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  • The comic with Raiden doesn't really make a lot of sense with the rest of the comic. Coelasquid's stated preference is for drawing macho, beefy guys, and characters like Kuja and other Bishonens are dismissed for not fitting that description. Which is fine. But Raiden is one of the more effeminate looking characters out there in terms of appearance and body type, and Commander Badass still hangs with him like the rest of the guys.
    • It's also a matter of style and personality and Raiden's personality as of his latest game has him showing some pretty manly traits (including a bloodlust that rivals Kratos') That and Raiden as of late only has hair left as a non-cyborg part and not that pretty. That and Even Commander Badass agreed if he only had his hair as his last remaining human part, he'd pamper it as much.
      • He's manly on the inside.
    • The comic is meant to be a deconstruction of "manly characters" according to pop culture and how obnoxious they would be in the real world. Some people complain about how Raiden has been Flanderized to suddenly be more badass than he was in past games. Maybe that's it? Who knows.
    • There's a guest strip saying that there's a separate agency on the 3rd floor for pretty boys with katanas. If it can be considered canon, maybe Raiden belongs to that one and he just drops in on the Commander's office from time to time to visit his buddy Snake?
    • Commander will hang out with anyone, dealing with super manly guys is just his job. The comic with Kuja only happened because one reader was harassing the writer with their ideas, she doesn't actually have anything against Bishonens.

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