During war times, having more of a crack-team of people riding fire-breathing monsters isn't a priority.
  • You aren't a hypocrite when you try to keep someone from learning a skill in a safe, controlled environment when you yourself had to learn that skill under a time limit with limited resources.

"Free Scauldy"

"Bing Bang Boom"

  • Don't bring any stray animals home or they will destroy your entire town.
  • Don't bring any stray animals home or your pet will leave with them.

    Race to the Edge 
  • The only way through an Action Girl's heart is in her moment of weakness and dependency.

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