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Gary, Zii, and Yuki will ultimately end up in an OT3
While it would be very surprising if Giz were to actually do this, it actually makes quite a bit of sense. Eventually, all three characters will need to be paired with someone, unless Yuki is Put on a Bus. However, neither Zii nor Yuki have shown any kind of romantic interest in any one other than each other and Gary (well Zii is interested in DiDi, but DiDi seems oblivious to this, and at this point Zii/DiDi is highly unlikely). Therefore, either one of them gets paired with someone who hasn't been introduced yet and/or remains single, Gary gets paired with DiDi and they get paired with each other, or OT3. Which of these three option seems most likely? It's not like a Canon OT3 is unrealistic in this setting. Clearly Yuki and Zii are both Bi, and they both have had significant Ship Tease moments with Gary. And really, it's not like Gary would mind.

Junghan is Asexual.
He's the only regular character so far to not show any attraction at all to anyone, he doesn't react at all to DiDi even when she kisses Zii, and his only thoughts on Zii in revealing cosplay seem to be pride in his costume-making ability.
  • Well I wouldn't exactly call him a regular character, considering he's only appeared a little more often than the landlord.
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  • Keep in mind Jung is a nerd who runs a comic shop. He might be the type to have a waifu and be of the "3D pig disgusting" mentality.
  • Jung is also an obvious expy of Jughead, who is definitely asexual.
  • He had sex with Ramona, Dillon and Zii's fellow Yaoi club member who suffers from CAIS from Sticky Dilly Buns. However, we need to wait for more story development.

Zii has sex powers.
Much like Frank Miller's version of The Spirit, Zii somehow gained the inexplicable ability to make anyone attracted to her, and uses this to her advantage. Given that Gary is a huge comic book geek, you'd think he'd make the connection by now.
  • Actually it's because he's a comic book geek he fails to make that connection. He suppressed all memories of that movie.

The married man Dillon was recently seen with is Papa Vyndicator.
We've heard from Mama V that he has been cheating on her with his "secretaries", which may have actually been men in wigs. Whether Papa V is full-on gay or is bi like everyone else (and actually did have sex with his secretaries) remains to be seen. Either way, he is attracted to men and is in a very Transparent Closet.

Gary will end up with an Unwanted Harem.
Well, he already sort of has one, but it will become less subtle. He has Dillon who has a crush on him, Zii who has some lust for him but probably wants to wait until he can last for a while and Yuki is having dreams about him. I think his favourite 'movie' star Amber is going to join since she seems eager to meet him from what Dillon has said and that could develop. I can see Gary and Sandra getting into a 'whose life sucks more' debate, which could lead to a connection. There'll probably be a couple more characters introduced and they might start loving/lusting the nerdy loser protagonist.
  • ... it already is an unwanted harem. and there ain't nothing subtle about it.
    • and now it's exploded, with every character Gary has ever met (save for Junghuan) finds him at least attractive.

Yuki is a lesbian, not Bi.
In the beginning, Gary tells Zii he's completely straight, but she can't seem to understand he doesn't feel that way about guys. This means when she says "Yuki isn't gay, she just doesn't have sex with guys" it could just be her ignorance showing. Also, in the magazine shop, Yuki reassures herself she's a lesbian with some nude men. This shows she has no attraction to men. Her trauma doesn't come into it, she just doesn't like guys.
  • Actually she admits that she finds some men attractive when looking at the magazines, but then her complex kicks in when she uncovers their penises.
  • I don't think that was "reassuring herself she was a lesbian". It looked more like curiosity, as thanks to her trauma she subconsciously blocks all memories of seeing unclothed men and thus can't remember what a real penis looks like.

Zii is another-universe form of Haruhi.
I know what you're thinking. "Oh great, yet another stupid 'X is Haruhi' theory." Well, think about it. Haruhi unconsciously warps reality to suit her whims. The very first example is, of course, what starts the series off. She wants aliens, time-travelers and espers? Well, she's got them! Same thing with Zii, being the yaoi /yuri fangirl that she is. No matter where she goes, she somehow has the ability to warp people's sexualities to suit her whims. Waitress in a random diner? Actually bi, and starts making out with Zii in the bathroom. (Seems she's starting to become a recurring character...). Two guys walking down the street together? They'll start making out when Zii drives by.
  • In recent strip, she and Didi watch their waiter make out with his boyfriend. This would be one hell of a plot twist if it were true.
  • Adding on to this theory: Gary is Battler, since he has so far resisted Zii's power and has remained straight.
  • This theory is looking more and more plausible as the strip goes on. She just talked Dillon into getting naked in the shower with her so fast he doesn't even know how he got there. Dillon. A man so Camp Gay he makes a gay pride parade look like a fundamentalist rally. If Zii isn't Haruhi she has to be some kind of Wish Fulfillment Author Avatar or something.
    • Then again, Amber was able to do it just as easily, maybe it's a learnable skill of some kind.

Yuki is going to run into Senna.
Hilarity will ensue.

Sandra's drinking will be played as a Cerebus Retcon
It's been shown time and time again that she copes with stress by drinking chugging from a bottle that she apparently carries around with her, and the one time we've seen her out of alcohol, she starts to panic. This can not end well.

The final strip will show Gary after losing his virginity.
Unless the comic's over now, Jossed.
  • Or in a way, confirmed, as long as the final strip shows Gary. Depending on the virginity in question.

Yuki and Sonya will hook up.

Erik is dating Zii in order to break her heart.
Why would a man who was pining after somebody else, and still loved, immediately declare his adoration for a girl who forced him into a homosexual three-way? So he can have revenge FOR said homosexual three-way. with the extravagant doting and Kissing-His-Sister jealousy litmus test, he's building up her devotion to him, so that when the point comes that she actually wants to deepen the relationship and possibly consider commitment... he blatantly throws her feelings in her face, explains his plot, breaks off the relationship in the cruelest manner possible, leaves her crying in the dust, and once and for all destroys Zii's Karma Houdini status.

Gary and Kiley will become a couple
At which point the humor of the strip will shift from Gary trying to lose his virginity to the two of them desperately trying to find some time alone as well as a set of wacky misunderstandings that make it look like he might be cheating with one of the other girls.

When Yuki discovers that Gary and Kiley have had sex, she will make it her mission for she and them to become a threesome.
And by "threesome", this troper means polyamory. Yuki probably wouldn't be all that unhappy with being in a relationship with the guy she seems to have developed feelings for (once she completely gets over her phallophobia, that is), and the girl who's been trying to help her through her issues.

Clover attacked their city at one point.
Only for Zii to try and seduce him...and the experience so disturbed him he chose to look for his mommy so he could get her to keep him safe from "the crazy woman."

DiDi will eventually get what she wants.
It will be Gary who gives her an orgasm with the "Swirly-Go-Round" technique. And it will be so overwhelming her shout will be heard in all of Montreal.

And Zii will cry over the lost chance.

The last strip will have Gary, Zii and DiDi engaging in Three-Way Sex.
So the titular "menage" will become an actual one.

Didi will become a supervillain
Her growing frustration with never coming is her Start of Darkness.

Yuki is about to inadvertantly give DiDi her first orgasm.
  • 1.) She's bound.
  • 2.) She's at Yuki's mercy.
  • 3.) Check the expression on DiDi's face (particularly the blush), now that she's being spanked.
  • It seems that being dominated, and the kinkyness of the situation, is about to give DiDi the orgasm she's been looking for.
    • Hilariously subverted by Zii's untimely arrival, and DiDi was SO close too.
    • Is implied to have occurred accidentally when both were sleeping in the same bed.

By the end of the series, Gary, Zii, and DiDi will all be in a ménage à trois, but not with each other.
  • Gary: with Yuki and Kiley.
  • Zii: with Sonya and Erik.
  • DiDi: with Sandra and Matt.

Rob will be a Chekhov's Gunman of some sort.
  • There must be a reason why he is credited on the cast page, despite playing hardly any role in the story.

Didi will sleep with Gary, but won't enjoy it.
  • In prior strips she's never seen trying to get her lovers to use their fingers or mouth to get her off so she likely doesn't no penetrative orgasms are quite rare. She will eventually get with Gary but because of this lack of knowledge, he'll last five seconds and she'll leave mournfully over another wild goose chase.

Gary will end up with Kiley.
  • Compared to all the other women interested in him, she's the only one who wants him for him and cares about his needs. Yuki can only satisfy herself and sees no problem with this, Sonya treats him as a prize to be won and Didi and Amber just want to come. I figure she'll come back and Yuki will tell her about how the relationship's been going, where Kiley will point out she's not being fair to Gary or maybe just internally. There'll be a sub plot where Kiley worries whether she wants the relationship to end for herself or for Gary and eventually something will happen that allows them to get back together.
    • Amber does show genuine concern for Gary when she thinks he's in an abusive relationship (and he very well might be), and was extremely angry when she found out that Yuki and Gary's relationship is all take and no give. That said her intent is to "rescue" him for herself.
    • Dillon recently hit Gary with yet another Armor-Piercing Question when he asks him if he loves Yuki (Gary, truth be told, doesn't know). It may be a setup to reveal the only girl he's actually loved was Kiley.

Gary's not there...
In the current arc, Didi, Zii and Sonya are all really drunk, and Zii and Sonya are fighting over whether Didi or Peggy (a girl Sonya met while she was with Zii's boyfriend) will sleep with Gary. Peggy has decided that Didi has more of a right to it, but Didi suggests making a threesome with him. Of course, the hilarious conclusion will be that Gary's not actually there in the flat (as it has happened thousands of times), having probably left to talk with Yuki or Amber over his problems.
  • Looks like you've nailed it (2 May 2013, NSFW).

DiDi will have a Heel Realization at some point.
  • As far as I see, the authors listen to fanbase's complaints (Zii's Character Development might count as an example). DiDi will soon realize that her pursuit made her an unlikable selfish bitch.

Gary, Zii and DiDi are reincarnations/Alternate Universe versions of Edd, Marie and Nazz.
  • Both Edd and Gary are socially awkward Extreme Doormats with unusually high number of female adorators.
  • Nazz and DiDi are beautiful, yet oblivious blondes with unusually high number of male adorators.
  • Zii and Marie are Karma Houdini Tomboys. In first strips Zii wore a black tank top.

Gary has been to the United States
Before Senna took him to Paris, Gary had never flown before, yet he has a valid passport. Unless he's been on a cruise or worked at sea at some time within the last ten years, the only place he could have gone outside Canada without flying would have been the United States.
  • Probably for Comic-Con.

Jung is a trans man in a committed relationship.
In the series, Jung shows little to no interest in any of the sexy going on around him, and he doesn't when Yuki starts kicking his customers in the junk. Jung doesn't care about these things because he's happily committed to someone, and he doesn't worry about Yuki because he hasn't transitioned completely (although he might have had some steroids or top surgery).
  • In this this strip from Sticky Dilly Buns, Ramona, whose first sexual experience was with Junghan (as revealed a few strips later), talks about "the first inch", implying he does have a penis.


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