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Debbie and Danny are the children of the original Danny Ocean in the 1960 film.
If we assume the charactes are the same ages as their actors, both Bullock and Clooney were born after the original film, meaning that Debbie and Danny would have been born when Danny sr. was in his late 40s. They could have grown up hearing how the original heist succeeded and then went wrong, leading to them deciding to pull of their own capers.
Danny really isn't dead; he's just faking his death as a part of an elaborate con
Debbie doesn't seem too bereaved by her brother's passing even flippantly drinking a martini, suggesting she knows something.
  • Her knowing something is jossed: She says during her first visit to his grave "it'd better be you in there," implying A: it's not the first time he's done something like this, and B: she really doesn't know if he's dead or not. Though the fact that it's ambiguous does lend credence to the possibility that his death is a con as well.

The real target of the con is whoever's responsible for Danny's death
Debbie can't kill them, but she can certainly humiliate and ruin them like how Danny did to Bank at the end of Thirteen. Plus the trailers make it clear that Debbie is running a con within the con from the start.
  • Jossed: Debbie's seeking revenge on an ex-lover who framed and sent her to prison.

Dakota Fanning is Adam Westing.
She will likely play a similar role like Topher Grace and the other celebrities that Rusty played poker with. Same with Katie Holmes.
  • Jossed: Turns out she only has a very quick cameo and barely talks.
    • Though her character does seem similar to her sister Elle, a young rising star, who we also see in a cosmetic ad, which Elle has done plenty of, but something Dakota doesnt do.

Ocean's Nine will be about Debbie plotting to avenge Danny.
She'll learn that her brother was killed by Terry Benedict or Willy Bank and will plot a revenge. There are at least two twist possibilities:
  • One villain was the real killer and framed the other. Debbie had already figured it out.
  • Both Terry and Willy teamed up against Danny because of what he did to them in Thirteen.

Danny faked his death to avoid being killed by Terry Benedict and/or Willy Bank.
  • Benedict wouldn't have much reasons to kill Danny unless he pulled yet another heist against him. Bank however was shown to be almost ready to throw Reuben from the top of a building, so there's that.

Claude will be acquitted.
His lawyer will point out that he was set up by Debbie. Once he's free, he'll threaten to kill her unless she steals a lot of money for him. Just to make Ocean's Nine similar to Ocean's Twelve.
  • The acquittal is possible, but not the rest. Terry was a multimillionaire with massive connections. Claude is a two-bit art dealer who owns a single gallery. He wouldn't have the resources or contacts to match Debbie's.

If there's an Ocean's 9, the ninth member will be...
  • Nineball's little sister Veronica.
  • Tess Ocean, trying to either avenge Danny or help him keep his cover.

If there's an Ocean's 9, Debbie and Lou will openly be an Official Couple
Here's hoping that the studio, director and cast have taken note of how popular the ship is in the fanbase and will can the Ambiguously Bi / Ambiguously Gay crap for good in the potential sequel and make them an official item.

The next film, if there is one, could be a huge crossover
One that would require The Reveal of Danny being alive, first things first. Many of the Eleven could return bar the late Bernie Mac and Carl Reiner.
  • The Eleven could team up with the Eight for the biggest heist in movie history.
  • Or it could be a Gambit Pileup: the two crews trying to rob the same place at the same time without knowing of the other. It would be a great occasion to reunite the Oceans, brother and sister.

This is how Peik Lin got her money.
  • It'd explain why Peik Lin's family was so obviously Nouveau Riche compared to Old Money types like the Youngs.


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