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Funny / Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

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    Season 1 
Doorway to Destruction Part 1
  • The burger incident. Hulk's "Uh Oh" really sells it.
  • Red Hulk getting insulted by Rick, then going into the confessional to mock him and admire himself. There's just something about "Rulk" doing that that inspires amusement.

Doorway to Destruction Part 2

  • A-Bomb: "Sweet dreams, Princess! The-muscles-will-be-here-when-you-wake-up!"
  • A-Bomb's reaction to entering the bathroom after She-Hulk uses it.
  • Either that A-Bomb had to use an entire can if air freshener just to get rid of the smell of she-hulk gas or that there was a can of air freshener and she-hulk didn’t care


  • A Hulkbuster suit throws Hulk into a helicopter, causing the rotor to land on his head, but it keeps spinning.
  • A-Bomb fanboying over Iron Man.

The Collector

  • Almost all of Spider-Man and Hulk's interactions in "The Collector".
  • The fact that they actually censored Peter Parker's face. And yes, you can see through the mosaic that it's indeed the same one we see all the time.

All About Ego

Savage Land

  • At the very end of the episode, we see that A-Bomb brought the Devil Dinosaur back home as a pet.
    • Made even funnier when She-Hulk informs A-Bomb that his pet recently left "souvenirs" in Red Hulk's bunk.

Incredible Shrinking Hulks

  • Red getting shrunk twice due to his recklessness. The second time around, he gains a very high-pitched voice.
    • To add further insult to injury, when Vista Verde's minigolf course is rebuilt, Red's likeness is imprinted on a golf ball while the remaining Hulks are given statues around each hole.

Hulks on Ice

  • Hulk and Red's constant bickering this episode is most definitely not funny. A-Bomb's increasing exasperation at having to play intermediary between them and trying to get them to get over it, on the other hand...
  • Red Hulk gets hotter as he gets angrier. So to make him a better weapon against the ice giant, Hulk and Thor beat him up. When he's furious and glowing red-hot, they throw him at the giant.
    Red Hulk: [sailing through the air]: "I HATE YOUUUU!!"

Of Moles and Men

Wendigo apocalypse

  • Red hulk gets tired of she-hulk complaining about the smell of his breath and says that she is being a hypocrite since she doesn’t brush her teeth after having anchovies for lunch

Red Rover

  • At the beginning of the episode, we see Devil Dinosaur dragging Red in his bed out into the middle of the desert before knocking him into a hole and burying him! Made even funnier when we find out that this is something he does every single day!
    • The icing on that cake? When Red returns to confront Devil, Devil starts chewing on a treat ala Bugs Bunny.
  • Red's efforts to find Devil a new home.
  • While captured and held prisoner by Doom, Doom tells Red that he plans on syphoning the gamma radiation before absorbing it so he wont "turn into a monster". Red drops this:
    "Oh right, cause you're not a monster."

Galactus Goes Green

  • Skarr of all people in a Yellow suit and top hat leaning on a cane, looks like the manners lessons did stick.

The Trouble with Machines

  • This little exchange from A-Bomb and Nick Fury about televising classified information to a live audience.
    A-Bomb: "Hey Fury! How about a few nice words about our world-saving shenanigans?"
    Nick Fury: You want credit?! A-Bomb, this never happened. The whole event is top secret.
    *cuts away to the confessional cam room*
  • Hulk in Team Dad mode.
    Skaar, stop poking that missile, you'll cause armageddon.
  • When the Hulks work out how to stop the rogue jump jet:
    Hulk: Who do we know who's stealthy enough to get in there?
    Red: And who'd be dumb enough to do it?
    Skaar: (hiding while shoving A-Bomb into view) A-Bomb do it!

Inhuman Nature

The Hunted

  • The Smashers(Minus the Hulk) turning the base upside down in search of a cricket. Which turns out to be Hulks distress signal being covered by Ricks funny sound effects machine.

    Season 2 
Fear Itself
  • Hulk actually lets out a scream/yell when he sees Obnoxio the Clown.

Spidey, I Blew Up the Dinosaur

  • Everything, but particularly the fact that they keep treating the super-sized Devil Dinosaur like an unruly dog. A ten-story-tall, razor-toothed, pissed-off unruly dog.
    • When Spider-Man isn't being the Butt-Monkey, it's Skaar's turn by way of getting stepped on.

Banner Day

  • Red Hulk's "dramatization" of the Hulk's Origin Story... as portrayed by crude, child-like drawings on lined notebook paper and stilted dialog. (And yet, somehow, Bruce and Rick have their proper voices)

The Tale of Hercules

  • When Herc was a baby, he strangled two vipers... and already had a full beard!

Days of Future Smash

  • In the timeline ruled by dinosaurs, Red Hulk points to a dinosaur he particularly hates right before said dinosaur is revealed to be his counterpart.
  • In a Bad Future where the Leader has a son, Hulk does not want to think about who "Mrs. Leader" is.

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