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The setting of the game is the result of time travel gone wrong.
The game is set in an alternate 2007, where the world has suffered a nuclear war, while bionics and genetics are a lot more advanced than in our reality. At a first glance, it might seem that the setting is merely an excuse to run around and blow stuff up with Frickin' Laser Beams, but a line from the trailer reveals that something peculiar has taken place: the apocalypse has had an apocalypse.

That line suggests that something has happened to the apocalypse itself. And here's the wild guess: in the future of our timeline, the world has suffered a terrible war, with no hope of recovering. However, that future had time travel technology, so it was decided that the only way out was to go back in time and prevent the war. Investigations revealed that the first events that would eventually lead to the war happened in the 1980s, so Colonel Sloan was sent back to the 1980s to prevent them from happening. He did, and the plan worked. The apocalypse had an apocalypse (=it was prevented).


However, Sloan was already evil, so he proceeded to use future technology to make further changes to the timeline. He introduced the world to a lot of future technology that was not meant to appear for decades or even centuries, and used it to turn the Cold War into an actual war. Still, the world eventually recovered thanks to that very future technology, and by 2007 it evolved into what we see in the game.

  • As a corollary: we will see those events in a game that will be both a Far Cry sequel and a Blood Dragon prequel.

Blood Dragon isn't just a Gaiden Game to the Far Cry series: it's a Show Within a Show
Since a good deal of Far Cry 3 has established Jason as a Pop-Cultured Badass of sorts, it stands to reason that he'd probably have been a fan of Sergeant Rex Power Colt, whether as a long-forgotten relic of The '80s, or an Affectionate Parody of it created in the modern era. It certainly isn't much of a stretch that Jason's Action Survivor credentials could be accredited to remembering Rex's combat skills in the cartoons, and thusly applying them to his situation - just subtracting what is clearly Hollywood Science from the equation.

The sequel will be a hilarious Electric Boogaloo Title.
Something like Far Cry 3: Part 2: Return of the Vengeance. Why? It's hilarious and self-aware, that's why

Blood Dragon 2 will appear in a Ubisoft sequel, but not Farcry 4!
Just for Rule of Funny, it would be DLC on something like Assassin's Creed: Unity!
  • Or DLC for Watch_Dogs 2.
    • Confirmed. Trials of the Blood Dragon is a continuation of the story, but using Trials gameplay instead.

The plot of Blood Dragon 2 will involve time travel.
The story will start at a certain time in the future, in a point that will be shown to be common to both our timeline and the altered Blood Dragon timeline. There, an army of self-aware machines will invade multiple points in the past, introducing future technology many centuries before it was supposed to, in an attempt to "upgrade the timeline".

The invasion will apparently be led by a revived Spider, wearing a cape to underline his new status as leader of the machines. However, this will be a bluff, and he will be revealed to be just an anthropomorphic machine wearing Spider's skin.The result of the invasion will be an even crazier place than what you see in Blood Dragon, which will include giant Sand Worm-like robots, all glowing in magenta, with black circuit lines. The VHS-like glitches will be revealed to be actually part of the game world, as side effects of the timeline tearing itself apart.


You will play as Rex Colt again, you will be able to choose which faction to fight for (humans, to keep our timeline, or machines, to keep the Blood Dragon timeline) and you will repeatedly phase shift from one timeline to the other, depending on which faction is winning at the moment.

Trivia: this guess came to this troper in a dream, and it was So Cool, It's Awesome.


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