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    Confirmed WMGs 
Freeman's relationships with the Half Life 2 characters will be positive.
  • Kleiner taught Theoretical Physics at MIT, and got him the job at Black Mesa, which he still wouldn't have turned down if he had foresight. Barney Calhoun didn't hesitate to start killing things when disaster struck, and had the competence to successfully escape. That puts him in the upper echelon of facility personnel. As for Eli...
    Gordon: If everyone here had your attitude, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.
    • Confirmedish. In the first episode, Freeman instantly recognizes Kleiner and admits he's the only one he can trust. He doesn't recognize Barney though, and admits to Alyx that he doesn't remember her or Eli (or most of the Black Mesa science team, for that matter).

Gordon will deny ever meeting Barney when he meets him in City 17...
  • ...and claim Barney's making up stories about being 'best buddies with THE Freeman' to coast on Gordon's awesomeness
    • Nah, in Barney's Mind, Barney outright states that he and Gordon are best friends (or so he claims).
      • Ross Scott isn't required to keep in continuity with an imitator. Also, in one episode, Gordon states that he doesn't have any friends.
      • Wow. Rude.
      • This may very well contrast with how the Half-Life expansions are non-canon.
      • Alternatively, Barney might just assume they're friends and Gordon never really bothered to correct him.
      • According to Barney, they were room-mates in college, which sounds a tad unlikely considering he's a security guard and Gordon's a pretty top-tier scientist. However, if it is somehow canon, it's probably that Barney just thought of him as a friend and Gordon thinks of him as less than nothing.
      • It could be that statis wiped part of his mind out, and so he remembers Kleiner and Eli but forgot about Barney.
      • Then again, Gordon mentions his college room-mate a couple of times in the earlier episodes of the series. This could easily be referring to Barney.
      • Assuming the character backgrounds are kept consistent with their games (even from the non-canon Blue Shift), it's made explicit that Gordon and Barney never met before coming to work at Black Mesa, since, As You Know, Gordon went to MIT, but Barney went to a local community college. Also Gordon mentions his roommate was a medical student.
    • Congratulations to whoever wrote this, because this is the first ever Half-Life 2 related guess to be confirmed.

When Gordon meets Alyx...
  • ...he'll start talking, only for Alyx's remark of "Man of few words, aren't you?" to be taken as an insult for him talking too much.
    • Alternatively, Alyx's comment about Gordon not saying much will be justified by him recovering from a mild headache/concussion from being knocked out by the CPs, and not saying much as a result because he's too busy holding his head.
    • Proven Correct! He immediately doesn't like Alyx, partly because of this.
    • To be fair, the 'Man of few words' turns out to be Alyx snarking because Gordon was rambling.

Upon reaching City 17, Gordon will call the Striders "Tripods".

Mike and Dave from Civil Protection will cameo in one episode of the Half Life 2 run.
  • Or multiple. One will probably just show Mike and Dave helping somebody (contrasting with the usual brutal behavior of the metrocops), the other will be during a fight with Gordon. Dave will want a piece of him, Mike will want to get the fuck out of there before Gordon can gun them down.
    • Alternatively: Dave has improbable aiming skills. Gordon has an exposed head. Likely, Dave would fire a 9mm bullet to take off whats left of Gordon's ear (apparently that turret gun only took off the bottom half), whereas Gordon will freak out and put a couple of bullets in his chest. Dave will survive thanks to his body armor but will be incapacitated (like that's never happened before...). Mike will of course say something along the lines of "I told you it was a bad idea", while Gordon won't really bother to make sure he's dead.
    Gordon: I don't really need to make confirmed kills. I'm not at that stage in my life yet.
  • Freeman will probably lampshade how Mike sounds a lot like him.
  • They can be those two metrocops who dump explosive barrels on Freeman when he's swimming through the sewers during Route Kanal. Those two enemies don't have to be killed to proceed, and they don't even have to have any interactions or dialogue with Freeman; a later Civil Protection episode could just reveal that those two were Mike and Dave.
  • Confirmed! They cameo in Episode 7, where they each exclaim, "Taco!" Gordon thinks they're going on lunch break, and doesn't shoot at them.

In Half Life 2, Gordon will be worked into a frothy rage by the camera bots and go out of his way to destroy them.
  • Semi-confirmed. The flash blinding him twice in a row in Episode 7 really pisses him off.

The series will end with Gordon taking the Bolivian Army Ending "No regrets, Dr. Freeman" offer
It's completely in character for Gordon to do (why would he listen to some guy in a suit?), and provides a Conan Doyle style way for Ross Scott to not have to do one for Half-Life 2.
  • Of course, then several dozen fanboys will jump in to do their own for Half-Life 2.

    Jossed WMGs 
Gordon will hold a grudge about being forced to put that can in the trash by Civil Protection at the beginning of the game for the entirety of Half Life 2.
  • He has a doctor's degree and trash pick-up is for the peasants.
    • He will most likely pelt the CP officer with the can and then be chased out of the building while yelling "Whoop whoop whoop!"
    • Jossed. Freeman throws the can into the trash, as he is an experienced can thrower, apparently under the impression that the cop had heard of his skills and completely obvious to the fact that he was being bullied.

After meeting Alyx, Gordon will only battle The Combine in the hope of getting laid.
  • And because 'shooting cops' is the most fun he's ever had.
    • He will declare Alyx to be his girlfriend early on. When he discusses world domination, he'll plan to give her Australia.
    • In addition to that, he'll re-name City 17 after himself, and he'll declare an entire country or state their vacation house, such as Hawaii, and he'll go into a rant on how easy it will be considering everyone there is probably dead.
    • Somewhat jossed, in that Gordon, at least as of this writing (Episode 7), isn't exactly Alyx's biggest fan.

Gordon will try to kill Mossman and the friendly Vortigaunts during scripted sequences, but find his gun has mysteriously jammed.
  • Ross has been hinting at Episode 4 going off the rails a bit. He'll probably mod the game so he can kill whoever he wants, and Gordon will shoot the Vortigaunt and his friend.
  • Jossed, unfortunately, or at least for the traincar Vort. He modded the map to shoot the Vorty and have the guy react to it. Not nearly as funny as this WMG could have been.

When Barney teases Gordon about how his MIT "education really pays for itself", Gordon will remember that he still needs to pay off his student loans, and how he'll probably have to start swiping equipment from the lab "again".
  • Jossed.

When Gordon first wakes up on the train for City 17, he'll assume that he blacked-out from a night of partying and that the Black Mesa Event was some kind of weird dream.
  • He'll then mistake City 17 for Detroit and say that he "really needs to stop mixing dakaris with Ambien."
    • Jossed, Gordon still remembers the incident and believes that he's in Hawaii at first.

Gordon will take every chance he can get to ransack houses with his newfound Pick Things Up power.
  • He may do what this troper does every time he gets to the first apartment and start throwing stuff out the window, humming Pink Floyd music.
  • Jossed. He ignores the furniture completely, instead interacting with the people, before moving on.

When Alyx hugs Gordon at the beginning of Episode One, Gordon will say "HOLY SHIT! I ACTUALLY TOUCHED A GIRL!"
  • ...except he won't do that, because the FM version of Gordon Freeman has already been established as a heavy-partying ladies-man, who has mentally admitted to sexually harassing at least one co-worker at Black Mesa. If anything, he'll over-interpret the hug as Alyx being hot for him, and this being more of an obstacle to getting work done than a benefit.

Upon learning that Dr. Breen has basically become ruler of the Earth, Gordon will remark on how he "totally called it that his boss is a James Bond villain".
  • Semi-jossed. He doesn't recognize Breen as Black Mesa's administrator. The Bond Villain quip could still happen, though.

  • Jossed.

Barney will be voiced by Ian Riley and his in-game dialogue will be recorded over somehow.
  • Jossed, Barney still has his regular voice.

Gordon will be pissed when Alyx refers to him as "Gordon", while all the other Resistance members call him "Dr. Freeman".
  • He earned his degree dammit, he didn't graduate from MIT so he could be addressed as a peasant.
    • In a similar vein, he'll treat the G-Man addressing him as "Mr. Freeman" in his opening monologue as a personal insult, putting him in a bad mood that gets him in trouble with the Combine.
    • Jossed. He's more concerned with G-Man getting out of his personal space.

When Alyx points out the poster of Dr. Breen, Gordon will take a closer look at it...
"Wait... that's Dr. Breen? I thought he was, like 50... HOLY SHIT HOW MUCH TIME HAS PASSED?
  • Jossed. Gordon doesn't recognize Breen.

Even though Ross has hidden the HUD, Gordon may start running with his flashlight on but shortly find himself oddly exhausted...
  • ...then come to wonder why having his flashlight on affects how long he can run.
    • Gordon may also notice his flashlight has a ridiculously short battery life, and comment on how the Mark IV suit had one that actually lasted for fairly long.
    • Possibly jossed, as Ross has stated that he's modded the game so that he can run for as long as he wants.

If the series didn't move onto Half-Life 2...
  • Gordon will want to accept G-Man's offer, after all he's mentioned having to find a new job. However, Gordon will spend so much time rambling to himself that the window to accept the offer will end and G-Man will teleport him into the room with the 30 alien grunts, while Gordon screams that he wanted to accept the job. But Gordon will reveal that there was one weapon G-Man forgot to confiscate: the crowbar. The series will have a Bolivian Army Ending as Gordon screams and charges at the grunts, crowbar in hand.
    • It would possibly be even better if he just said a giant screw you to the G-Man and crowbar-charged the Grunts in the ending anyway.
    • Jossed, but there is the alternate ending...
  • Alternately, G-Man, having had the misfortune of listening in on Gordon's thoughts, opts to rescind his offer.
    • Jossed.
  • It will end with "Military Precision" being played all the way through, with clips from his adventures at Black Mesa. That, or it will show him being the Freeman we all "know" in the future, only completely inept at his job.
    • Jossed, but this is the closest anyone has gotten to getting it right.
  • Freeman will just give up on the option of going to Xen.
  • Valve will ask Ross to announce Half Life 3 in the final episode.
    • Unfortunately jossed.
  • With episode 58 detouring into Half-Life: Uplink, the series will end the same way as the demo, with Gordon cornered by a Gargantua with no possible way to kill it.
    • This one is jossed. He teleports back into the Lambda Core at the end.
  • After taking one look at the Nihilianth, Freeman's body won't be able to take the shock and the series will end with him dying of a heart attack.
    • Jossed.
  • Ross will announce that he doesn't want to continue Freeman's Mind because he worked so long on it, and episode 68 truly is the final episode.
    • Ross announced that the series is currently in limbo, as he wants to work on other projects before even thinking about working on Freeman's Mind again.
    • Jossed. He has promised that he will move onto Half-Life 2, though he wants to finish THE MOVIE and work on other projects first. In all likelihood, we won't be seeing any Freeman's Mind 2 until 2017 or 2018 at the earliest.
      • He changed his mind, actually... releasing the first episode of Freeman's Mind 2 on April 1, 2017.

Barney hates Lamarr because of what happened in Barney's Mind.
If you were to make a drinking game out of how many times he's gotten attacked by headcrabs, you would get alcohol poisoning by episode 10.
  • How is this related to the mind series and not just related to the game?
    • It can be a joke for Freeman's Mind if the series goes on to Half-Life 2.
    • FM 2's here now, but the Barney in it doesn't appear to be the one from Barney's Mind (or at least doesn't reference it), so this can be considered semi-jossed.

By the time he gets to Xen, Freeman will become fully Ax-Crazy
He won't question anything about where he is, and will just march through Xen like it's no one's business.
  • Jossed.

Episode 58 (as well as any further episodes covering Uplink) are hallucinations
Freeman is hallucinating the events of Half Life: Uplink due to the side effects of mixing morphine and teleportation. Once Freeman gets to the unwinnable fight with the Gargantua, he'll snap out of it, and wake up on the moving platforms after having passed out.
  • Jossed. Freeman teleports back to the Lambda Complex during the fight with the Gargantua.

Freeman Across the Universe is foreshadowing
The teleporter at the end of episode 60 will begin teleporting him to other video games, before landing him at the end of the teleporter puzzle. It wouldn't be the first time it mimicked the other series.
  • Jossed.

The "Eddie" that Freeman keeps mentioning is actually Barney.
Eddie is either a nickname Gordon came up with, or he calls him Eddie because he forgot his name was Barney.
  • Jossed. Gordon doesn't recognize or remember Barney in the slightest. So unless he only knows "Eddie" and forgot his face, this one's out.

Things that will happen in Half-Life 2...
  • Gordon will initially be neutral towards Alyx, or only think about getting in her pants, until she gives him the Gravity Gun, at which point he will fall head over heels in love with her. I also predict this line:
    Dr. Mossman: The Zero-Point Energy Manipulator is not a toy.
    Freeman: Zero-Point Energy Manipulator? Sounds like a toy to me!
    • So far his reactions to Alyx have been neutral-to-dislike, though far less so than Barney, and it seems to be more exasperation over various things she's done than anything else. Time will tell, though...
  • When he meets the Antlions, Gordon will make a bunch of Dune references. "Don't step on the sand. I must walk without rhythm, or else attract the giant killer bugs." When he gets the Pheropods and controls the Antlions, he'll proclaim himself the Kwisatz Haderach.
    • He might also might consider calling himself Gordon Fremen instead.
    • That or he'll make a reference to Starship Troopers instead, which would also be a call back.
  • He will plan to use his Antlion army to become king of the world.
  • He will call Ravenholm 'Silent Hill' and call the fast zombies Rage Monkeys
  • In this case, Gordon genuinely will be dumb/crazy enough to climb inside the pods in the Citadel, letting Breen capture him.
    • That, or he'll hang a massive lampshade on it by mentioning how non-safety compliant the Combine work areas are.
      • But state they are still better than Black Mesa.
    • Gordon will initially willingly climb inside the first pod under the reasoning that he honestly can't find any other option, but then be far more hesitant to do so the next time because the entire Citadel is at high alert at the time. Instead Ross will script the game to have a pair of Overwatch Soldiers (Mike and Dave?) sneak up on and push Gordon into the pod, securing his capture. Potentially even including a scripted high-five between the soldiers.
  • He'll try to buddy-buddy with Breen, and get miffed when he gets ignored.
    • Alternatively, he'll say he'd be all for being in control of the world, but he neither wants to share it with such an asshat (Breen), nor have a supreme alien council looking over his shoulder all the time (The Combine), so resolves to instead aid the Resistance in tearing it down and killing Breen and the Combine (his justification for the final battle) and then build his own empire up when that's done.
  • He'll make a BIG deal out of Magnusson's "microwave casserole incident" remark. In fact, he'll probably ramble about it throughout the whole final battle.
    • Especially since in the continuity of the series, he'll have no idea what Magnusson is talking about, since he didn't touch it.
  • When Alyx makes the "zombine" joke he'll spend a lengthy amount of time insulting her intelligence, and will probably keep bringing it up at every opportunity. He'll also come up with a funnier alternate joke.
    • He won't genuinely care about Alyx's welfare until she gets hurt in episode two. Then he'll freak out and act like a big softie but deny it as soon as she turns out to be fine.
    • Or, he'll coin the term zombine, and get angry at Alyx for "stealing" his idea.
      • Or he'll admire her for agreeing with him (i.e. Her saying it after he has is seen as a repetition, rather than a theft).
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  • After starting the Uprising and realizing that almost everyone on earth recognizes him as a Messianic Archetype, he will discuss his plans to use this to his advantage by overthrowing the combine then becoming the new ruler of earth himself.
  • Freeman will love Dog due to his admiration of robots. He'll consider ways on how to make an army of Dogs to take over the Combine or just want to make Dog his right-hand man when he takes over the world.
  • Gordon will make a big deal of the suggestion that Combine portal technology is string-based.
    • Finding this out will be the point where he goes from viewing the Combine as "merely" bastards to having a personal vendetta against them.
  • Gordon will spend most of "Our Benefactors" rambling on about making the Citadel his stronghold from which he'll rule the world, and thinking of himself as some kind of immortal god-king due to a combination of the Super Gravity Gun and a supercharged HEV suit.
  • Gordon will be constantly annoyed at how the resistance bosses and pushes him around everywhere despite the fact they view him as a Messianic Archetype.
  • He'll be unaware of what the Civil Protection officers are at first, and assume that him launching that missile started World War III, resulting in a 1984-style post-war world.
    • Technically, that is exactly what happened.
  • He'll compliment the Combine for placing warning signs near their dangerous equipment, saying that it's more than Black Mesa ever did.
  • There will be a Discontinuity Nod towards Felix's Mind.
  • Freeman will take several levels in kindness throughout Half Life 2. While he'll still be a snarky dick, he'll begin to show more empathy and concern for other characters. After all, in Half Life 1 he was the only real character. Everyone else was just a Mr. Exposition character or trying to kill him (and ALL of them were Too Dumb to Live. In Half Life 2 however there are several competent, intelligent and badass characters who could ultimately earn Gordan's respect.
    • Half-Life 2: Episode Two will be a massive Break the Haughty moment for Gordon. After finally meeting people who he actually likes, Gordon will begin to re-evaluate how selfish he's been when Alyx gets stabbed by the Hunter. And when Eli dies, Gordon will be just as heartbroken about it as Alyx is.
      • So far, Gordon doesn't recognize Eli. His passing is still a long way off, though, so there's plenty of time.
  • Freeman will recognize some of Vortigaunts he spared while rampaging around Xen and express a great deal of joy that they are treating him with appropriate awe and reverence. And then he'll be further disgruntled about the fact that none of his fellow humans are giving him this kind of treatment.
  • The teleporter at the end of Entanglement will teleport Gordon into Lost Coast for one or two episodes, before teleporting him back into Kleiner's lab.
    • It might even take a page from Shephard's mind and rapidly teleport him around randomly to a bunch of places. Maybe even back in time to Black Mesa in Black Mesa Source. Maybe Gordon could comment how the place looks a bit different than he remembers.
Or this Troper could really be totally wrong and just wishful.
  • This Troper just wonders if Ross is seeing all these...
  • Although it's unlikely Ross will be done with Episode 2 before 2020, chances are, the next Half-Life won't be out anyways, so he'll make a joke about hoping he won't have to wait over a decade for the conclusion.
  • He will end the series right after the rocket launch at the end of episode 2, cutting to black as he goes in the door, and having a fair amount of party sounds (maybe perhaps a "Surprise"!) playing in the background (to accommodate for the fact that Valve has seemingly all but officially given up on the series).
  • Ross may reference the "Concerned" webcomic. Freeman could comment on the absurd quantity of explosive barrels in the early levels and wonder if one of the "cops" accidentally ordered way too many because his 0 key on his keyboard got stuck. His guess wouldn't be too far off.
    • Not necessarily a direct reference, but Gordon is somewhat surprised and concerned in Episode 7 when he finds the room full of barrels (the one you have to flood). Not a confirmation or jossing either way, though. We'll have to wait til he gets to the ends of the canals to see.
  • Gordon will attempt to walk through a puddle of toxic sludge or something along those lines, thinking the new suit will at least protect his feet and legs from it, only to skip across the puddle in excruciating pain. He'll question just how in the world a very advanced combat hazmat suit with thick layers of armor and materials cannot protect his feet from a couple inches of toxic fluid.
    • As the series goes on, he'll comment about how the HEV Suit does a pretty terrible job at protecting its user from hazardous environments, but does a way better job working as combat power armor. He may also be amazed at how a helmetless suit can protect him from the immeasurable loads of radiation in the Citadel core in Episode 1, or the Citadel teleporter at the end of Half-Life 2.
  • After getting back from Nova Prospekt and seeing Kleiner waving a shotgun at them, he will assume that Kleiner's printer can indeed transform into one.
  • Freeman will assume the civilians who drop supplies off of bridges for him are CIA agents working with the G-Man, and accept the supplies while at the same time telling them to go fuck themselves.
  • Freeman will call Mossman being a Combine mole from the very moment he meets her and will constantly rub it in people's faces once the truth comes out.
  • Gordon is going to snap when Breen insults his degree. When Barney mocked Gordon not getting enough mileage out of his education, Gordon snapped at him. When Breen says that Gordon hardly earned the distinction of his PhD? That's taking a sledge to the Berserk Button.
  • At the end of the series (after Half-Life 2: Episode 2), Ross (as Gordon) will read Epistle 3note  in a drunken slur during the credits. The character renames and gender-swaps in the letter wouldn't feel out of place for this continuity's Gordon, especially if he were to write it while he was intoxicated.
  • Alternatively, at the very end of Episode 2 after Eli's death, there will be a jump cut to the ending of Half-Life: Alyx.

Gordon is a robot.
beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep... beep...
  • Gordon is an Aperture Science AI who was uploaded into a human and sent to infiltrate Black Mesa.
    Gordon: I see you.

Freeman's Mind is canon to the Half-Life/Portal Universe.
It doesn't dispute anything previously laid down by the games so why the hell not?
  • Except, of course, Gordon doesn't blow up Magnusson's casserole.
  • That could have happened days or even weeks prior to the Black Mesa incident. Besides, Gordon clearly refers to the item in a microwave as a bowl of noodles.
  • And he was clearly framed. That, or someone else was responsible, and Magnusson is only pinning it on Gordon because he knows him too well.
  • Either that or the "incident" Magnusson describes could only refer to Gordon eyeing the casserole suspiciously.
    • Alternatively...

Freeman's Mind is the Team Fortress timeline version of Half-Life.
Incompetent workers and soldiers? Less-than-ideal but still entertaining hero? Ridiculous architecture? Just give it a splash of TF2 paint and it matches!

The Freeman from Episode 61.5 is Mike from Civil Protection.
Gordon was right about the teleporter creating copies of himself, and while one of him went on to Xen to save the world (ostensibly), the other continued to live in the world that got taken over by the Combine. Because he was wanted by the government during the Black Mesa incident and knew of his notoriety regardless, he changed his name, but once the 1984 shit started he decided his best chance of survival would be to join the Overwatch. It's not like he would care about anyone but himself in that regard anyway.
  • As of Episode 7 of Freeman's Mind 2 [[spoiler]]Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection seemingly exist in the same universe. Gordon doesn't comment on Mike's voice being similar to his, though, since he only hears it for a couple of seconds[[/spoiler]]. This doesn't confirmed or joss the theory either way, though.

Doomguy's Mind: Episode 7 was a representation of how much Ross himself wanted to get back at Machinima.
Considering how badly he was treated by the company before he had left, would it be any real surprise if that was the intention to show how much steam he had built up?

Chell will go completely insane.
She's under immense psychological stress, and she wasn't that sane to begin with. It's easy to imagine her laughing maniacally as she destroys GLADoS.
  • She'll go completely insane? What is she now?
    • Only mostly insane.

If Chell's Mind moves on to Portal 2, Chell will become a satire of Gordon.
Chell will constantly rant on how hard it is to get out, how stupid/insane the scientists were, and how everything is trying to kill her.

Gordon is really being stalked by the mailmen, owls really are telepathic, and there really is a race of anthopomorphic frogmen living in the sewers.
Because, after everything else, would you really be suprised if it were all true?

The harmonic reflux loop at the end of Barneys mind was temporal as well
I mean, He not only got phased into Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and then teleported into sector C, were Shephard teleported into Freeman's locker. Which that happened AFTER Freeman went to Xen at that point in time, only for Barney to teleport somewhere else and see Gordon get dragged off to the trash compactor (Which obviously occured BEFORE Gordon went to Xen).
  • As an extension to this, Barney's voice will briefly be heard in the background if Ross ever reaches Episode 1.

It's all in Gordon's head.
He spoke of taking some oxycodone before the experiment and could have easily overdosed, forgetting about taking them whatsoever.
  • Head-Crab Zombies - Scientists
  • Soldiers - Security Guards
    • Pretty unlikely. Oxycodone is an opiate. If he was ODing he's more likely to just fall asleep than go on a murderous rampage.
      • Actually, it's still possible for it all to be in Gordon's head. Oxycodone can cause extremely vivid dreams. If he took enough that he passed out, this could just be some drug-enhanced dream.

Episode 10.5 is canon with the rest of the episodes.
Gordon fell to his death, but then the player just reloaded a quicksave and thus he's alive again. Gordon doesn't actually know that he's just a video game character, so is a bit deja-vued at first before forgetting what happened since the part of the RAM that contains his memory was overwritten.

Chell's Mind is canon.
Lab Rat, more or less, legitimized a lot of Chell's characterization, like her stubbornness, and her sociopathic tendencies.

Plus, it draws a lot of similarities between her and Rattman.

  • They're both schizophrenic
  • Said schizophrenia got worse over time
  • They both knew in advance that GLaDOS was trying to kill them
  • They both care for an inanimate object that acts as their conscience
  • Said inanimate object has accused them of being insane at least once
  • Said inanimate object prevents them from being killed

Gordon is actually speaking out loud the entire time.
  • Sure, it's called Freeman's Mind, but that doesn't mean he's not just thinking out loud. This would explain why his voice muffles out underwater, and the incident where he mulled using a scientist as a human shield where the scientist reacted with audible fear. He seems to explicitly converse with others a time or two as well. Basically the entire time, Gordon is actually babbling aloud. It makes one understand why the others react with such inane questions or silence, as anyone saying the things that he does would probably prompt others to just try their hardest not to antagonize him.
  • He's had a tracheotomy. People only talk to him when he's standing right in front of them and they can read his lips. He hears his own voice perfectly, but to other people it's a whisper.
  • There are a couple of times when Freeman says, "Now what was I thinking about again? Oh yeah...". He's usually just thinking, unless he's talking to someone, shouting at something, or pretending to be a pirate. He probably doesn't think underwater because he needs to focus on not drowning.

Black Mesa is designed to kill it's employees in the case of an emergency.
The owner and/or government agency that runs the place makes sure the kills as many witnesses as possible. The people running the show have some idea of the horrors that could be brought to Earth with the various experimental technologies they have, it would be easier to contain the public panic of "alien invasions" if nobody lived to tell the secret.

Adrian Shepard's vocal appearance in Point Man's Mind is canon with the other mind series.
After murdering Black Mesa, the top military contract went to ATC. Adrian is of course, overseeing a joint operation with F.E.A.R. Etc. Etc.

Freeman is a reincarnated Hitler.
They've both been in Austria, they were both involved in a major war (directly or indirectly), they both ended up with illusions of grandeur from their experiences, and they both have cool facial hair.

Freeman's insanity is mostly due to being witness to all the horrible things that happen
At the beginning of the series Gordon seems to be fairly average individual. Sure he wants to take drugs, but taking drugs at work isn't unheard of. But when the zombies show he seems to become progressively, and progressively more insane, and his violent tendencies start to show a lot more.

Episodes 10.5, 61.5 and both endings to 68 are all canon.
The Resonance Cascade created several alternate realities, the events surrounding the Black Mesa incident playing out differently in each one. 10.5, 61.5 and the alternate ending to 68 were just a few examples of these alternate universes.

Alternative to one of the above, the Episode 61.5 alt ending is the result of Gordon's teleport cloning theory from the end of Episode 61.
There's two Gordons now, the original who ended up going straight to Xen and then into the events of Freeman's Mind 2, and the clone from 61.5, caused by a major teleport mishap that dropped them somewhere in Europe. Presumably, though, the clone Gordon, after escaping with that jeep, was either killed in the Combine invasion of Earth or just decided to lay low and go into hiding/adopt a new identity, hence why Prime!Gordon's arrival in Freeman's Mind 2 is the first time anyone has really heard from him since Black Mesa.
  • Or he's Mike from Civil Protection, as an above WMG infers.

The Sniper in Episode 31 didn't work for the government.
He was hired by the G-Man to scare Freeman off the surface and back on his path through Black Mesa. The G-Man has plans for Freeman, after all. He couldn't very well allow Freeman to quit the game early.

Kleiner was the one who sent all the teams to Xen
Kleiner is the only one who Gordon respects and he talks of various Noodle Incidents involving Kleiner doing amoral stuff. So, who, aside from Dr. Breen would have sent all those researchers to their doom?

Whe doesn't Gordon seem to care much about Alyx, a pretty hot woman, in any way? Well...
Just like everyone else he's under the effects of the suppression field.

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