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Nightmare Fuel / Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

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  • Blastaar's Borers are horrifying in detail, resembling giant parasitic worms with gaping maws and red, glaring eyes. The gigantic worms from "Of Moles and Men" have a similar thing going on. For anyone who has seen images of parasites, seeing at these creatures will send chills down your spine.

All About Ego

  • Ego's tongue growing a face.

Of Moles and Men

  • The little girl's crudely made "Gamma Bear".

Into The Negative Zone

  • The Leader reaches Moral Event Horizon when he infects the Hulk's team with crystallized material that poisons the victim's blood until it eventually covers their entire body, solidifying them. To makes matters worse, the Leader intended for the Hulk to helplessly watch his teammates slowly die, enraging him to point of no return, and finally dumping him on Earth to destroy and kill everything until the Leader finishes him off so the world would announce him as their leader.

The Venom Inside

  • Just like in Ultimate Spider-Man, Venom is every shade of Nightmare Fuel. Starts off by taking over the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., one by one, leaping from Skaar to She-Hulk to A-Bomb to Red and finally to the Hulk himself, draining their gamma energy becoming larger and more powerful each time. And just as Spider-Man and the others free Hulk, Venom reabsorbs the rest of the team. With the revelation that Venom is getting ready to explode, at which the entire population of New York will be infected with Venom symbiotes!


  • Abomination. A massive Nigh Invulnerable man-turned-beast who hides in the shadows, and then brutally beats his opponents who draw near with incredibly ease. He also has a truly nightmarish plan to wipe out the Hulks for good. What's the plan? Destroying half the continent with an anti-gamma bomb and blaming the devastation on the would-be deceased Hulks.

Mission Impossible Man


  • Deathlok himself looks creepy as hell. He made his grand entrance into the present day as flesh, bone, and machinery regenerating from nothing.

Enter, The Maestro

  • How did Future A-Bomb lose one of his arms? The Maestro apparently tore it off. It's only mentioned, and not shown, but still.
    • And Hulk damn near does the same to the present-day version.

Spirit of Vengeance

  • Today on your lighthearted superhero show, The creepiest animated version of Ghost Rider ever demands that you repent lest you be Dragged Off to Hell. He can create flames hot enough that The Abomination was left screaming in agony (and much louder and longer than you usually get to scream in agony on a kids' show.) And his powers were much stronger here, able to No-Sell anything hulks can throw at him. His chains are just as strong. There is no way to fight if he has condemned you no matter how strong you are, even if they sure made the attempt look cool.
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  • Also, the Hulks' trip to actual Hell (even if it's not called that in-show). Apparently, one of the writers thought the show was missing fire, brimstone, and an Eldritch Abomination.


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