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Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

A psychic force manipulated the SMASH team into formation.
The "H" Insignia Belts present before the team was made; the 5-man team ready equipment; the character development that makes both Hulk and Red Hulk friendlier to each other and the idea of being in a team...someone or something put together the five physically strongest entities to violently (although intelligently) deal with problems.
  • The Real Life Writes the Plot culprit is, of course, Marvel Comics creating a Merchandise-Driven series; but where's the fun in that?
  • One candidate is Madame Webb. (Hey, she doesn't have to always deal with spiders.)
  • Bruce Banner. At some point, his Split-Personality Merge fusion resulted in enough mental energy to create a benevolent psychic personality. Uber-Banner has taken a new approach of only acting behind the scenes, but nudging everyone in the direction of working together. Hulk himself just got the urge to make the 5-person splittable aircraft; but was nudged not to think about it.

What "S.M.A.S.H." should stand for will become a Running Gag
Everyone will keep trying to think of an acronym, but everyone else won't like it.
  • Jossed. It stands for Supreme Military Agency of Super Humans.

Specifically, he's from the future. A future where Planet Hulk and World War Hulk happened and lead to a Composite Character of Hulk's "Green Scar" persona and Maestro rules the world. When the Hulk (present-day Hulk) finds out about this, it will greatly affect his trust with the other heroes (Iron Man, Dr. Strange, etc.)

Betty Ross will appear and become Red She-Hulk
Why not?
  • Agreed. She would make a Sixth Ranger to the team.
  • Partly Jossed. Betty appears, but doesn't become the Red She-Hulk. However, two Red Hulk twins, a boy and a girl, are seen in a flash-future episode. Hulk assumes them to be Red's children, but they could easily be his and Betty's. The girl is even named "Betts," possibly after her mother.

There will be a Hulk vs Wolverine episode
Why? Two words.

One episode will revolve around everyone being Brought Down to Normal.
They'll either have to rely on Skaar since he was born that way or he'll also be powered down and he'll look a little bit like Banner which will start to be a plot point for following episodes.

This takes place before Avengers, Assemble!
Specifically, the time when the team had broken up.

Banner and Hulk had a Split-Personality Merge at some point in the past
And that's why he seems smarter than usual and why Banner is never shown.

She-Hulk's Really Gets Around tendencies will be brought up
Of corse, they'll really be talking about the different teams she's been on, but they'll talk about it like it's how she sleeps around. Bonus points if they do a Bait-and-Switch and make it sound like that's what they're talking about before revealing what they really mean.
  • Given how She-Hulk barely even has a personality in this show, chances are pretty slim.
  • However, three Hulk children, and a Leader, Jr., are seen in a flash-future episode. It's possible She-Hulk was the mother of RJ3, if my earlier supposition about the twins is correct. And Shulkie could do worse than A-Bomb (and, if those pesky Juggernaut rumors are true, has).

This series follows on from season two of Ultimate Spider-Man
The USM episode "The Incredible Spider-Hulk," ended with the formerly mindless Hulk gaining a new level of intelligence (Similiar to the level seen here), and deciding to get himself away from people so he wouldn't hurt them. This could be why Hulk was residing in the Gamma Base at the beginning of this series, and not wanting to go out near people.
  • And Avengers Assemble. The timeline tracks with Hulk's intelligence and maturity, in Avengers Assemble he's more intelligent, but still very immature, though the episode "Hulked Out Heroes" showed he had hidden depths and was capable of maturity when the situation called for it.

The Split-Personality Merge between Banner and Hulk, mentioned above, resulted in a Shapeshifter Mode Lock as well
In the episode with Deathlok, Hulk muses that shapeshifting would be a useful power because he'd sometimes like to be able to go to a movie without people panicking. Maybe he can't transform back into Banner anymore.

In this series, the plot-twist surrounding Skaar is that he's the clone of both Hulk and the Leader
Effectively making him the Marvel equivalent of Superboy, Skaar's true parentage is that Leader stole some of Hulk's DNA and used it to grow a clone. The process however was imperfect so he added his own DNA to stabilize the clone. There will be a climactic scene involving Skaar, Hulk and Leader, who will reveal the truth in an attempt to place a wedge of mistrust between Skaar and the other Hulks.

Lyra will eventually join the team as its seventh member (assuming Betty/Red She-Hulk is the sixth).
The show shares a continuity with Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble, and Thundra (Lyra's mother/Hulk's Stalker with a Test Tube) was one of the villains in the first episode of UMS. If Rulkie ever does enter the scene (see above), you might as well bring in the other other She-Hulk as well. It'd even allow for some nice plotlines about family ties (Skaar and Lyra being half-siblings brought up in two very different worlds, for one) that have been previously untouched for the most part and the complications brought on from being Hulks (such as Bruce and Betty going through a rough patch, as they did in the comics once Red She-Hulk's identity was discovered).

Leader and Hulk's Time Travel prevented Loki from becoming a villain.
That episode ended with a Young Loki learning earlier about and accepting his true heritage so, that's a possibility.

Hulk will become the only Hulk again.
The Leader and/or Doctor Doom will use a machine on the Hulks to bring them down to normal. Because of the events of "Banner Day", it won't turn the original Hulk back into Bruce Banner.


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