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The Shangri-La plot is a much more fantasized telling of Takkar's experiences in Oros.
At the beginning of the Shangri-La story, Kalinag states how his king sent him on a journey to find Shangri-La. In Primal, Takkar is sent to Oros by his dying mentor, and presumably the leader of the Wenja hunting band. Upon arriving to Shangri-La, Kalinag discovers his fellow Seekers slaughtered by an unknown force, and the land tainted by an evil force. In Primal, Takkar ends up in Oros to discover his fellow Wenja scattered across the land, their numbers dwindling due to the cannibalistic Udam and the Izilia slavers. In the Shangri-La, Kalinag soon comes across the Rakshasa, who bear striking similarities to the antagonistic tribes in Primal. Like the Izilia, the Rakshasa have very frail bodies, blue color motifs, are foreigners to the setting (the Izilia are from Mesopotamia, while the Rakshasa likely hail from a different world) are excellent archers, and also have close ties to fire (like the Rakshasa flamer) and explosions (like the exploding hounds the Rakshasa archers summon). Like the Udam, on the other hand, the Rakshasa are brutal and cruel, are clearly different species than the human players (the Udam are Neanderthals, and the Rakshasa are completely otherworldly), and have a clear Skeleton Motif. Further developing the Shangri-La storyline was Kalinag's encounter with the Sky Tiger, who becomes his companion in battle against the Rakshasa. Similar to this, Takkar can tame animals in order to use in battle, several of which can be Saber Toothed Cats, which are called "tigers" by the Wenja. This ability to use animals is even more similar, since at one point in the storyline, Kalinag discovers an elephant, which, like the tiger, he will use in battle against the Rakashasa. In Primal, Takkar rides a mammoth into battle during his assualt against the Izilia's home. In another, much more minor similarity, Kalinag and Takkar both use mysterious relics against their enemies, being a time-slowing bow and the mask of Krati, respectively. Finally, there's the final battle against the Rakshasa leader, which, like the battles against the tribal leaders in Primal, is a legitimate boss battle, rather than being a Cutscene Boss like other bosses in Far Cry. One could see this battle as a representation of the destruction of both antagonistic tribes, rather than just one individual fight, as it cleanses Shangri-La of the demons, similar to how defeating the Udam and Izilia cleanse the land of Oros.

The next modern-day Far Cry will be in South America.
In Longinus' final mission, he states that he possibly would be traveling to South America, in search of the blood diamonds he sold during his time as a warlord. Knowing Far Cry's tendency to reuse characters and plot basis, then it's not unlikely that we will see Far Cry 5 (as we would assume Primal splits from the numbered entries in the franchise) following Longinus to another region. The possibility is extended, due to Far Cry's tendency to reuse animal species. That means that the leopards, jaguars, tapirs, wolves, deer, bears, etc. could all be recycled to be in South America. Plus, due to South America having a tropical (Amazon), mountainous (Andes), and flat grasslands (Pampas), then regional diversity could also be implemented, since all of these regions have been in past Far Cry games.
  • Jossed: Far Cry 5 is now set in rural North America.

Kyrat deals with invasive species.
Interpreted as Misplaced Wildlife, the Malayan tapir and goliath tigerfish are both native to non-Nepalese regions. Though not mentioned in canon, the best explanation for these animals' presence would be introduction to the ecosystem. One possibility is that British soldiers (as it is stated that Kyrat was used as a staging ground for the invasion of India) introduced the tapirs for hunting, and smugglers unknowingly introduced the tigerfish as eggs into the waters of Kyrat. These animals then bred, and spread across Kyrat as invasive species. It can be assumed that the tigerfish do more damage to the ecosystem, however, as the lake in which you hunt the Black Water Dragon for Kyrati Fashion Week, is absolutely infested with the dangerous fish.

Sooner or later, Watch_Dogs, Assassin's Creed and the Far Cry franchises are going to pull an Avengers
It's established that
Far Cry 2, 3 and 4 are definitely in the same universe, with Far Cry 1 possibly being in the same universe. It's established that Assassins Creed is in that universe. Watch Dogs is in the Assassins Creed universe, putting it in the Far Cry universe. All of them share many common threads, and common themes of power corrupting, conspiracies and gambits that make Xanatos blush. It would make perfect sense from both a plot and a money standpoint to start making it even more crossover-y. While Watch Dogs tech in a Far Cry game isn't likely, what could be far more likely is the involvement of Assassins and Templars in a destabilized region. The Far Cry games are usually set in Eldritch Location type places, with them full of weirdness, possible magic and oddness. All of these have a perfectly logically explanation: the Abusive Precursers already established in the Assassins Creed games. Their technology already borders on magic, so the stuff in the Far Cry games being remnants of it makes perfect sense. A little genetic experiments on plants and animals in Kyrat and the Rook Islands, along with Lost Technology worshiped for its magical properties, and suddenly the science all returns to Far Cry. As for how Far Cry can influence Assassins Creed? Guns! Seriously, it's pointed out in Assassins Creed 3 that guns > knives, and Desmond quickly realizes that's correct. So, destabilized region with the Assassins and Templars fighting a proxy war to get the resources, with the protagonist getting wrapped up in all of it as an arms dealer. Set it in an Eastern European destabilized region and you have the basis for tech, but not quite as advanced as we have.

Ajay is ex-military.
Likely something like the Navy SEALS. He's a first-generation American, has no connection to his past, likely didn't have a lot of money growing up, seeing as he comes from a single parent immigrant household and knows minor amounts of parkour, how to use a hanglider, a wingsuit, various military weapons, a bow and arrow and how to live off the land to an unnatural degree. That's not just skill you pick up in a few weeks. That's years of training, and all of those would make perfect sense with a Top Secret black-ops background. His childhood is like that of many soldiers, making it even more reasonable. That's why he has skills on par, if not higher, than trained mercenaries and killers. He's black ops. That's also why human life is pretty much a joke to him, and why, in the secret ending, he seems fine with torture and mass murder. Hell, he laughed when a guy said his wife was eaten alive by honey badgers, and only apologized when he realized the guy was serious, yet clearly still found it funny. Ajay, no matter how you play, is a trained killer skilled stealth, assassination and living off the land, with no regard for human life.
  • Jossed, as Ajay directly states "I'm not a soldier".
    • Perhaps he just ommitted the "anymore" at the end. Or he just doesn't see himself as a soldier in this particular war.
    • He could be a Marine.
  • When Longinus talks about soldiers seeing the Rapture he said "we". Was he referring to himself and Ajay?

The "evolution" technology from Far Cry is now commercially mature.
  • The hunters have been artificially "evolved", since Dr. Noore took over the research after Krieger and Crowe tested them out in the field.

There will be Goonch Catfish.
What else could Demon Fish mean? Especially seeing as it's set in an Indian region
  • Jossed. Evidently the demon fish is a Tigerfish.

Ajay and Pagan Min are half-brothers.
Min is pissed because the soldiers shooting up the bus could've killed Ajay. He says he would recognize Ajay's eyes anywhere, perhaps because they're just like their mother's? His planning a "party" and telling Ajay they're going to tear shit up is just his way of welcoming Ajay to Kyrat.
  • This appears to already be Jossed, since Pagan Min was in love with Ajay's mother. If Pagan is Ajay's half brother then, well, ew.
  • As of the game's release, this is definitely Jossed.

Pagan Min is Ajay's uncle.
  • Confirmedish. Not by blood, but many blended families would use the term the same way, and Pagan considers himself Ajay's uncle.

Pagan Min believes he' Ajay's father.
He's constantly nice even when your murdering his soldiers, loved Ajay's mother even if she didn't reciprocate, and had entire parties planned for Ajay's return. That being said it's obvious his mother didn't or at the least waited to sleep with pagan until she was pregnant to try and set off this chain of evens as a backup plan, as a result Pagan genuinely believes Ajay is his child.

Pagan Min is Ajay's father.
And Ajay looks like his mom. How Min will react to finding out what Ajay's there to do is up in the air, though.
  • Actually seems possible. Min was apparently in a relationship with Ajay's mother at one point, though she was actually spying on him for her husband, who most people (including Ajay himself) believe to be Ajay's father.
    • Jossed. Alex Hutchinson has gone out of his way to claim that Min is not Ajay's father.

Pagan Min isn't Ajay's father by birth...
But he'll try to be one to Ajay in spirit. He'll probably justify it by pointing out how Ajay was too young to even remember his real dad, and will repeatedly try to convince Ajay We Can Rule Together. This has some strong evidence at the premier trailer, where he talks to Ajay like a mentor to a student, or a father to his son, and wants to emphasize how they'll be working together... even though his men his men gunned down an entire busload of people trying to kill a couple of supposed insurgents, and Pagan himself stabbed the hell out of one of his men for botching the job.
  • Confirmed. Pagan Min's last will and testament is revealed at the end of the game: that Ajay will inherit the whole fucking Royal Army as its new boss, effectively becoming the next dictator of Kyrat. If you didn't join him, he still considers leaving Kyrat the equivalent of giving Ajay ownership of Kyrat, because Ajay is now a hero to the people, the dominant army is smashed and its generals neutralized, and the only rival who could backstab him is surrounded by Ajay fans. Or he could just give the country away to his rival and still be revered as a hero by Kyrat.

Ajay's mother was 'The Girl that Got Away' for Pagan Min.
It's how he recognizes Ajay's eyes so quickly, and why he's okay with kidnapping him.
  • Confirmed, sort of, in a recent Game Informer. Min was in a romantic relationship with Ajay's mother, and she actually managed to mellow him out quite a bit, to the point that he almost started to reform... then he learned she was a resistance spy sent by Ajay's father, and he lost it.
    • That's not what made him lose it. He knew full well she was a Honey Trap sent by Ajay's father. What made him lose it is that Ajay's father killed Pagan Min and Ishwari's daughter, Lakshmana.

Vaas will cameo.
Because why the fuck not?
  • If we're gonna involve characters that have a better chance of cameoing or appearing in this game, I'd say go with Agent Willis or some other kooky CIA/NSA/whatever agent.
    • Confirmed. Willis does appear in game.
  • Or, if Vaas appears cameos, make it during a point where Ajay gets high as a fucking kite, so it can still remain up in the air if Vaas is the real-deal, or just a hallucination Ajay is having.
  • Jason Brody could make a Previous Player-Character Cameo, tracking across the Himalayas seeking inner peace after the events of the Rook Islands, though that may seem strange if one picked the Kill Liza ending. He'd make a hell of a mentor to Ajay, though, as he's been where Ajay is but is unable to face becoming what he was before.
    • Jossed. Jason Brody is only mentioned briefly by Willis, and the sole reference to Vaas is a wahine doll with his face.

"Pagan Min" isn't the character's real name.
Maybe a bit of a no-brainer, but it seems very likely that the man simply styles himself "Pagan Min" after the real-life Burmese king.
  • This one seems to be confirmed (spoilers at the link) — he's renamed himself specifically after a monarch who killed his own father.

Ajay's personal conflict is summed up by "Should I Stay Or Should I Go".
Specifically should he "cool [the violence in Kyrat] or should [he] blow" on out of there knowing that "if [he] goes there will be trouble, if [he] stays it will be double".
  • The song will play over the radios in vehicles and the ending credits.
  • The secret ending beautifully exemplifies this. If you decide to stay for thirteen minutes when Pagan Min and Paul drag off The Golden Path member to be tortured the former will return and personally take you in his helicopter up to the place where your mother wanted her ashes scattered.

Ajay knew Jason before all of this.
Ajay has a surprisingly good aptitude with helicopters. Riley, Jason's brother, got a pilot's license at flight school. Do the math.
  • Going with the "Ajay was served in the United States military" WMG, Ajay may have met Grant Brody in the army and was introduced to the rest of his friends including Riley who convinced to take up flight school and Jason who talked him into extreme sports, thus explaining his skill set. The only reason he wasn't invited along to their Rook Island vacation was Ishwari's illness keeping him home.

Ajay's melee weapon will be a kukri.
Where is this game set again?
  • Confirmed. Ajay does indeed wield a kukri.

This game will be thematically similar to Far Cry 2.
After reading what we already know and comparing it to the second game of the series, there's already some glaring similarities between the two. Namely:
  • The setting is a war torn, politically unstable country with one side of the conflict being the corrupt government.
  • And Longinus is basically a walking Continuity Nod to 2.

Pagan Min and Hoyt Volker are old friends / rivals
At the end of Far Cry 3, Hoyt alluded to having powerful friends. It makes sense that an insane tyrant living in the middle of the mountains, and an insane slaver living on an island in the middle of nowhere would have much in common. If they aren't friends, the fact that the golden path rebels have the same color scheme as the privateers and a similar clothing pattern to the Rakyat suggests some kind of former connection, an insult to Pagan Min. Not to mention the strain of losing his friend would cause Pagan Min to reaffirm his own mortality and desperately look for a heir, blood or otherwise.

Amita and Sabal are former lovers.
  • They're both young, attractive, involved at the head of the same organization, have no other partners we know of... and are each constantly sniping at each other and bitterly talking behind each other's backs (to Ajay). In short, they act exactly like exes whose relationship ended badly.
    • It's most likely that they are brother and sister, than anything. Possibly. Bhandra's origin, and who her mother is, is up to question, although if the above theory is true, Bhandra might be the result of a shortlived relationship between Amita and Sabal, debunking the Brother/Sister theory.
  • Turns out to be incorrect. Sabal stepped up as a leader because Amita was throwing away their heritage.

Longinus is the Player Character or an antagonist from Far Cry 2.
  • In his first mission for Ajay, he has him go up the mountain to find a shipment (which turns out to be diamonds). Longinus is African, says he used to be a warlord, and has committed many sins, and took a bullet to the head. Far Cry 2 ends with the player being shot in the head.
  • Longinus has an uncanny resemblance to Prosper Kouassi, an APR leader in Far Cry 2 who was assassinated by the player character at Goka Falls.
  • This would also complement Willis mentioning Jason Brody off-hand, and Hurk making reference to his first two tat-bros being "Jack" (Carver) and "Jason" (Brody). This would mean the protagonist to every main numbered Far Cry is at least mentioned in the game.

Ajay killed his father
  • By the end of the game, you find out that Mohan went insane from the downfall of his country, and snapped when his wife and his bitter archrival had a love-child. He killed the child and tried to kill his ex-wife, and she killed him. Or was it Ajay that killed him while he was beating up his wife, and the trauma led to amnesia? Keep in mind, Jason freaked out the first time he killed someone, and ends up realizing that he's a monster after killing hundreds of pirates. Ajay doesn't flinch the first time he starts shooting into a crowd of soldiers, performs takedowns as a non-tatau instinct, and doesn't have any comments on the hundreds of soldiers he's killed. Maybe he got used to murder at an early age and he learned to live with it, to think with it.
    • Jossed. Pagan Min tells Ajay that Ishwari killed Mohan.

A Downloadable Content will be made to where you can side with Min

The Shangri-La demons are actually Kalinag's interpretations of Rakyat warriors
  • The Rakashana tribe only use blue, they're great at stealthing, and they hate tigers. A lot. Exceptionally a lot. The giant demon that leads them is extremely similar to the ink giant that serves as the antichrist of the Rakyat, including the ability to summon enemies, shoot fireballs, and a very suspiciously orange weak point that is shot at with a bow.

Ajay's anonymous friend unwittingly triggered the events of the game.
  • In one of the entries of Divya Kandala's blog, we see an anonymous commenter mention Ajay's upcoming trip, identifying him by his first name. We know Pagan read Divya's blog — Pagan could have seen the comment, decided to check his sources to see if the commenter's Ajay was the Ajay he'd once known, found out about Ishwari's death, and then managed to track down Ajay's travel details.

It's Eric in the promo materials.
  • For someone who's supposed to be biracial, Pagan looks drastically white in trailers and promo images. The only exception is the prologue trailer, which is in the game, where we know for sure it's Pagan himself. Either Ubisoft whitewashed their own antagonist, or Eric's job of standing in for photo ops and TV went meta.

Ajay grew up in Hope County, Montana.
  • It would tie in nicely with the next game in the series, and it would explain where Ajay Ghale became an expert at weapon handling and wilderness survival while growing up in the US. If his mother was afraid of being tracked down by Pagan Min's people, it would make sense for her to choose an extremely remote location full of heavily-armed doomsday preppers whom she could go to for help.

Ajay worked as a getaway driver for The Mafia.
  • This theory might sound ridiculous, but Ajay is more skilled at vehicle combat than any other Far Cry protagonist, and it would explain the strong sense of family loyalty.

The South America Longinus was talking is in reality a Nod to Ghost Recon Wildlands
Because the game is set in SOUTH America and was released before FC 4. Far Cry 5 is set in the US.

Bhadra left Kryat to help her country regardless of the endings.
Both to raise awarness of Kryat's situation to the international community and to get out from underneath the mantle of being the Goddess reborn which honestly wasn't as useful to Kryat as she was taught it would be. Even if Ajay sides with Amita, she actually did send Bhadra away and if Sabal is the leader of the Golden Path Ajay himself helps her leave the country after he kills Sabal. If she shows up in a later Far Cry game (or Assassin's Creed or Watchdogs, Shared Universe and all) game, Bhadra will tell the protagonist they remind her of a brave man who had to make hard decisions while urging them to consider the consequences of their actions.

The Goat is Crazy Dhami
You can hear some of the priests at Chal Jama talking about a crazy priest named "Dhami" who's apparently been kicked out and now lives somewhere sacrificing animals (Goats, perhaps?). It's possible to find a letter that Sabal has written to this priest, thanking him for spiritual guidance. We know Sabal's religious observances aren't quite stable, and we know Dhami also shares his name with "Dhami Ashram" (I'm not a linguist, but near as I can tell this could translate to "place where Dhami prays/practices religion"), a cave where one of the Masks of Yalung is located. Sounds like Dhami may be a worshipper of Yalung, which makes him a prime candidate for the Goat.

Gopal was working for Pagan Min's old triad
It probably rankles them that Min remains a major player in the worldwide drug trade after they exiled him, so they're trying to keep tabs on him.

Ajay and all of the Kyrati citizens are actually speaking Hindi/Nepali.
Credit to this Tumblr post for introducing this idea to me; Ajay, being a first-generation Kyrati-American, grew up in a household in which Ishwari, despite burying Kyrat for the most part, taught Ajay the language in order to communicate with her better. When Ajay speaks to native Kyratis, he’s actually speaking their language; it only comes out as English on our behalves. It’s only when he speaks to English speakers, such as Hurk, Yogi, Reggie, and Pagan that he also speaks English. This is proven when Hurk first meets Ajay. He claims to not speak the Golden Path driver’s language, despite the fact that we hear it as (accented) English. He does understand Ajay perfectly though, so Ajay must’ve worked as the translator in that scene.