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  • When a character is kicked in the crotch, why are the stars above his head!
    • Because that's where his testicles are now?
    • I figure it's because he got knocked out and that's the standard spot.
    • If you've ever been hit in the balls really hard, first of all, I'm sorry. Second of all, your head will spin.


    Zii's sexual successes 

  • What is it about Zii? Every guy and his mother (in a recent strip, that's taken literally) willingly sleeps with Zii. Does she have some sexuality-warping aura, is she lucky enough to always find a fellow bisexual where ever she goes, or is she just that good?
    • And while you're at it: Why is she allowed to sleep around, but the guy who's married to said mother is a scumbag if he does so? And it's not exactly her only flaw.
    • The idea is that the husband did it first, and the mother did it as a consequence.
    • Also, the fact that the guy was, y'know, married gives his a lot less leeway in that regard than Zii has, as a single.
    • It's a little complicated, but it mostly comes down to revenge sex. Most likely after Zii met Angèle there was quite a lot of talking about their lives before Zii put the moves on her, at which point Zii likely realized that not only was she going to get hot and heavy with an industrial-strength MILF, but she was doing said MILF a favor by giving Angèle the push she needed to dump her cheating husband and bail on a crappy marriage. On top of all that, she got to shove Vyndicator's words back in his face in a very, very literal way. If you're one of the people who thinks that was Zii's CMOA, this three-for-the-price-of-one seduction is what separates it from a typical quick-and-dirty hookup.
    • I would like to note that even if you think Zii is a Creator's Pet, this can still be her CMOA. Villains (and The Scrappy) can have crowning moments too.

    New Roommates 

  • Why did Gary have to get new room mates after he found out they were dating? He doesn't seem to be that uncomfortable around Dillon, and he's pretty much just a blink away from rapist. So why did they feel the need to move out?
    • Well, Dillon and Matt wanted a place all for themselves, it seems. And by the time Gary found out, even if he told them he was okay with them being gay and around, they had already made that decision. And without THAT the story wouldn't have started to begin with. Plus there's the nosy intolerant landlord and thin walls that would have made them getting kicked out inevitable.
    • Wouldn't say that they'd get kicked by the landlord, she did tolerate Zii and DiDi while watching horror movies.
    • Sort of. That Landlady still scared the Hell out of poor Zii and DiDi. Thankfully for Gary's sake, Girls Are Really Scared of Horror Movies.

    Promiscuous Gays 

  • On that note, why are all the gay guys a bunch of slutty sexual predators, and all the girls are slutty bisexuals? Would it kill Giz to be... you know... creative in one single part of the comic?
    • They aren't predators, really, though they do seem to be promiscuous.
    • It's ribaldry. Everyone being slutty is part of the deal, and has been for as long as anyone can remember.
    • The comic is about people being sexual. If you don't like it, perhaps you should read another comic instead.
    • And with Sticky Dilly Buns, we find out that Dillon is prone to flirting, but he prefers committed relationships for any actual sex.

    What happened to the kid 

  • So the kid in the latest arc finds out: His dad is cheating on his mom, his mom just had gay sex with someone they never knew before, someone he made fun of online randomly shows up at his house and has sex with his mom, and his parents are getting divorced, all on one morning. He runs screaming. End arc! Wait wait!? What about the kid? He's gonna need therapy, or something.
    • Somehow I doubt we were supposed to care for that kid.
    • Seeing how the fans are now treating him as The Woobie, that would be a major swing and a miss.
    • Wait, "gay sex"? Is that important? Is it more likely to demand therapy?
    • I'm guessing because— would you expect your parent, whom you (Provided you've ever thought about it before) thought was straight, to suddenly reveal/imply they've had sex with someone of the same gender? Especially at that (the kid's) age? Also, depending on the person, that probably could be quite the shock. I wouldn't be surprised if there actually were people who went to therapy for that. Unfortunate, but possible.

    Sexuality as character 

  • Is it me or does a main character's sexual identity make their character? Besides Didi, you have Gary and Sandra who are both unlucky losers and identify as straight. Dillon and Yuki identify as gay and are very bright and cheerful. Matt and Zii, both identifying as bi, are immoral cheaters who are only concerned with their immediate needs than the feelings of others (More Zii though).
    • Mh, that's a nice observation.
    • I always figured that as far as the creators go, they didn't care and the characterization is only as deep as the softcore porn of them she is selling, with everyone just being hollow stereotypes to exploit.
    • Matt is more culpable than Zii. We've never seen Zii in a committed monogamous relationship, and while she's had sex with people who were, she's not the one cheating; they are. Matt, meanwhile, was a huge whore, despite both Dillon and Sandra apparently having real feelings for him.
      • If Zii knew those people were in a relationship when she slept with them, she's just as culpable in the cheating as they are. You don't get a moral "out" for helping someone commit an offense, knowing full well that's what you're doing, just because you technically didn't commit the offense yourself.


    Cerebus Syndrome 

  • Is it just me, or is the comic verging on Cerebus Syndrome? All those cheating stories in the last time...
    • I honestly don't think so. I can understand why people got offended or something similar with the "Gently Cares" You episode, but I really, really don't think it was meant from the author to be taken as seriously as some people have.

    Drawing naked women 

  • If we can base ourselves on Yuki's reaction, Gary isn't exactly proficient at drawing (naked) women (Yuki: "what are those?" Gary: "Er.. her breasts"). Okay, this is a throw-away gag to justify another naked scene with DiDi but still... Aren't there any art academies around where Gary could have access with real-life models? He certainly seems passionate enough about his art to have a high quality drawing table until Matt and Dillon broke it.
    • My guess is that Gary's a talented artist, but is strictly amature with little to no formal training. Judging what we know about his home life I don't think his parents would have approved of his becoming a cartoonist and if he went to college he probably studied something more pratical and lucrative, such as computers. He does seem to be pretty knowlegable about them and it's suggested that he works in a tech-support call center.
    • But wouldn't a reasonably talented artist who actively looks for models (he did ask Matt to pose for him after all) look for an evening-school academy or something like that?
    • Given his job (working in a call center), his living situation (seriously, that apartment is gorgeous), and his hobbies (rare and most likely expensive Transformers) he probably doesn't have the money to pay extra classes so he takes what he can get, and what he can get is Matt. That Came Out Wrong.


  • Why don't any of the females in the cast seem to wear bras?

    Pairings with women 

  • Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that a good majority of the sexual encounters in this comic—whether positive or negative, but mostly positive—involve women? Even the ones involving the gay guy? And the only ones where he managed to get any with another guy either ended or are probably going to end rather badly? Granted, I should probably wait and see where the creator's going with this Dillon/Dillon's agent/Amber thing, but I just think it's odd. Also, Dillon doesn't necessarily have sex with any women, but he sure seems to end up in a lot of sexy situations with them for a gay guy. I'll just chalk it up to Everyone Is Bi for now.
    • Giz seems to be aware of this, because as of recently there have been a lot more exclusively-gay encounters. The fandom was kind of divided over the issue, but the majority agreed that it wasn't necessarily a bad thing that there was more hot man on man action going on in the strips. The few that claimed disgust at the change were decried as homophobic idiots and told to stop reading if they didn't like gay sex.
    • She seems to be overcompensating now, seeing as the latest chapters have Gary getting pegged Hell if you read SDB its shows that even Jung isn't even fully straight, Im guessing banging a Hermaphrodite makes you Bi or something, not being offensive I just honestly don't know the term.

    French primary language 

  • Why does almost no one seem to speak French primarily? Didi does, obviously, and once in a blue moon a random passerby does, but everyone the main characters come across addresses them in English, even those who've never heard them speak. When I've been to Montreal, nearly everyone knew English, but most people would approach you first in French...
    • Parce que c'est acceptable d'être prèt à sacrifier l'authenticité d'une oeuvre pour rejoindre un public plus large? Because it's acceptable to be ready to sacrifice the authenticity of a work in order to reach a larger public?
    • I just figured because the writer's experience with French seems to be to the extent of two quarters of a beginning French class in high school.
    • I have actually spoken to the artist/co-writer herself via email. She is quite fluent in French. Listen to the above Troper. Il/elle a vraiment raison...
    • Convenience?
    • It bugged me too (Didi saying "Bienvenue" for "You're welcome" instead of "De rien"), but then it occured to me this might be how Canadian-French (as opposed to French-French) speakers respond.
    • It was only a generation or two ago when fully half of Montreal was primarily English-speaking, so the artistic license isn't as big as you may think. As to the French shown in the comic, Quebec French and France French can be quite different, to the point of being neigh-incomprehensible to each other if the speakers have particularly strong dialects.


    Angels and devils 

  • The little angels and devils that the main characters have. When we first see Didi's devil, its small enough to fit on her shoulder. Her angel, however, is a huge giantess. That means that she is a really good person, right? So if that's true, why the hell isn't Zii's devil the size of Godzilla?
    • Because for all the years that DiDi didn't call on her devil, her angel was the only one who could feed on her emotions, while Zii's angel/devil had to split?
    • Because Zii isn't a bad person. Just kinda slutty.
    • There are a lot of people who would disagree with you on that point.
    • And just as many who would agree.
    • Regardless of what the fans think, clearly the author doesn't think of Zii as a bad person.

    I Banged Your Mom 

  • I've only read Menage A 3 and I don't know which strip came out first, so I'll put it here: Isn't the I Banged Your Mom example (mentioned above) dead on for the scene in Sabrina Online where Zig-Zag (Sorry if I'm misspelling it) had sex with a teenage troll's mom for revenge? MA 3 is, in my opinion, the best webcomic ever, but somone ripped off somone.
    • Read the title of that strip. No one ripped off anyone. It's just a little in-joke.
    • Oh, okay, sorry.
    • And, of course, both were referencing the ending of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.


  • Okay, a little Fridge Logic on my part, but why does Yuki associate Penises with tentacles? Unless the tentacles were shaped like penises, shouldn't she associate any phallic object with tentacles? How would she react to an actual tentacle?
    • Who says she doesn't react that way to phallic objects? We haven't seen her in the same scene as any non-penis phalluses, or tentacles aside from the childhood flashbacks. She very well might have the same reaction.
    • She's a drummer, clearly not all phallic objects evoke the reaction.
    • It was shown that she doesn't like sausages, though she doesn't have an extreme reaction to them.
    • She seems to have a reaction, thought not quite as dramatic of one, to bananas
    • Many tentacles do have a glans. If that's how her father drew them, penises might provoke a stronger reaction.
    • My opinion is that Yuki's reactions depend on how penis-like what she sees is like. Thus, foodstuffs (bananas and sausages) just make her angry, and unwilling to eat them; drawings (like Gary's drawings of Matt) just make her faint; photographs (the naked mags at the shop Kiley works) and her father's drawings trigger her "destroy all penis' images" rage, and the real deal (and strap-ons) trigger her groin-attacking Unstoppable Rage.

    Gay Bastards 

  • Why is it that the gay males in this webcomic are both such utter bastards? Admittedly Dillon does seem to care about Gary, but he still takes his flirting with Gary way too far. Jordan, meanwhile, makes Dillon seem nice by comparison, using twisted mindgames to make Gary question his sexuality. Seriously, what the hell?!
    • Dillon isn't much of a bastard outside of that and otherwise it just seems like him openly flirting with Gary that Gary shakes of with a healthy dose of bemusement.

    Matt's advice 

  • Matt's been bugging me lately too. When Sandra comes to him saying Didi came on to her and asking for advice, he tells Sandra to deliberately start a sham relationship with Didi because men will find it hot to see them together.
    • No, he tells her to pull a Xanatos Gambit: Either it turns out she's a lesbian and she'll have Di Di, or she gets the experience out of her way and it helps her get men in the future. Like how you should try a lot of jobs, because even if you don't like them they look good on your resume.
    • It's the same thing. He's telling her to use DiDi as a tool to get a rich boyfriend in the future. Trying lots of jobs to beef up your resume is completely different from deliberately manipulating someone into a relationship just so you can dump them later and use the story to titillate men.
    • You're missing the point. It's not manipulative, it's explorative. She's determining if she's interested in girls or not. If she is, then she has Didi. If she isn't, then she and Didi will break it off amicably, and then mentioning the story to potential suitors will be a huge turn-on.

    Senna's sex 

  • Senna. Nothing against transsexuals, but from dialogue I assume she is a man who received a sex change to become a woman. Why would she still have her penis? It has to make her job as a model difficult.
    • Ahum... If you don't recognize the phenomenon, I'd advise you not to google terms like "pre-op transsexual", "ladyboy" or "shemale" with Safe Search deactivated. Especially the Brazilian ones are well-represented on the internet. (seriously, you will only get NSFW results)
    • Alright then. As long as it's not a totally unheard of thing I can accept it better. Still, a lingerie model? The airbrush guy must be amazing.
    • There are a few preop transgender models out there, and as a general rule Mt Fs are pretty good at tucking. Also, for some shoots Senna might wear a gaff under whatever panties she's trying on, if they're not too skimpy. (Also, at the age Senna probably is (20ish, most likely), it's much easier to turn a guy into a very pretty woman.)
    • Didn't you see the look on Sandra's face, thinking the same as you, when she was told Senna was a lingerie model? Rule of Funny, dude. It's how impossible that sounds what makes it funny. XD
    • Also she's (apparently) only in town for a short time, maybe she's leaving to get the other half of the operation.


  • I'm totally okay with Rule of Sexy being the major driving force of this comic. What just bugs me though, is how the fanservice seems occasionally jammed in. Like the most recent strip here: (NSFW link deleted) featuring Di Di and her Naked Apron shot. There was no readily apparent reason why except for Rule of Sexy. Sometimes it seems like the author/artist has a "fanservice" quota that must be met.
    • I figured she was trying to make sure Sandra had the right idea.
    • Yeah, it's pretty clear DiDi is shamelessly trying to seduce Sandra. Why else would she be grinding her boobs into Sandra's back in the next comic? The weird thing is it seems to be working. I guess DiDi really is just that hot.

    Older female Gary 

  • Is it me, or does Yuki's female version of Gary look old?
    • Gary is almost thirty, which would make him among the older members of the cast.

    Male Black Canary 

  • How does anybody mistake Dillon in his Black Canary outfit as a girl, considering it prominently displays his completely flat chest?
    • They may have thought he was just underdeveloped.
    • But other shots of him shirtless show that he's got a fairly masculine chest, even if he's got girly mannerisms. It probably wouldn't be so unbelievable if the costume came with the padding you'd assume pretty much anyone would need to play your average superheroine... or even any padding at all. The fact that they just strapped the outfit to a completely and utterly flat chest, when the rest of the body shape indicates a fully-grown adult, wouldn't be very believable. Adult women that flat are also usually extremely skinny.

    Hit Play 

  • And on the subject of the play, the whole "You've ruined, it's a hit!" bugs me. It's incredibly cliche, but I can handle that. What bugs me about it is that there's no way anybody in the audience could begin to believe that this was still part of the play. Dillon completely breaks character, nobody's using character names anymore, and some random mundane freckled woman comes on stage spouting about sex, goes toe to toe with "Black Canary" and rips "her" wig off. Willing Suspension of Disbelief will only go so far.
    • The only reviewer was Jung. He's known for extremely negative reviews, so when he said it was good, the execs were more than happy to jump at the opportunity.
    • It also helps when you know that Black Canary actually does wear a wig in some comics to hide her short hair and, therefore, identity. So if people also start to think that Sandra was just Barbara Gordon/Poison Ivy/some other Gotham redhead, things work themselves out.
    • Minor point of order, Black Canary hasn't worn a wig since probably the late nineties, she grew it out and dyes it now. The play's clearly based on the modern versions of the characters (no Discowing) so the wig lending it authenticity wouldn't fly. Especially since, y'know, Dillon has blonde hair instead of black, which is Dinah's natural color.
    • It's entirely possible that Jung realised it obviously wasn't part of the play, but still actually enjoyed it because it was still entertaining. We never do see the rest of his review.
    • Rule of Funny, that whole punchline worked because it was just so random.
    • Maybe some people thought it was some sort of avant-garde experimental work?


  • If Zii cares enough about issues of consent that she had a problem with Gary suggesting her as a replacement threesome member without consulting her first, why didn't she have a problem with Amber tricking Gary into eating her out?
    • Double Standard, A Man Is Always Eager, as well as Gary having expressed a lot of interest in Amber beforehand, so it's doubtful he would have minded being openly propositioned for it. She just didn't do that because she thought that Gary was gay.

    Kissing technique 

  • Since Dillon likes guys, how is it that he managed to learn a "kissing technique" that is actually a very effective technique for performing oral sex on women?
    • It's probably just a really lucky accident on Gary's part that the swirly just happens to be really useful for orally pleasuring women. Dillon probably never used it on a woman before.
    • It may (as Amber surmised) also work on guys.
    • It is actually noted by Amber, that the way Gary does it, is different to the way Dillon does it. (that one time he was roped into a threesome between himself a scumbag director and Amber.), proably due to Dillons "Kissing Lessons" never seemed to actually continue so Gary had to make it up as he went along and it realy worked in his favour.

    Yuki and straight sex 

  • How can Yuki be so ignorant of how straight sex works? Even if she's never done it herself, she should have learned about it from movies, from TV series like Sex and the City, from manga, etc. Yuki seems like a pretty liberal person, so it seems unlikely she would never have come across pop cultural representations of hetero sex. (And since those representations almost never show male genitals, even her phobia wouldn't have stopped her from seeing them.)
    • She went berserk imagining and forgot anyway?
    • Maybe she deliberately avoided representations of straight sex. She thought she was a lesbian, and she was pretty much a misandrist, so it's easy to imagine that she felt that Het Is Ew.
    • Except that she didn't think she was lesbian until after that incident with her first boyfriend, which took place when she was 16. You'd think that at 16 she'd already found out about straight sex, especially since she was about to do it with a guy? And even if you're a misandrist, you'd have to live in a rather ascetic manner to avoid all representations of straight sex — and nothing in the comic indicates Yuki lives like that. (For example, she seems to be an avid reader of manga.)
    • I'd guess that at 16 she only knew about the "traditional Japanese" version of straight sex (Lie Back and Think of England).

    Sonya and Gary 

  • So what are we supposed to think about what Sonya is doing in the latest arc? It's kind of...scumbag-ish. For lack of a female oriented version of the term coming to mind. Are we supposed to forgive it because she's a woman? She's...kind of sinking to the same level Matt was on, the only thing keeping her from being on that level is that she's not technically cheating on anyone.
    • Honestly, just about every woman's behavior in this comic is some degree of selfish or scumbag-ish. I mean, good god, imagine if it was a cast of men all trying to trick and coerce their way into bed with a woman because—and only because—she gave great blowjobs, and went to the same lengths as the women in this comic.
    • I think your reaction was exactly what was intended. Sonya is acting like a scumbag. She's self-centered, annoying, and shows callous disregard for the feelings of others. So, no, we're not supposed to forgive her. We're supposed to cringe in horror at the beginnings of the massive emotional train wreck she will almost certainly cause.

    Dillon and Gary 

  • So is Dillon still pining for Gary or has he really moved on to Jerzy now?


  • Why did Zii try to restrain herself from jumping at Didi?
    • Probably because she has to live with Didi compared to everyone else, who she just bangs then moves on, its' like her one moment of actual reasonable thinking, remember she is apparently some sort of super pornstar in the sack, so when she bangs someone they fall for her hard, also Didi falls hard for the woman who basically gives her her first orgasm, she aint too bright, so if Zii bangs Didi, Zii will give Didi probably multiple orgasms, then Didi falls for Zii, Zii tries to move on, Didi is heartbroken, moves out rent is buggered.

    Simply Explain? 

  • I don't know if its bad arc writing or so forth, but alot of plot arcs could have been resolved with a few simple explanations/or "Reason You Suck" Speech Eg: Zii "Erik we can't hire Sonya, as everytime we are alone she harasses me into trying to sleep with me" or again Zii "yuki back off, i ran away because you are a crazy phalliphobic who is scarily obsessed with me and i don't like it"
    • in Ziis' case i think its just a refusal to take responsibility for her actions, true, she didn't ask these women to be obsessed with her but still, if she didn't relent and simply gave them a good old "fuck off" rage off maybe they would get the message.
    • A lot of real life problems could be solved if people were less interested in the feelings of others and gave a "Reason You Suck" Speech instead of grinning and bearing it. With the possibly exceptions of Di Di and Gary none of these characters would have any friends at all if they took those solutions. In the case of Zii in particular it's kind of important to remember she's essentially the Token Evil Team Mate. You feel bad that she's harassed by these people all the way up until you remember she once seduced a housewife into divorcing her husband because she was trolled by the housewife's kid.
    • Another arc that got me was the whole misunderstanding that Tracys boyfriend keeps trying to get a BJ from Gary, and Gary ends up doing stupid things like sticking the dudes dick in fruit instead of manning up (of which Gary has apparently done so toward this arc) and telling him to piss off to go out with a dude if he is that against a girl doing anything to him.

    When Gary caught Matt and Dillon 
  • When did exactly Gary find out that Matt and Dillon were couple? From what implied on strip #1 and #2, That time was the first time he knew and it had been 3 months. But after seeing this strip it was implied that the trio's last gaming night was also the first time Matt and Dillon were fucking and Gary knew all along but acted shocked in #2. Did I misinterpret something? Did the author confirm this somewhere? Did Gary try to forget the event without directly confronting them? I'm, confused.
    • I believe that #1 was gaming night.
    • #1 was definitely gaming night, Gary says something like "another dull night of games with Matt and Dillon" on the third panel.

     Self-centered Sympathies?(SPOILERS) 
  • So in the latest strips Di Di gets dumped by Kiley, comes home bawling her eyes out and what does Zii do? immediatly try to jump her bones in a Emotionally manipulative way, que it backfiring and Di Di goes to Gary wanting a rebound swirly, seeing as Di Di has heard almost nothing about Zii being this massively sexual master, but having heard constant times about Gary being some Cunnilingus Maestro. My question is this, are we supposed to feel sorry for Zii in the (at time of writing) latest strip, as she is laying bemoaning that Gary seems to be getting with Di Di as "the worst thing ever" because she didn't manage to emotionally manipulate a vulnerable, upset woman into having "rebound" sex with her? which i laughed at because her complete selfishness actually backfired for once, i feel any character development Zii gains almost always just goes away as soon as the arc which caused it ends. (note: if it turns out that Gary and Di Di had a chat and Gary found out that Zii had caused this and they are just doing sex noises to piss Zii off, I will applaud that)
    • I believe the author was going for that Zii's pining for Gary, but instead takes out her frustrations on trying to seduce Di Di away from Gary who she secretly wants to bone... Which depending on how view it is either better, or worse than just wanting to bone someone.
      • OP here, nope latest strips showed Zii actually showing some Character development and then BOOM one offer of fun with Di Di and she goes out the window, yet again Zii is an ass and still get EXACTLY what she wants.

     The End? 
  • So offically the proper Ma 3 storyline has ended, but how? there seems to be no actual resolution to anything, it just went all whimper instead of bang (pun intended) none of the major character arcs have been resolved as far as I can tell, was this a whole Giz got tired of writing for these characters and now wants to do something else thing?
    • I agree there's a sense of Left Hanging and that the strip ends at a place where it feels like it was abandoned. However to say there was no resolution isn't entirely accurate, either, when you compare how Gary ends the strip contrasted to his situation where he began.
      • Thats why I said there seemed to be no actual resolution, apart from Gary, it seems to be one of those stupid "Every Body Laughs Ending" type deals, with rapid fire loose ends tied up in a very poorly written way, there are literally tons of plot elements that were thrown out just so they could stop writing I think, also the other 3 tagged series (Sticky Dilly Buns, Sandra on the Rocks and Dangerously Chloe) all ended pretty much the same way, no real ending more a "we got sick of writing this, so we are ending it" must of got offered to write a Star Wars movie or something, it was a D&D screwing over Go T feeling of lazy writing.

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