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Danny and Rusty really are telepathic.
Cause yeah. Those two able to communicate without actually speaking can only be explained by something supernatural.

  • The whole thing is actually just a master plan to get more people with superpowers together. Many of them are unaware of their powers, especially Linus, who has the potential to become the strongest of them all, if he'd just get his head out of his (incredibly sexy) ass.
    • So then, what are their powers? Livingston has technopathy, I guess.
    • I'll have a shot:
      • Danny/Rusty: Telepathy, supernatural persuasion.
      • Basher: Innate pyrotechnic ability; Possible latent pyrokinesis.
      • Reuben: Survivability/long life.
      • Turk and Virgil: They see into the future a la Next, making them superb drivers, and also able to guess each other's "Twenty Questions" answer.
      • I'd wager twin telepathy is how they guess each other's answer.
      • Livingston: Technopathy from being an android, manufactured as an experiment by...Dell.
      • Frank: Can change records at will, i.e he can change his name on legal documents, or wipe out any record of debt. This makes him acceptable to hire by anyone.
      • Kinda like the psychic paper from Doctor Who?
      • Yen: Super acrobatic skills, obviously.
      • Saul: Can make pacifists out of madmen. I mean, how the hell has he not been killed by people yet?
      • Linus: Fingersmith; can steal anything from right under your nose.
      • Which was inherited from his father. His mother's powers are closer in line with Dannyrusty's (Dusty's?), supernatural persuasion. And yes, that was intended to be a portmanteau name.
      • Roman's also a technopath, though more of a natural one than an experimental one like Livingston. Maybe he had worked on Livingston before going rogue. The question now becomes: Is Greco one as well?
      • Francois Toulour (the Night fox), while not in the group, is also a powered individual who has managed to avoid notice and so avoid being pulled into the group. Specifically, he has luck powers. However instead of working by making him super lucky, they work by allowing him to redistribute his luck around so he can make himself incredibly unlucky later on. He expends a great deal of luck to get past the lasers in the second film (which was frankly, ridiculous). This is the reason Ocean and co. manage to hijack the heist: the nature of his power results in everything going bad right afterwards.
      • But the big twist was the Ocean gang already stole the MacGuffin on the train. Though if your theory holds water, in this case it'd be his bad luck kicks in after he stole that thing from that hikkomori shut-in's house.
      • Alternately, his luck is only supernaturally good when he can maintain his concentration. The headphones might have been some sort of artificial power aid, or maybe just noise blocking earbuds to help him focus.
      • I thought he was using the beat to time his movements.

Danny and Rusty set Basher up to get caught in the first film.
In the first film, Basher is in on a robbery gone wrong. Someone comments that it seemed to be a booby trap, to which Rusty, undercover as an ATF agent, remarks that booby traps "aren't his style". Danny and Rusty set him up because they needed him for the Benedict job.
  • This would explain why Rusty knew exactly when and where to find Basher - it's kind of suspicious he showed up exactly after that heist went south.
  • This troper interpreted this sequence differently. Rusty is shown as being almost supernaturally plugged in to the whereabouts and activities of any major players. He already knew Basher was in town, as did Danny, and immediately knows that there might be an issue with availability. I had always thought Rusty knew who was in Basher's crew and that they were more likely to get Basher caught than succeed.
  • Er, did everyone miss the bit where Basher specifically chews out his accomplices in the robbery for messing up? "You had one job!", he says, and that "one job" was presumably disabling the alarm system. The alarm going off couldn't have been some Batman Gambit on Danny's and Rusty's part, because the guys whom they'd have to convince to leave the alarm operational would've know it'd just get them all arrested if they did so.
    • Unless Danny and Rusty re-enabled the alarm system after the accomplices deactivated it. This is still a set-up, but with a good cover because everyone would assume that someone screwed up, rather than the alarm being deliberate sabotage to allow Rusty to slip away with Basher in the post-arrest chaos. We are never seen the accomplice's reaction to being chewed out, but no one would have believed him if he had denied messing up.

Bank's wife will leave him for Benedict.
Not only he won't give her a new five-diamond necklace but he'll also be ruined so she'll leave him and go to Terry Benedict, who'll marry her just to make Bank upset.

Benedict will exact some sort of revenge for the "donation".
He'll go after them just like he did in the second movie.

Bank's wife is a Gold Digger.
He doesn't seem to have any other good thing besides money.

The hooker flyers didn't appear out of nowhere.
Benedict was secretly keeping his Porn Stash in the vault, and Danny, Linus and Yen found it when they were looting the place. They'd originally intended to stuff the bags with small bills, but when they found enough porno mags and ads to pad them out, they figured what the hell.

One day there will be a prequel movie showing Danny and Debbie's first heist as teenagers
It'd probably also show how they met Rusty, Lou, Reuben, maybe one of Linus' parents, Reuben, and maybe even Danny's first meeting with Tess. It'll also spotlight the Ocean family's sordid criminal past and have the kids pull off a heist in order to protect/avenge Danny and Debbie's father.

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